Elizabeth Ann West Presents a Summer of Swooning

Hi-ho! Who wants more books to read?

When I began publishing Jane Austen inspired fiction in July 2014, I feared giving up. I am an accidental writer; that is, I never planned for this to be my career. I wanted to be an international business woman, jet-setting to exotic locations with an apartment in four major cities (and a boyfriend in each), and well . . . 🙂 I managed the first one and can’t say I regret the second part as I am happily married (and jet-setted in my twenties to stalk my hubby’s submarine) and I love my kids over the idea of 4 home bases. Wait, how am I an international business woman?

I have sold books in over 35 different countries! Okay, in reality, it was just digital or paperbacks shipping and I had nothing to do with the transaction but see the country pop up on my sales reports, but it’s still cool to say, right?

Now that my family is stable, settled, and no more emergency surgeries for the kids (hard to believe that is a year ago this month!), I have put out TWO books already this year: The Blessing of Marriage and To Capture Mr. Darcy.

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And there’s MORE in the pipeline! Yep, every bob and bit of inspiration I have in my work in progress folder is getting finished up. That means this summer will see:

Jane and Graham Hamilton’s story (giveaway here where you can NAME THAT BOOK!)

Books that already have names!

A Spring Society (Spring 2 of the Seasons of Serendipity)

A Summer Spouse (Summer 2 of the Seasons of Serendipity)

The Trappings of Marriage (Book 4 of The Moralities of Marriage)

Yep, by end of August 2016, I plan to have 6 titles out for the year so far! HUZZAH. So buckle up and strap in, we’re in it to win it as my daughter says. 🙂 You can be a part of the Summer of Swooning by joining my mailing list so you don’t miss any announcements about my book release plans.

So let’s have a little fun and a giveaway? I will give away a $10 giftcard by email to Amazon or Nook for the winner randomly selected from those who help me NAME THAT BOOK! Jane and Hamilton do not have a NAME. 🙁 I know. It’s so sad. 

But you wonderful people can help! Simply vote in the Google Form below or give your suggestion. If you are selected as the winner, I will also give you a thank you on the book’s acknowledgment page. 🙂 


And, if you are an Austen or Historical Blog related owner, or an author of Austen-inspired or related books, guess what? Austen Authors is opening up a GUEST BLOGGER spot each month and I am the committee chair to run that program. The wonderful and fantastic Zoe Burton and Melanie Schertz will also be helping with the guest blogger program! If you are interested in a spot, just fill out THIS Google Form and one of us will be in touch!

16 Responses to Elizabeth Ann West Presents a Summer of Swooning

  1. Congratulations on the books! btw, I also get your newsletter. I have to say I had not heard about Bookbub until a month or so ago, but I am finding all kinds of new authors to read out there. I wondered how they find the books they offer. Good luck! I’m sure if you get in it will introduce you to many new readers.

    • Thanks Linda! Yes, authors and publishers pay to be advertised there. it’s pricey too, I think an ad on From Longbourn to Pemberley will run me about $800. BUT, the reach is amazing. I need more reviews on From Longbourn to Pemberley in order to be eligible. So it’s a never ending thing . . .

  2. I like “The Trappings of Marriage.” Has a nice ambiguous sound to it! LOL! Elizabeth Ann West, you truly are an inspiration to those of us who can barely manage to keep up a blog much less write six books! Looking forward to reading all of them.

    • Thanks Tabitha!! I love the book cover for that book too! 🙂 That’s the name of Spring 2 which will come out AFTER Jane + Hamilton. So sorry I wasn’t clear int he blog post, but I fixed it so other readers can see some books already have names, it’s poor Jane + Hamilton who need a name.


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