Emma Readalong Chapters 29-31

Emma Readalong Chapters 29-31

emma_had-she-intended-to-marryThis week, we have chapters 11-13 of Volume 2 (Chapters 29-31) to look at.  They begin with a plan being made for a ball and end with a disappointment.  Mr. Frank Churchill must leave to attend his aunt who is ill, and so the ball which he and his father are planning is to be postponed until (hopefully) he is allowed to return. His departure brings a moment of sadness for Emma and then stirs up thoughts of love and marriage for her while it renews a sense of unease in Harriet since Mr. Elton’s return with his bride is now the main topic of conversation.  

There are so many things that we could discuss from these chapters such as what was the true motivation for the ball?  Was Frank contriving to see Jane Fairfax when he mentioned getting the opinions of the neighbours about how to best handle the supper, dancing, and cards? Would he have gone to get the Coles or were they just distractors from his main goal?  What does it say of Frank’s character that he will at one moment say the room at Randalls is too small and then when his solution is nixed and the pleasure of dancing is about to be lost, he decides the room is indeed large enough?  What exactly was Frank Churchill going to say to Emma before he was interrupted by Mr. Weston and Mr. Woodhouse? Has Emma ever been, to this point, in love with Frank?  Or is she merely in love with the idea of having someone like Frank to love her?  What are her indicators that she must be a little in love?  What are the things that make her think that it cannot be a very strong love?   How exactly did those imagining of her refusal of his suit look? 

Although these questions are all fun to contemplate, I am going to draw a little bit on the brilliance of Rebecca’s post last week and ask that you focus on just one question.  So, here is what I would like you to do:

  • Choose one of the above questions, or share one of your own questions from the reading.
  • Then, post your answer to it either in expository or narrative form on the Writer’s Block Forum.
  • Limit your answers to knowledge and events revealed so far in the book.  Try not to draw on events yet to come. Our guesses do not need to be correct (Not even Mr. Knightley knows all at this point — although he may think he does. Truly, I love him, but he is so easy to tease!). However, your interpretations should be based on what we have observed in the text to this point.

I know this sounds horribly school-like, but remember this is just for fun. There is no right or wrong answer.  No one will be marking your work. You are not required to participate. No marks will be given or subtracted, nor will detention be assigned for late work. 🙂  

Come on, you know you want to have some fun.  Click this link and join the party –> The Writer’s Block Forum, Emma Chapters 29-31


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