Decorate Your House with Austen!

Decorate Your House with Austen!

This is the last in my three-part series about Jane Austen merchandising. I set myself another challenge: to see if I could decorate a house in Austen-themed décor. While I couldn’t find any Austen-themed furniture (there probably is some somewhere), I did discover that you can decorate just about any other part of your house with Jane.


Duvet cover: I think the peacock edition of P&P is gorgeous and obviously I’m not the only one. Wouldn’t this be lovely in a bedroom?







Plate: Doesn’t this plate express a sentiment we’ve all felt at one time or another?







Rug: Jane Austen could look up at you from the floor every day. But, I’m not sure I’d want to walk on it!








Luminaries: I think these are beautiful! They make me want to have an Austen-themed party just so I can use them to illuminate my walkway.






Lampshade: Definitely one of the more unusual items. It’s made of strips of images from the 2005 P&P movie.








Doorknobs: For a real Austen aficionado! Show your love for Austen in each room of your house.







Clothespins: I don’t know if anyone uses clothespins anymore, but if you do, you can do it with Austen quotes.






Curtains: This is my favorite! Curtains with Lydia Bennet and the slogan “You Only Live Once!” (which is surely her motto). I’m not sure I’d want to look at them every day, but they’re very clever.

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  1. I missed the earlier posts so don’t know if they were mentioned but I have Jane Austen toothpaste and socks. of course there is also the Jane Austen themed line of teas. Lord Byron gets wine and spirits. Jane gets tea.

  2. I love the duvet cover and I need to check out the lampshade in detail. I still use clothes pegs (if we ever get decent weather to hang them out) but I’m not sure if I would have time to read them otherwise it would take all day.
    Thanks for this Victoria.

  3. I don’t think I’d like to decorate my house in Austen. For one thing, my husband would then want to decorate in his sports team memorabilia. So we agree to not decorate at all in any fandom colors, sayings, etc. Lovely to see all the things available.

  4. Some of these things are really nice. I love the doorknobs and the curtains. 🙂 I wonder how durable the doorknobs are.Thanks for sharing Victoria.

    • I agree that it would be interesting — although the style would be rather eclectic. But as I was writing the blog I thought about how much fun it would be to have an all-Austen home. However, my husband might object. 🙂

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