Changing the Look of Things

Changing the Look of Things

New Cover!

I have an upcoming BookBub deal featuring By Reason, by Reflection, by Everything. It’s an international promotion targeted to readers in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and India. What better time for a new cover? At least that’s the excuse I’m using.

The fact is that I enjoy designing book covers just as much as I enjoy every other part of the publishing process.

By Reason, by Reflection, by Everything (BRBRBE) has had three different covers since its August 2017 release. Here’s the original cover. And it’s my favorite, by far. 

You may wonder why I changed a favorite book cover. I believe I was going through a watercolor-themed book cover design phase at the time. Here are two other book cover designs that I used during that same time period.


Unlike BRBRBE, Courtship and Matrimony and First There is Love are book bundles. Often, my book bundles are offered for a limited time only. For now, I want the watercolor backgrounds to convey that distinction. BRBRBE is a standalone story and one that I hope will continue to attract new readers throughout the years.

Here’s the second BRBRBE book cover. I’ve always loved the background image used on the cover, and I have used it several times in various promotions. Look closely, and you will see that it’s incorporated into the new cover. I’m also especially fond of the font and decided to keep it in the third book cover iteration. 

That said, the new cover likely will not be the last. For me, even book cover designing is an ever-changing process and one that I enjoy immensely.


It’s Giveaway Time

I’m not sure if online vendors have the original paperback edition in stock, so I am offering a paperback edition in the new cover.

I invite you to comment for a chance to win a copy of By Reason, by Reflection, by Everything. One winner will be chosen. A US mailing address is required to receive the paperback. Otherwise, an eBook edition of one of my stories will be awarded to the winner—winner’s choice. The giveaway contest ends on Tuesday, August 28, 2018.


Mark Your Calendar

Is By Reason, by Reflection, by Everything on your wish list? If yes, you can grab an eBook edition for only 99 cents for a limited time starting September 7, 2018.


42 Responses to Changing the Look of Things

  1. All the book covers are so beautiful! I am not sure which one is my favorite. I can imagine designing them would be a lot of fun. I like to design my own gift tags around the holidays for all my presents instead of playing games on the computer. I know that is a lot smaller scale but it is fun to experiment with my creative side from time to time.

  2. Love the Original cover and love your stories. Sadly, I can’t afford them in paper form, so read on KU if possible or buy at used bookstores and I’m thrilled that you will have a sale on Bookbub soon. Thank you for your continued creativity and sharing of a world we all love!

    • It’s my pleasure, Cheryl. I really appreciate your kind words. I’m delighted to know you’re thrilled about the upcoming sale. I hope you’ll love the story. 🙂

  3. HI,
    I love the new cover also. The first is my favorite since I already own it…lol Good luck to all.

  4. Hello! i think i like the original cover the best too… but the pink sky on the new cover is amazing… Looking forward to the sale too, hopefully it will include the UK!!

  5. That is an absolutely beautiful cover. Thanks for sharing that with us. I did have this on my wish list. If I don’t win… I shall buy it with this great deal you are offering. It is a WIn-Win situation. Blessings.

  6. You make it very difficult to choose! Ik think they all are lovely!
    September 7 is marked! Is the offer worldwide? I hope so ?

  7. I think all of those covers are lovely! I guess we like the same types of covers. I know I’ve loved everything I’ve read of yours! Thank you for this chance to win a free “real” book!

  8. I love the new cover! The colors that you picked are really beautiful! Thank you for letting us know about the special pricing. Also, thanks for the chance to win!

  9. Loved the new look of the book. Thank you for the chance to win. also tahnk uou for offering it at 99cents. Great to have in our collection of P & P books.

  10. I like the first cover best, also. I actually have a brooch with a similar scene on it, which just shows how that kind of scene appeals to me. I am now wondering what books are in your bundled books Courtship and Matrimony and First There is Love, which must not be available now as I cannot find them on Amazon. I prefer bundled books as long as I don’t already own their component parts. Thank you for the offer of a book; my fingers are crossed!

    • You’re welcome, Beatrice. I’m really glad I have this version in my personal library as a keepsake.

      You’re correct. Both book bundles mentioned are no longer available on Amazon. I think they’re available most everywhere else eBooks are sold.

      I have a couple of book bundles on Amazon. One is “To Make Her His Wife.” Happy News! It’s going to be on sale for $4.99 (50% off) starting August 31st for a limited time. 🙂


  11. I do love this book, I think it’s possibly my favorite of yours. The new cover is gorgeous!! Please don’t put me in for a copy of the book as I already have it ( though with an older cover of course)

  12. Congratulations on the new book cover! I love the pink, purple, and blue hues of the sky 🙂

    Thank you for a chance to win a copy.

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