Darcy and Elizabeth ~ Will’s First Christmas

Darcy and Elizabeth ~ Will’s First Christmas

Darcy and Elizabeth Will’s First Christmas


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My newest Regency release Darcy and Elizabeth Will’s First Christmas takes place at Pemberley. As the title indicates, it is the first Christmas for Darcy and Elizabeth’s son, Will. The family gathers together to celebrate the holiday in traditional Regency style, which meant I had to fact-check a few Christmas bits and bobs.

I am forever thankful to those Jane Austen researchers who have compiled a wealth of information for Austen fans and JAFF authors. Our own Austen Authors, Regina Jeffers and Sharon Lathan have given us tons of delicious Regency details to bring authenticity to our stories.



Darcy and Elizabeth Will’s First Christmas

A Pride and Prejudice Regency Christmas Variation

Darcy and Elizabeth’s son Will celebrates his first Christmas with his twin cousins, Charles and Fitz Bingley. I invite you to join in the felicity at Pemberley as Darcy revives an old family custom, while little Will begins to learn the joy of giving, and bonds with the Bingley twins. Along for the fun are Mr. and Mrs. Bennet, Georgiana, Lydia, and three attentive nursemaids. And of course, it wouldn’t be a comedy without Caroline Bingley.


 Regency Christmas Surprises

Christmas trees were not common in Regency England, having only recently been introduced by Queen Charlotte, the German born wife of George III. Gifts were not exchanged among the grownups. A child might receive a toy or a sweet but there was not the pile of toys under the tree that we have come to expect with the holiday. Adults fancied a hearty meal, jolly conversation, and the musical talents of the ladies of the family, but they did not exchange gifts.

Oh frustration! How could I not shower gifts upon sweet little Will for his first Christmas? I gave it a try, but Darcy put his foot down. He can be the firmest of characters. Peek at this excerpt and see what an author must deal with:


Darcy and Elizabeth ~ Will’s First Christmas

Darcy cleared his throat before he continued. “Elizabeth and I agree that it is important for Will to understand the true meaning of Christmas. I have observed a new vogue of gift giving at Christmas time that is becoming a frenzy of desire to please our families with toys and trinkets they do not need. This is a truly sad happening for it results in spoilt young people who place no value on the things they do possess.” Darcy looked upon his family. “We all lack for nothing. Elizabeth and I believe there is no need to take part in this new custom.”

Lydia frowned. What was wrong with a frenzy of gifts? She did not know how men felt about it, but receiving gifts was the nicest part of being a pretty girl. Although she had never received a Christmas gift before, she fully expected Darcy to indulge his family in this new style. Lydia bit her tongue since Darcy was now the hand that fed her and she knew better than to argue with him.

“Our son must learn that true joy comes from helping those who are less fortunate. Will was born into a family wealthy enough to put food on the table and not having to worry about paying the apothecary. It was through nothing our son did, but merely a chance of fate. We do not wish him to expect things to be handed to him since that is the worst quality a parent can instill in a child.”

Will watched his father’s mouth. He understood only a few of the words his dada spoke; but he carefully studied the roomful of people who listened attentively. The child instinctively knew that someday he would be able to hold people with his words; it was only a matter of learning the right ones and gaining that dada deep voice that rumbled in his chest. The child attempted a few growls, causing his father to look at him curiously. “Have you caught a cold?” Darcy said, feeling his son’s head. Will determined to practice the sound later in his crib when his nurse was not listening.

Darcy continued, “All my son will ever require are a few true friends and a well-bred horse.”

Jane felt a smile twitch at the corner of her mouth, but Bingley caught her eye with a cautionary look. She stopped her giggle before it began.

“And to begin teaching Will the joy of Christmas we are allowing him one gift starting with this, his first Christmas.” He smiled at the child in his arms while his son gazed at him adoringly. “But I repeat, we will not indulge our son.”

“Elizabeth and I came to this conclusion last night,” Darcy said, “Without intending any offense to those of you who may have brought Will holiday gifts, we plan to give all but one of his gifts to the families of our tenant farmers tomorrow—Christmas Eve. It is a long neglected Darcy family tradition.”

The countenance of those in the gathering could best be described as stunned. Each had imagined the thrill of handing Will a special toy they had chosen for his first Christmas. They were disappointed and yet each respected Darcy’s stance on this new fashion.

“I am sure you may think Will is too young to understand, and most likely he is,” Darcy said. “This tradition is as much a discipline for the grown among us as it is for the children. We must learn among ourselves to instill in our young ones the desire to help those who live in lesser conditions, for the greatest gift we can give our children is the blessing of a generous heart.”sleigh

Please sit back and enjoy this little video! Click here!

Wishing you and yours happy holidays and peace in the New Year.

With love & laughter,

Barbara Silkstone

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  1. Great video! Darcy seems so stern in the excerpt. I wonder if he will be touched with the joy of Christmas? For some reason, I cannot imagine Elizabeth keeping quite about only one gift for Will. Thank you for the giveaway.

    • Thank you,Eva. 🙂 Darcy is being a good father in making sure that his son learns that true happiness comes from helping those less fortunate. By his actions he is giving little Will the greatest gift possible~a sharing, caring heart. Cheers!

    • MissLaurieMay,
      Caroline Bingley is so much fun to pick on. I often see her as Jane Austen’s early version of Lucille Ball. 🙂

  2. And just in time for Christmas – how perfectly lovely! This looks to be a wonderful read – happy to add it to my TBR list – and thank you for the giveaway.

    Happy Holidays!

    • Lilyane,
      You are most welcome. I do hope you get to read this sweet tale. It just came out in paperback. Little Will should make a lovely Christmas gift.

    • Georgina,
      Thank you!
      And congratulations on your new release! Another book in your delightful Regency series.

  3. Sweet and lovely. But I expect there are no talking puppy slippers as in your Mr. Darcy Comedic Series… more’s the pity! This is on my wish list anyway, as your books always are.

    • Debbie,
      Thank you!
      Yes…the talking slippers are contained in all my contemporary Mister Darcy series comedic mysteries.
      After diligent research I failed to discover bunny or poodle slippers during the Regency period.
      They did not know what they were missing!

    • Kate,
      Thank you for commenting.
      Yes… just a smidge of angst in such a jolly tale.
      It’s mostly warm snuggly feelings.

  4. … and a well bred horse. Like Jane, I would have had to swallow a chuckle at that. But then, I already have MY horse. Congratulations on the new book!

    • Anna,
      Thank you! This is the first time I have published two books in one month.
      I had such fun spinning these tales. Almost all happiness and light. I love to leave my readers with warm, happy feelings.

  5. LOVE it! My family adopted that same type of tradition when we were very very young. We did not receive presents amongst ourselves at Christmas because Christmas is not about us, but about giving to those in need. I must have this one! Thanks for the excerpt!

  6. A few true friends and well bred horse. Darcy….forever the romantic.lol.
    Congratulations, Barbara! I look forward to diving in this holiday season.

  7. Congratulations on your new book launch. I must say, that cover is just adorable. I have added it to my wish-list. Thanks for the excerpt. I loved how you captured the intensity of little Will watching his dada talking and trying to emulate his deep dada voice. Darcy wondered if he was coming down with a cold. Hilarious!!! We never know what goes on in the mind of a child. However, we can already see a special bond between father and son, that little Will has a most excellent father example before him and he already wants to be just like his dada. Most excellent!!!

    • Thank you!
      That little fellow is such a cutie. It was easy to imagine him emulating his father from a very early age.
      I love how subtly he became the leader of the trio of cousins. Even at an early age he was born to command respect.

    • Theresa,
      Thank you!
      I think Darcy was hesitant to think of his son in that way. A good horse and good friends, that should do for now.
      He would have “the talk” with Will in a dozen years or more. 😀

    • Vesper,
      Then I wish you a well-bred horse in the near future. Unless of course, you are fortunate enough to own one already.


    • Gail,
      Thank you! I hope you enjoy the Bingley twins, and how they bond so quickly with their baby cousin, Will.
      They are so cute!

  8. I can’t wait to read. I would love to win. What a wonderful example of the meaning of Christmas. The gift of giving.

    • Tabitha,
      Thank you! I would love to teach all our little ones that it is better to give than receive.

  9. I am of the opinion that some of the old traditions should be practiced today. Love the excerpt and can’t wait to read the book. Thanks for the giveaway. Happy holidays!!?

    • Mary,
      Thank you! I am of the same opinion. Instead of overwhelming kids with gifts that by June will be in the back of their closets, why not invest ourselves in teaching them that ‘love is all.’


    • Priscilla,
      Thank you! I just want to touch his little cheeks. He is such a doll.
      You are most welcome for the excerpt and giveaway.
      Thank you for commenting!

  10. Wouldn’t life be a lot easier and a lot less fraught if this was still the custom? Instead we agonise over what to get whom every year. Still in the process of that for this year right now!

    Love the video, Barbara. Can’t imagine what Miss Bingley’s reaction is going to be but I’m sure there’ll be lots of fun watching it all unfold.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    • Anji, Thank you! The video was such fun to make. Yes, the holidays would be a lot happier if it was still the custom.

  11. Love the cover, what a gorgeous baby! I also love the excerpt. I’m now longing to read the rest so thanks for the giveaway offer. ?

    • Ria,
      Yes! It almost sounds like the lyrics from a song.
      “These are a few (two) of my favorite things!”

    • Katherine,
      Doesn’t it somehow feel fresh and wholesome?
      Teaching the concept of giving not getting!


  12. What a wonderful story this will be! I cannot wait to read it! Thanks for your wonderful talents on behalf of your many readers!

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