Delightful Companions

Delightful Companions

Here’s an exciting development in the publishing world. Audiobook popularity is growing at a phenomenal pace. It’s no secret that I love audiobooks. In many instances, the availability of a companion audiobook is the determining factor in my eBook purchases, especially for non-fiction. That’s my only excuse for not moving past book three in the Poldark series (unavailable in audiobook in my region, as of this writing). Listening to the audiobook edition enhances my enjoyment of a book a thousand fold.

I also love it when I discover that a book on my wish list is WhisperSync for voice-ready, which means eBook readers can switch back and forth between listening to the companion narration and reading their Kindle edition seamlessly without losing their place in the story. Another great thing about WhisperSync enabled audiobooks is their attractive prices, often as low as $1.99 as is the case with two thirds of my audiobook productions, thus far.

Amazon has a handy feature that allows its Kindle eBook readers to identify which of their purchases have WhisperSync companion narrations. Click here and discover which of your eBook purchases are eligible.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have collaborated with award winning British narrator and voice actor, Pearl Hewitt, on twenty audiobook productions, with plans to get started on number twenty-one soon.

When listening to Pearl’s narrations before signing off on production, I often find myself on the edge of my chair wondering what’s going to take place next. I marvel throughout the process at the richness she brings to her narrations—a testament to her extraordinary talents.

My favorites of all of Pearl’s characterizations are her Lady Catherine and Mrs. Bennet renditions. I can no longer write dialogue for either of the two ladies without imagining how Pearl might capture them. With that said, there’s little wonder that I find the following exchange in Only a Heartbeat Away so delightful.

What say you? In a verbal face-off between Lady Catherine de Bourgh and Mrs. Bennet, which of the two ladies do you think would best carry her point? Comment below for your share in the conversation.


Third Annual Spring Fling 2

I have exciting news for audiobook lovers! This week I kicked off my Third Annual Spring Fling Audiobook Giveaway. Visit and take part in the fun. In addition to daily audiobook prizes, there’s a grand prize.  One lucky winner will receive a $15 Amazon Gift Card at the end of the contest. I hope to see you there.


25 Responses to Delightful Companions

  1. I enjoy audio books on long trips and used them to keep my kids quiet when they were younger and we took vacations. On short about town trips they get interrupted too quickly…so not so much. kudos to the narrator. Giving each of those voices their own unique but subtly different tone was well done…and I imagine took a lot of concentration.

  2. Hi Pam. I have each audiobook you and Pearl have done together and have so enjoyed each and everyone. I loved this interplay; it is so much fun. I will now, have to listen to this book again. This brought a smile to my face early this morning.

    • I’m delighted to hear that, Debbie. I wanted to share more of the scene because I enjoy it even more when Darcy and Mr. Bennet enter the room and Mrs. Bennet learns the truth. 🙂 Thanks so much for enjoying my stories.

  3. Hi Pam. As you know, I’m another audiobook junkie. I’m so glad you have the lovely Pearl Hewitt as your narrator. She does a wonderful job, doesn’t she?

    I’ve listened to some (only a few, thankfully) JAFF audiobooks that have been very adversely affected by a poor choice of narrator. Not yours!

    I do hope Rose decides to publish on audio too. I’d be first in the queue, or fighting to get there.

    • Thanks so much for listening to and enjoying my audiobooks, Anji. I really enjoy working with Pearl, and I’m looking forward to our next project. Here’s to Rose bringing her stories to the audiobook world as well! 🙂

  4. I have recently found the value of audiobooks. Your giveaway is a perfect timing for me. I have downloaded Lady Harriette and am ready to dive in. Thank you! Thank you!

    • You’re welcome, Becky. Congrats again on being one of the first daily prize winners in the Spring Fling Audiobook Giveaway. I hope you’ll love the story. 🙂

  5. Oh! That was great! I haven’t listened to an audio book since I fell asleep to Jane Eyre when I was 17 but this excerpt was amazing! Such energy! The voices! No way could I fall asleep to this! I’ll be adding audiobooks to my list as both a reader and a writer!

    • Thanks, Rose! I’m so glad you enjoyed the excerpt. Pearl’s narrations are wonderfully engaging. I’m delighted to know you’ll be listening to audiobooks as well as releasing your own stories as audiobooks. You’ll have lots of fun.

  6. That is great narration! I love listening to a book for the life it can give to the characters. However, I admit to being a end of book peeker which is incredibly hard to do on an audio book. LOL I do like having both ebook and audio available not just for this reason 🙂 but also because I am as someone else mentioned more visual so remembering things that are seen helps me immensely.

    • Thanks, Leenie. I’m so glad you enjoyed the narration. That’s a great point about wanting to look ahead. When I’m reading non-fiction, I’m generally all over the place in a book. That’s another reason I love WhisperSync–I can add narration at a relatively low cost, and it keeps up with where I left off in the book.

    • I’ve reached the point where I copy and paste everything I can into my voice editor for audio playback. It’s great for multitasking as I catch up on blogs, emails, forums–you name it. Even when i ‘read’ on my Kindle, I’m listening to the voice feature. Hopeless. I know. A Thomas Jefferson quote that I always find particularly moving is: “I cannot live without books.” More often than not, I find myself saying, “I cannot live without audiobooks.” 😮

  7. I’ve always been more visual than auditory (meaning I remember more of what I see than I hear), but loved the sample of Lady C and Mrs B. I can see how it would add something to the story. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Yes, yes, I love audiobooks for certain books, especially anything to do with Jane Austen. I especially like listening to PG Wodehouse audio books, although some of his word play is lost with characters like Psmith (the P is silent as in shrimp). And I love to edit my books by hearing it narrated back to me in an English accent.

    • I always like to hear my books narrated in an English accent during the editing process as well, Jennifer. I switch back and forth between my favorite female and male voices. 🙂

  9. Thank you for mentioning this. Audio books are very popular. I love to hear my characters speak…it gives me great delight. For my personal use, it is a great way to rest my eyes after a few hours at the computer. I click on my Kindle Fire and have a story read to me. There is something so comforting about it. Years ago when I traveled for business I would order Books on Tape. You had to return them via snail mail. Now we just download and keep. I love it!

    • It’s my pleasure, Barbara! I own quite a few books on tape even though I’m pretty sure I won’t be listening to them again. I like to listen to my audiobooks on my Echo (‘Alexa’) while I’m working in my office.

      Congrats on your impressive audiobook offerings!

  10. I agree, audio books are great when driving. At one time, I checked out all of JA’s books on CD and listened to them in the car. Great fun!

  11. There are many reasons people are not able to read their favorite JAFF, or other books, novellas and short stories. They have to drive, fly or train long commutes to work, are incapacitated for whatever reason due to illness or injury. Audio books take us back to our earliest memories when our parents read to us as children. Our mind is able to picture the story as it is being dramatized for us. The voice gives cadence to the story and allows our imagination to flow.

    Thanks for the opportunity to hear Pearl Hewitt give voice to Lady Catherine and Mrs. Bennet. How exciting.

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