Darcy versus Darcy ~ Giveaway

Darcy versus Darcy ~ Giveaway

D versus D

Darcy versus Darcy

New Release Celebration and ***Giveaway***

Please help me celebrate the release of my newest book, Mister Darcy’s Maltese Falcon by sharing your thoughts on Darcy, then and now—Regency versus Contemporary.

*** Giveaway***

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Darcy and Lizzie, now happily married, are off on another Templar quest. With their first baby due in two months, Darcy futilely insists that Lizzie remain in London while he adventures to Malta. Pregnancy will not hamper Lizzie; she is determined to stand by her husband. Lizzie inserts herself in the caper, accompanied by Boris, the Russian wolfhound, and other surprise stowaways. Oh no! Caroline and Wickham return to add to the chaos.

In this, the eighth book in the Mister Darcy comedic mysteries series, the Maltese Falcon holds the key to finding the Bogart Diamond, a priceless gem that was stolen from the ancient order of the Knights Templar. Darcy is tasked with recovering it.

Fall in Love with Laughter!

Barbara Silkstone’s Contemporary Darcy

My Mister Darcy series of comedy mysteries finds contemporary Darcy residing in the most secure building in London—One Snyde Park. At first he is an insular man, one who does not give his heart or his trust easily. But very quickly he succumbs to Lizzie’s charms.

Darcy is known for his intense devotion to protecting London from developers who would destroy historic landmarks to make way for a “new” city. As a member of the Knightsbridge Road Templars, a philanthropic society pledged to protecting the glorious history of London, Darcy wages a continuing campaign against those who would pillage his beloved England. Secretly, he holds a deeper devotion to the ancient order of the true Knights Templar. Darcy is the almoner charged with rescuing antiquities stolen from the order during their many centuries of existence. He is the keeper of the treasury and uses the funds charitably, as directed by the Grand Master of the Templars.

The series is a collection of cheerful, cozy mysteries, which beg the question: What if two Darcys, one Regency and one Contemporary met toe-to-toe how would they compare? Both would be swoon-worthy, of course: tall, dark, handsome, and reserved. Both Darcys would wear bespoke clothing, avoid the company of slackers, and sniff out a mercenary heart over the scent of the finest French perfume. But how might the difference in two centuries alter the contemporary Darcy?

Regency Darcy

Regency Darcy dwells in a cocoon, isolated by manners and mores. He is almost a prisoner of his world until his love for Elizabeth frees him from his emotional bindings. He is both stunned and delighted, when like a sunbeam, she dances into his life. We love him for letting her in and opening his heart.

Pemberley is a lovely bit of Camelot, surrounded by lush grounds and forests. Strict rules of conduct are in place in the Regency  world for the protection of the ladies. They are treasured possessions. The climate is perfect almost all the year, except the one time it rained in order to give Jane a serious cold and to supply Elizabeth with the six inches of mud on her petticoat. But for one brief, shining moment in time—there was Pemberley. There was not a more congenial spot for happily-ever-aftering than Darcy’s world. (A tip of my bonnet to Frederick Loewe and Alan Jay Lerner)

Contemporary Darcy

Would a modern day Darcy (they do exist) be satisfied with being master of a large estate in one of the most peaceful spots in the world? Would he be satisfied with continually perfecting his lovely but isolated estate? Or would he need the stimulation of engaging in the high-stakes world of commerce and life in London? Oh dear…a tradesman! Or perhaps a do-gooder?


One Word to Describe Regency Darcy

What one word would you use to describe Regency Darcy? Think about it. Cast aside the physical descriptions (difficult), the wealth which can change in a heartbeat, and pick one word for your Regency Darcy. Would you also be able to apply that word to your favorite contemporary Darcy incarnation?

My word for Darcy is honorable. No matter what century he resides in, he would be a man of honor. A gentleman who choses to guard his heart; he will not give it lightly. He might be a contemporary celebrity or a business mogul, but above all, he retains his integrity.

Please comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts.

By the way… here is the ***Giveaway***

Pemberley Tea

 One commenter will win a lovely tin of Pemberley Lavender Lemon Tea. Sorry, US only. Post a comment here before midnight July 30, 2016 in order to qualify for the drawing.


Peruse these delightful contemporary Darcys. All offering a slightly different look at our beloved man.

Lizzy Bennet is asked to deal with the devil, one Will Darcy, the man who dumped her in their college days. He’s back in Meryton and set to meet with her father, but Lizzy doesn’t want his help. She’s all work and no play. But Darcy wants to change her life around. This Darcy is romantic, loving and steadfast in his desire to win Lizzy’s heart again.



By Kristi Rose

Mr. Darcy is a corporate raider; he’s spent his career tearing down businesses and selling off their pieces. Its what his father did before him and he wants nothing more than to preserve the Darcy legacy. William Darcy is, at his core, a family man. The guardian to his younger sister and the cornerstone to his aunt Lady Catherine as her financial world comes apart. When not in the boardroom he’s scaling mountains and seeking to fill that one void in his life he’s yet to identify.

Elizabeth mostly finds him infuriating but she likes his calm, steady way of handling a crisis. His loyalty to his family and, on the rare occasion, his smile or deep laugh that he rarely shares. And even though he thinks love is old fashioned and practically extinct, she sees a man who loves so fully and unconditionally and that alone is powerfully attractive




by Jayne Matthews

William Darcy is head of his family’s land development company. He’s sophisticated, driven, and romantic. He wants to give Lizzy the world and make all her dreams come, including the perfect wedding.


Thank you for joining in the fun and commenting on Darcy then and now!

With love & laughter,

Barbara Silkstone



36 Responses to Darcy versus Darcy ~ Giveaway

  1. The word that entered my mind is lovable…not like a pet lovable but a man who, throughout his life does the best he can for those he loves. It’s not always the perfect thing, a lovable man gets it wrong once in a while. But he always has his family’s best interest at heart and will sacrifice if necessary to supply them with what they need.

  2. That Darcy, he does manage to take on many roles in JAFF, but I particularly like him in your comedy modern series. The guy is so mysterious but carries on the essential traits of the Regency, like dimples! LOL Seriously, it’s crazy what we do to our favorite characters in our JAFF stories. Thanks for your post, and I already have my copy of the Mr. Darcy’s Maltese Falcon. Best wishes! Jen

    • Jen, Thank you so much! That is kind of you. Oh look! Darcy is showing you his dimple. You just have to love the man!

  3. Wonderful post which I enjoyed and lovely giveaway which is ideal. Darcy is loyal, trustworthy and a real mensch.

  4. As I read the first paragraph asking us to select one word I also thought of “honorable”. It would be very difficult to narrow it down. Darcy puts not only his family under his protection but also his close friends and those who work for him…so he is protective. And he shows respect even at times when it is not earned, i.e., in Regency he gives time and talents to Lady Catherine. Intelligent is a given and one of the traits he shares with Elizabeth. And in the end he learns a lot about being non-judgmental in his Regency story. In the modern world with the pace being so much faster, with the world having dangers that lurk just around the corner and for individual as well as groups snap judgments are needed many times, especially if you are in charge of safety for many. So that is a hard one to qualify for our man…wise (as in the wisdom of Solomon) would be needed with a full beaker of intuition to mix in. I would have to agree with integrity. But it is already taken above. Reliability? It is a synonym for integrity.

    This post struck as ironic as there are two other blogs which have featured Darcys as detectives or Jane Austen as a detective recently. I have not read this one but a modern day detective story with the Darcys has its appeal. I did read Darcy and Lizzy.

    • Sheila, What a lovely, well-thought-out response. This is a different world and often times honorable people can easily be taken advantage of if they expect all people to act honorably. I made my Darcy a modern day Knight Templar in the hopes that every decision he made carried the Templar image.

  5. Congrats on your newest release! A word that can be used for both Darcy is chivalry. They both would hold themselves to a high moral code of conduct.

    • Dung, I like that! Chivalry encompasses so many different qualities, all those that we attribute to an ideal Darcy. Thank you!

    • Lia, Thank you! I love sending Darcy on quests— with Lizzie succeeding in helping him. She makes up for her lack of Templar knowledge with pure enthusiasm and love for her man.

  6. The Regency and Contemporary Darcy would be men of integrity. They would both be protectors of their families but would also be generous to others (individuals or causes) but would give anonymously . Thank you for the tasteful giveaway.

    • Eva, Thank you for an excellent choice of words. Integrity. Such an important quality in a man or a woman.

  7. Thank you for this fun opportunity, Barbara. And I enjoyed your nod to Camelot! I did not enjoy (wink) your usurping of the quality that jumped firmly into my mind – integrity. I guess I’ll go with Gentleman. The real Darcy, whom Jane created, is a Gentleman at heart, and in most ways, and the fun contemporary men whom talented folk such as yourself have created, in her footsteps, would all have to be Gentlemen, no matter the nature of their contemporary lives. She, thus, we, wouldn’t have it (him) any other way. Karylee

    • Karylee,
      Thank you for commenting! I am sorry you had trouble getting through, but yay! you made it. Yes… ever and always, Darcy is a gentleman. 🙂

  8. Interesting concept… what would Regency Darcy think of Modern Era Darcy? What if he were to find him in jeans and T-shirt! Would he think he was a laborer? I have loved the series so far so I will try to get this one as soon as I can! Congratulations Barbara!

    • tgruy,
      Thank you! That is a bit of an icky thought: Darcy in T-shirt and jeans. When not in a bespoke business suit, my Mister Darcy wears black slacks and a black open-necked tailored shirt. No jewelry. Clean-shaven, with one dark curl falling over his forehead. Did I miss any important details? 🙂

  9. Thank you for this post, Barbara, as well as the generous give away. I do believe a modern Darcy could be happy on his estate, but would donate to worthy causes…orphanages, wildlife charities and hospitals. My one word for a Regency Darcy? Loyal.

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