Down the Rabbit Hole with Darcy

Down the Rabbit Hole with Darcy

What a great weekend when we get two holidays in one happy package! A beautiful Easter and Passover to all who celebrate either or both (like me).

This time of year has actually become rather difficult since moving overseas. I’m more homesick over these holidays than any others, and it doesn’t help that they keep coinciding. Of course, they have a tremendous amount in common, apart from historical context (you know The Last Supper? That was probably a seder). As spring holidays, both have strong themes of decay and renewal, which is why my novel, Darcy in Wonderland, is the perfect read this weekend.

Not following? I’ll explain. Of course, there’s a White Rabbit in my book, with the obvious Easter Bunny connotations, and it takes place in spring. Yet beyond such superficial trappings, the notion of falling down a hole into another world and then reemerging beautifully correlates to the idea of death and rebirth. Darcy enters Wonderland a bit of a control freak, to utilize modern parlance, and returns to Pemberley more open to the unexpected. Why not take the plunge with Darcy this weekend and shake up your perspective? To facilitate this adventure, I’m very happy to be offering the book free for Kindle today through Sunday (Pacific Daylight Time – so it won’t actually be available until three hours after this post goes live). Get your copy here.

And in the spirit of holiday hoopla, I’d like to direct your attention to a post of mine from three years ago, entitled Easter at Rosings. I think it’s great fun. Enjoy!

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  1. Thank you for the lovely gift! I can’t wait to read it!! 😀

    I attended a Messianic Passover Seder this week, and I absolutely loved seeing the blending of holydays–so wonderful!!

    Easter blessings!
    Susanne 🙂

  2. Alexa,
    First of all, Happy Passover and Happy Easter. Second of all, thank you for your gift of writing. I have enjoyed reading all of your novels. And third of all, thanks for the lovely gift! Wishing you and your family well! Shalom!!

  3. What a wonderful gift! I always enjoy your writing so I need to say thank you for this special opportunity for your readers. Enjoy your Easter. He is risen!

  4. Thank you for sharing your book for free this weekend and I hope you have a Happy Easter as well as a good Passover. I used to do something for both Holidays but since all my nephews and nieces have Brown up Easter is no longer the same but we are talking about going out sometime during Passover for a family get together.

    • Enjoy your festivities, whatever they are. Easter is super fun with the kids, but Passover is one of my most favorite holidays (and has been since childhood).

  5. Thank you so much Alexa. this is such a wonderful easter gift.
    I had my share of homesickness. Since i had been in the US for a long time, I tend to miss both when I am in the other place. Luckily, nowadays I can do you tube or search the internet if I get that feeling… then I am home again. Hope that can help you too…

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