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So I thought I would share a bit of England with you, more specifically, London. I have been home from England over 6 weeks now and I still occasionally try to drive on the left side of the road! I have to admit that I concentrated so hard to remember to stay left while driving there that I created a new habit! The moments when I almost do it wrong here are getting fewer and fewer. I find it interesting that two weeks in England can affect me so much. It truly felt like home.

This week’s blog is going to be specifically about London and what the beautiful city is like. I can tell you I was expecting something like Manhattan, where I visited last year. The main difference was the atmosphere and sense of history. Manhattan residents don’t look at you when you walk by; London residents nod and wish you good morning. Everyone walks fast in New York, but there were plenty of relaxed people strolling in London. Both cities are remarkably clean with hardly any litter. Both cities have spectacular sites to see. Some of my favorite sites in London were the Butterfly garden by the Natural History Museum, Hyde Park, the Shakespeare Globe and West End theatres, the amazing cathedrals like Westminster Abby and St. Paul’s Cathedral, and of course the museums. One thing that is unique that I think America should adopt is that all the museums are FREE! So we went to British Museum, Portrait Gallery, Natural History Museum, Science Museum, and Tate Modern (not our favorite). Here are a few pictures from these places.


British Museum


Portrait Gallery where Jane Austen’s miniature is at


Butterfly garden on the grounds of the Natural History Museum. You could touch the butterflies and they would land on you. There was one butterfly that was 6 inches wide with wings closed!


Westminster Abbey


St. Paul’s Cathedral

But what I cannot put to words effectively, is that there is a spirit to London that I have never felt anywhere else, yet, somehow the feeling was familiar. I would walk down the streets and see impressive stone masonry on the buildings, or find charming little diners that just screamed romance, (I expected to find Mr. Darcy at one of them in particular) or maybe it was a sense that this city had a history that America could never catch up on or match. Maybe it was a sense that I knew these places and the familiarity of all the Tube System stops (subway system) and streets were all familiar since I had read about the streets in so many books. Maybe it was that moment when I walked down the street on the way to Hyde Park and I could almost feel the horse-drawn carriages that traveled the same path in Jane Austen’s time. Like I said, I am having a hard time putting the spirit of the city to words, but there is a power and strength and romance to the city that makes me rethink all those times I tried to pretend that I knew what I was talking about in my writing. For all you who crave those Regency romances, or would love to walk where Jane Austen walked, at least for a day, do anything you can do to save up and see London.

I probably sounded like I’m terrible with words in trying to describe it. I know! I’m an author!!! How about this . . . London left me with a sense of nostalgia and a longing to return soon. When I left, it felt similar to leaving home for college. A part of me will always be there and yet, it has altered me so much that I knew it was never a real goodbye. No, there will always be the holidays where I can return home. Yes, that is what it was like. It was like coming home.

I loved it. So since I finally found the words, I thought I’d share a very short snippet from Hope for Georgiana, which I happened to finish a few weeks ago. For those of you who are not aware, Hope for Georgiana is the third in the Hope Series. The first one, Hope for Mr. Darcy, will be published in June next year. A few months later, Hope for Fitzwilliam will be published and then a few months later, Hope for Georgiana. Be prepared to get the entire series by January 2017! If you are anything like me, I can’t stand to wait for the next book in a series so I do not plan on making you wait too long between publications. This snippet occurs at the very end of the book and is from Georgiana’s point of view. Enjoy!


She saw that now. Never had she felt more at peace than curled on his lap with the sunrise behind her and her lips intertwined with his. Remembering the look in his eyes made her realize she knew what love looked like. And tasting the sweetness of his mouth made her realize that she knew what love tasted like too. As she let out a small moan of pleasure and heard him sigh as well, she knew she knew what love sounded like. But putting the last month all together, and all she had learned about love, she realized that recognizing love was not hard at all. All this time she really did know what love felt like, but until she knew what to call it, she had not realized that the feeling was not unfamiliar at all.

Love felt like coming home.

For those of you who want more, I have started posting Hope for Georgiana in the online forums on www.darcyandlizzy.com and www.meryton.com So far 5 chapters have been posted. I hope you have enjoyed seeing London and I pray you do not judge me for my inadequacies in trying to describe the feel of the city. I felt a sincere connection to London that made me feel like I had come home.

Jeanna Ellsworth

Hey Lady Publications

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  1. I visited London as a high school student–rode the Tube, saw the sights, strolled the streets, took in the musical Godspell –and loved it. I’m glad you did too.

  2. i think you did explain it. For JAFF fans and especially the authors, London and the rest of the UK would be teasing every memory we have of reading where our beloved stories took us. Should I be so lucky as to make a trip there, it would not only be to see Chawton and other places JA lived and wrote, it would be to drink in where every story took me on its journey to “The End”. Thank you for sharing, not only here but all of the posts you made on Facebook throughout your trip with your beautiful daughters.

  3. Jeanna, I so love London. It is my very favorite city. Thank you for bringing back the memories…and for the lovely photos. There is so much to see and do there. Congrats on a delightful holiday! And thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. Lucky you for your trip to England! I’ve been but would sure like to go back. Lots more that I’d like to see.

  5. My husband and I visited Great Britain in 2004 as our 35th anniversary trip. London streets are not the straight like streets of NYC. But so màny names are familiar from history or books. We too took the double decker bus tour and got off at many famous sites to tour. Took photos of JA’s burial site. Will always remember that time.

  6. Thanks for sharing with us who will never make it to England, Jeanna. I enjoyed all the photos you shared, especially those of your girls, while you were actually there and now these pictures. I can only imagine the joy of knowing Jane Austen walked those streets and went through some of those same doors. Thrilling.

  7. Jeanna, thanks for you post. I am another fan who lives the UK through the thoughts and experiences of JAFF travelers like you. I can only imagine that your mind is filled with images for your writing. Looking forward to more. Jen

    • I am totally using what I saw in my books. Can’t wait to get writing again. I have the opening scene of my next book playing out in my head that needs to be written down for sure!

  8. Thank you so much for your post about London. I had been there when I was 13 (37 years ago) and remember the feeling of history…I didn’t know Jane Austen then, but could picture King Arthur and his knights as well as the horse drawn carriages. You described the feeling well.

    • It is hard to really appreciate it at 13 but I’m pretty sure it is a trip my girls will always remember. There really is a sense of history. I’m glad I was able to describe it. It was rather hard in my head.

  9. Lovely post, Jeanna! So glad you had such a wonderful time in the UK and I hope you come back soon. I know exactly what you mean, there are places in London where it feels like Lizzy and Darcy might be just around the corner.

    Thanks for the peek at ‘Hope for Georgiana’, sounds like it’s going to be as beautiful as your heartwarming prose always is. Have fun finishing the Hope series.

    • Exactly! I swear I was going to have to practice my curtsy and offer my hand to be bowed over! Glad you liked the snippet. You are so kind with your words. The Hope Series is finished writing, now we are just editing now.

  10. I was born and grew up in England before coming to Australia. I was last back in England last year where my sister and I decided to do the whole tourist bit, we toured England, Ireland Scotland and Wales. Of course I had been to quite a few of the places when growing up, which was in the county of Worcestershire. We used to holiday in Ramsgate and Brighton to name just a few. Have visited Bath on numerous occasions, and two years ago did a Jane Austen Walking Tour of Bath. Last year as part of our tour we travelled up through Derbyshire, The Lake District and Part of the Peak District an on into Scotland, stopped at Gretna Green and actually watched a wedding at the Inn come Blacksmith that was the main wedding port of call for elopements. Where I grew up was not far from Shakespears Birthplace at Stratford-upon-Avon. I too loved the Globe Theatre and when we were there they were actually practicing for a play. Did all the normal tourist places in London, and took the Red Double Decker Bus site seeing tour. I agree it is a place everyone should put on their Bucket List.

    • Wow! Some of those places that I haven’t gone are on my list to go and go back! How fun is Gretna Green? I hadn’t thought about doing that but that would be amazing to see! I will add that for sure. I was hoping to see Ramsgate or Brighton but did not get to it. Bath is one place I will return and spend three times as long there as I did this time. Such history!

  11. I’ve never been to England and it’s definitely on my travel bucket list, especially all the places I read about. I love your Hope Series, can’t wait to read Georgina’s story!

    Although your’e only 5 chapters in, I hope you consider doing a bundle deal with the Series once complete… 🙂

    • For sure go! But plan on spending several weeks there. I would definitely want to go back and spend another 2 weeks for sure. I’m glad you like my hope series. Do you know how to do the bundle deal with Amazon? I’d be interested on how to do it. It would be cool to have it be a boxed set

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