Darcy Down the Rabbit Hole

Darcy Down the Rabbit Hole

Prepare to join Darcy and Lizzie on another rollicking Templar adventure in Darcy Down the Rabbit Hole, coming in early September. For fans of my Mister Darcy series of comedic mysteries it will come as no surprise to learn that the gentleman leads two lives. Behind his polished image as one of the most successful businessmen in London, Fitzwilliam Darcy is second in command to the Grand Master of the Templars…yes, those Templars. Ensconced in his penthouse apartment complete with an indoor park and super-secret security, Darcy leads the life of any ordinary billionaire, involving himself in the preservation of London’s historic architecture and antiquities as a leader in the civic association called the Knightsbridge Road Templars.


Coming in early September


How Darcy shared his secret identity with Lizzie:


Mister Darcy’s Secret – Book 3 in the series ~ Excerpt

Darcy dropped to his knees. “I am asking you to learn of my quests and, if you are so inclined, to join me. I could use a woman of your feistiness and abilities if I am to accomplish what I must. I am not asking for any other commitment at this time except your sworn secrecy.”

My palms grew hot and then hotter as he slipped his hands over mine. “You can trust me,” I said.

His eyes would have melted the coldest of hearts. “What do you know of the Knightsbridge Templars?”

Brilliant. I’d become smitten with a silent knight. Darcy’s actions over the months I had known him came together like one of those dotty paintings you must stare at until the picture appears. The little noble things he did while acting the snob now all made sense.

He drew in close and whispered. “Say nothing but merely squeeze my hand if you are willing to go forward.”

I squeezed. Who wouldn’t? He was Doctors Without Borders, a man of mystery, and he smelled good. I was squeezing in agreement, but was that to become his sidekick or something more? Either way, I kept squeezing.

“I am not alone in this quest. We do what we do because we love London. It is the heart and soul of Britain. And yet more and more, we are giving way to those who care not for her history but for the blood money they can suck from her forgotten real estate that lies beneath our streets. I have chosen to draw a line in the sand. And the line is here at the vulnerable One Snyde Park.”

I tried to get my mind around that concept. “This building is a fortress. There’s nothing vulnerable about it. Is there?”

“Imagine a fortress built upon Swiss cheese. The adjacent constructors would use pneumatic drills to dig into the soft soil and underground waterways that form the layers beneath our neighbors. They would blast away at the support pillars, the subterranean tunnels that have been hidden for centuries might not withstand their onslaught.”

I felt confusion registering on my face. “Surely those in authority who issue construction permits—”

“The developer, in order to obtain the permits, has secretly induced the creation of false documentation to show the substrata can support more repulsively oversized buildings and not damage surrounding structures. These permits, if issued, will put our beloved Knightsbridge in further jeopardy. We Londoners like to think we live on firm ground, but to the contrary, the land beneath us is a honeycomb of old subway tubes, marshy land, Thames tributaries, and catacombs. One incorrect strike and the honeycomb will fall inward, the structures unsupported.”

I gulped the brandy making my eyes tear.



Mister Darcy’s Templars – Book 5 in the series ~ Excerpt

Darcy and I were now engaged-to-be-engaged. I carried my commitment to him in a locket worn discreetly around my neck and hidden inside my collar. The little gold heart had once belonged to his beloved grandmother; it now held two pictures, one in each half, Darcy and I encased in love.

Time would tell whether Darcy would complete his proposal and whether I would accept. Being a dog psychologist, I understood the strangled feeling a leash can induce and was in no hurry to officially consummate us since we had been unofficially consummating for some months now.

My world had expanded when I joined forces with Darcy, who was a member of the Knightsbridge Road Templars, a philanthropic society pledged to protecting the glorious history of London. In less than one year I had leapt from my humble goal of becoming a psychologist to the royal corgis at Buckingham Palace to being the undisclosed assistant to the richest man in England, not counting the shadowy billionaire figures that populated One Snyde Park, the ritziest international hideout in England and, coincidentally, Darcy’s home.

My job was to soften the edges of Darcy’s frequently abrasive personality and convince international billionaires to like us. No problem, because if I used my powers for good, I could be almost adorable.

Darcy Down the Rabbit Hole – Book 9 in the series ~ Excerpt

(Coming early September 2017)

“That’s a human skull in Derby’s mouth!” I yelled, shooting a stricken look at Darcy.

One of our basset hounds stood at the entrance of what appeared to be a hole in the ground, holding what looked to be the skeletal remains of a head—on a stick.

Before we could stop them, Will and TJ pulled free from Annie’s hands, and scrambling on their short legs they ran down the rabbit hole in hot pursuit of the basset hound, who had scampered happily back into the cavern with his prize.

“That must be a pirate’s den!” Young Annie said, associating the skull with a pirate flag. I doubted buccaneers had treaded the pastoral land around Pansy Cottage; they would have been the biggest dunderheads to ever plunder England, as we were far inland.

“Stop!” Darcy called dashing ahead of me to catch the toddlers, but it was too late. Before he could reach the boys, Annie had followed them under the ground. Three children and one rather handsome husband, all suddenly vanished. I did the only thing I could think of and threw myself into a full-body slide down the dark, mossy rabbit hole.


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  1. This series is just another of those books on my TBR or already on my Kindle which I have not gotten to…argh! I keep asking for someone to invent a cloning system so I can have twice the reading power. Thanks for the excerpts. Sound amusing and intriguing.

    • DarcyBennett,
      Thank you! I am so tickled to meet a fan of the series. There are times when I re-read some of the books and laugh so hard. Lizzie reminds me of Lucille Ball in I Love Lucy. Like Darcy, I seem to have no control over her. 🙂

  2. I haven’t read the series yet, but it looks like a lot of fun. 🙂 I love secret identities, and Darcy having one sounds hilarious. Thanks for sharing, Barbara.

    • Kate, Thank you! Darcy’s secret identity has been so much fun for me. I love when he pleads with Lizzie to stay out of his Templar business. She always finds a way to insert herself in the middle of villainous chaos, determined to protect her man. 🙂

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