Don’t you love a good bicker?

Don’t you love a good bicker?

Don’t you love a good bicker?

As I wrote the dialogue between Darcy and Lizzie for Mister Darcy’s Honeymoon, the next book in my Mister Darcy series comedic mystery, it occurred to me that one of the delights of Pride and Prejudice is the universal theme of male-female bickering. When handled subtly it is an art form worthy of praise, a high-wire act deserving of our admiration.

Elizabeth Bennet, with her rapier wit, can deliver a debilitating ego-slice without drawing blood. The victim is often left clueless as to whether they have been insulted, merely put down, or perhaps, complimented?

Darcy prefers to deliver his jabs through body language and facial expression. No stranger to wielding a verbal stab, he is at his best using his legendary flashing dark eyes and semi-smirk.

My mental meanderings brought me to think of my all-time favorite bickering couples.

Moonlighting – Who doesn’t love a novel or a show with saucy bickering? Moonlighting, starring Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis provided some of the best bickering on television.

Moonlighting, a comedy created by Glenn Gordon Caron in 1985, centered on Maddie Hayes (Cybill Shepherd) a former top model who is left bankrupt through her accountant’s embezzlement. The show opens with Maddie attempting to close down one of her few remaining assets, a money-hemorrhaging detective agency called Blue Moon. Instead of closing the business, she teams up with David Addison (Bruce Willis) at his speed-talking, irritatingly charming best and together they run the agency.

Their fast-paced, overlapping dialogue harkened back to classic screwball comedy films such as Bringing Up Baby and His Girl Friday. (Katherine Hepburn with Gary Grant and Spencer Tracy.)

The Moonlighting couple’s one-liners were loaded with chemistry despite or perhaps because of David Addison’s cocky, chauvinistic charm. Does that not sound a wee bit like a certain Mr. Darcy?

The mounting sexual tension provided the whack to the verbal tennis balls the couple slammed at each other, until Maddie and David consummated their relationship in the third season. That seemed to be the kiss of death for the show..which brings me to the challenge presented to JAFF authors to create post-nuptial tension.

Yes, there can be excitement after characters wed.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith starring Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt takes the prize for explosive bickering with wallop and killer panache. Husband and wife super-spies working on opposite sides of the table are assigned to rub-out each other. They arrive with guns blazing and passions thinly hidden.

One of my favorite lines from the film~

John Smith: Careful, Jane. I can push the button any time you like.

Jane Smith: Baby, you couldn’t find the button with both hands and a map.

Not a line I could ever imagine Elizabeth Bennet delivering. 🙂

War of the Roses

But when it comes to no-holds-bared, all out bickering to the death, let’s visit the War of the Roses. A black comedy from 1989, Oliver Rose (Michael Douglas) and Barbara Rose (Kathleen Turner) take bickering to a new high or rather a new low. Directed by Danny DeVito, this film was a critical and box office success. Perhaps because it was the bunny-boiler of divorce films taking bickering to new highs…or lows.

Barbara Rose has had enough of Oliver’s controlling, self-centered behavior. She files for divorce and insists on keeping their house, a showpiece to which she has devoted their married years to sprucing up. The physical bickering from Oliver urinating in a gourmet dish Barbara has prepared for guests to Barbara running her Big Foot truck over Oliver’s prized possession, a classic Morgan sports car, makes mere verbal bickering small potatoes.

Aside from Pride and Prejudice, what’s your favorite bickering novel or film? Who Bickers Better? Best?

10 Responses to Don’t you love a good bicker?

  1. When I first watched Castle I said immediately that they reminded me of Moonlighting. I have seen all the films mentioned and each has its moments we love. I can’t name any one as my favorite. Bones is another one I like but she is SUCH a nerd it is hard to not reach in there and shake her!

  2. I thought I commented earlier, Barbara, but I must have been interrupted. (happens a thousand times a day with the forum) But I did so want to say that I loved Moonlighting! I had a hunch that once they got together it was over, besides the fact that Cybill Shepheard was jealous of the attention Bruce Willis was getting (in my humble opinion). He MADE the show!!! As for other bickering couples, I loved the old Hollywood movies where that was the main plot. What comes to mind is “It Happened One Night” with Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert. Also a lot with Cary Grant and (add any starlet) and Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. Now, that is MY kind of movie. Love that you are writing the same type plots and would love for someone to make a movie of your series. 🙂

  3. Great post! I loved Moonlighting especially the early episodes which I have on DVD. They were my favourite ‘must watch’ until I got my P&P DVDs both the movie and the 1995 series both of which are probably close to wearing out! and yes the chemistry was totally gripping!

  4. Oh man, War of the Roses was BRUTAL. I’m going to echo B&B from Much Ado and add in the couple from 10 Things I Hate About You for teen representation 🙂

  5. Great post, Barbara, thanks 🙂

    Sadly I can’t think of bicker-better-best out side P&P. Maybe there’s nothing better IMO, or maybe I should read something other than P&P&Variations 😀

    What I love most about Regency bickering is the way the sharp needle is hidden under excruciatingly polite words. Fun to read, fun to write. Much more fun than a modern-day show-down!

    • Joana, I love the way you described Regency bickering… sharp needle hidden under excruciatingly polite words. That is perfect! And yes, fun to read and fun to write.

    • Pamela, That’s funny as I have seen Sam and Diane come up on my FB page. They were pretty good, weren’t they? I loved when she would leave him speechless. 🙂

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