Lunar New Year – Austen style

Lunar New Year – Austen style

I always celebrate New Year’s twice.

On midnight of December 31st, I ring in the New Year with much of the world while sipping champagne and watching fireworks. On January 1st, I set resolutions. While some people might experience anxiety about keeping resolutions, I don’t. Because I have a little secret.

About five weeks later, in February. I do it all again.

Lunar New Year – aka Chinese New Year aka Tet aka Seollal – is the new year based on the lunar cycle calendar and often falls the first to second week of February.

Didn’t quite get that diet underway? That’s okay. I meant to start Lunar New Year!

While Jane Austen didn’t celebrate lunar new year to my knowledge, she is quite a fan of the do-over.

Emma does a terrible job matchmaking her friend, Harriet. But no matter. She gets a second chance.

Darcy botches his proposal? Good thing he gets to do it again.

Anne doesn’t follow her heart and lets the guy get away? Austen moves the guy right back in Anne’s sights.

While I do love a novel that has a character reaching and ever moving forward, there’s something sweet and redemptive about characters who get that second chance at what they want most, because I know I want a second (and third or fourth or tenth) chance at the things I want most in my life.

So for those of you who haven’t quite started the year as you hoped, don’t worry. Both Austen and I think you have a second chance.

Happy Lunar New Year – and here’s to a do-over.


7 Responses to Lunar New Year – Austen style

  1. A late response here…can’t keep up with my mail. But, yes, thank goodness for second chances. Where would our favorite novel, P&P, be without such.

  2. I guess you could say this is like Groundhog Day…Austin style. I never realized she was in favor of the do over. I guess we all want to redo, resay, relive, or have an opportunity to fix what we messed up or should’a, could’a, would’a, didn’t do in the first place. How many times before Darcy can be in Elizabeth’s presence without offending her? Or, how many different ways can he propose before he finally gets it right? We can call it ‘do over, ‘ I like to think of it as ‘Groundhog Day Austin Style.’ Hey, it is still February.

  3. A new year, just as every day is a new day, so we always have lots of chances to do better. Love the thought. Jen Red

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