Darcy Vs Wickham WIP

Darcy Vs Wickham WIP

Well, at first I didn’t know what to do for today’s post. However, I’ve had in mind to do a fourth book for the Darcy Versus Series, and this is what I came up with. I have a premise with a tentative plot and, unless I think of one more, this will be the last of the Darcy Versus Series. There are two fun ones and two with angst. Guess which ones. 🙂

Worried about ‘Darcy Vs Elizabeth?’ It’s in the works as well.

This winter has been very busy from a number of standpoints, and because of minor health issues, I haven’t written as much as I should have. But the goals for this year are to finish ‘Darcy Vs Elizabeth,’ ‘Darcy Vs Wickham,’ and ‘The Four Lords’ Reunion.’ There may also be a fourth P&P as well. Writing four books a year is a goal I wish to obtain.

Would you like a peek at ‘Darcy Vs Wickham?’ Here you go. 🙂

Elizabeth rushed up to Richard as he came in the front entrance to Pemberley.

“Did you find William?” Tears slid down her cheeks as he nodded his head with his eyes closed.


“Come with me.” Taking a gentle hold of her shoulders, Richard guided her into the drawing room and had her sit on the large settee before he sat beside her with his head hanging low.

“Richard, tell me the truth. Where did you find him?”

“I’m sorry, Elizabeth.”

Richard held her as she collapsed and gave vent to the tears that had been building up in her since Darcy’s disappearance. When his horse had returned to the stables without him, they had feared the worst.

Eventually Elizabeth’s grief was spent for the moment, and Richard released her.

“Are you well?”

“I will never be well again.” Shaking her head then stiffening with resolve, she faced him and demanded to know what happened.

“We found his body. Evidently, he took the trail over the mountain but may have been thrown by his horse. We discovered him at the bottom of the gorge where he had tumbled down. I thought at first, it was someone else as he was unrecognizable because of landing face first on the rocks, but Jenkins verified it was Darcy’s clothes, and his father’s watch was there as well. I am so sorry, Elizabeth. You’ve lost a husband, and I’ve lost my best friend.”

With a cry of anguish, Elizabeth jumped up to go to her bedchamber but promptly swooned. Richard scooped her up before she hit the floor then called for Reynolds to have her lady’s maid attend her as he carried her to the suite she and Darcy had shared. He didn’t look forward to preparing for his cousin’s funeral.

Is Darcy dead? Of course not! I will probably never kill him off when I want him and Elizabeth to get their HEA. But where is he? What happened to him? And will Elizabeth find him in time?

You’ll have to wait and see. And, yes, I will have a giveaway once this book is done so you have something to look forward to. Have a lovely week. 🙂

17 Responses to Darcy Vs Wickham WIP

    • Thank you, Jennifer. Now I HAVE to finishing writing it, and I will try to stick to my schedule: June or sooner. 🙂

  1. OMG! You left us there? Poor Lizzy. OMG! Whew! At least you stated that he wasn’t really dead. I started to suspect something when Richard described the body hitting face first… wearing Darcy’s clothes… and his father’s watch. Nope, Darcy can’t be dead. I didn’t believe it. OMG! You have scared years off my life and I am an old lady. LA!! I can’t wait to find out what happens. Thanks for this excerpt.

    • Sorry, Jeanne. Didn’t mean to lose you some years but glad you liked the excerpt. When I thought of this plot, I got excited about it because it can go several different directions. For me, this might be the most interesting book I’ve written to date. And I’ll probably do one more excerpt while working on it to set the stage for the finished book. I do like writing these posts also because of the comments I get about them. Loved yours. 🙂

    • Thank you, Linny. I’m delighted you enjoy my stories. I hope to have a number of twists and turns in this one to make it special. 🙂

  2. I’m so glad he’s not dead but feel so sorry for Elizabeth that she believes he is. I wonder if she will develop feelings for another while she thinks he’s gone.

    • Ah, we’ll have to wait and see. This is a mystery with several elements that will need to be solved, and I hope the readers will enjoy. 🙂

  3. Phew! Thank goodness you added the last bit, poor Elizabeth! I don’t know how long they’ve been married or whether they have any children? I can only assume that she sees the body and knows it isn’t Darcy, then I know no stone will remain unturned until he is found.
    From the title I can only imagine that Wickham is responsible but can’t think what he hopes to gain? Unless he’s single and hopes to get Elizabeth?
    I really can’t believe you authors can be so cruel with these excerpts! Especially with no hints of publishing dates? Badly done Gianna, badly done!

    • Didn’t want you worrying excessively, Glynis. I’m thinking they have been married only a short while. As to publication dates, possibly July or sooner. I’m still dealing with fallout from food poisoning in August 2017. It takes a long time to recover from something like that unfortunately. I really hate getting more mature. However, I am doing better but just not as energetic as I would like to be, but I am getting there. Now I get to play catchup. 🙁

      • Heavens! How awful. I’m so glad you are finally recovered enough to write again. I know what you mean about aging!!! I suffer from restless legs among other things and it used to help if I laid on the floor with my legs up, however I had to stop as I really struggled to get up 🙂
        I look forward to reading more of this and July isn’t so far off.

  4. Got a little sad there for a second. felt EB’s cry of anguish. Thanks for the excerpt. looking forward to the release of the books this year 🙂

    • You’re welcome. Couldn’t let the readers think he was dead. But it will be a while before his disappearance gets resolved. Hope you enjoy the new books when they are released. 🙂

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