Catherine Bilson

Catherine Bilson . . . Grew up in North Wales in a house for which the foundations were originally laid in the 14th-century, so her interest in history was probably inevitable, but she despised the 20th-century geopolitics which passed for history at school. Instead, she devoured every historical novel she could lay her hands on, and found her greatest joy in the clever social commentary and witty repartee of Jane Austen.

When she moved to Stevenage in Hertfordshire for work in the late 1990s, she could not help but imagine Old Town Stevenage as Meryton, and the nearby Knebworth House as Netherfield.

Catherine married an Australian and moved to Queensland in 2001, far from the history she had grown up with, and it was then she started to write. The Best Of Relations, her first Austen tribute work, was published in 2015.

A Christmas Miracle At Longbourn: A Pride and Prejudice Variation (The Darcy And Lizzy Miracles Book 1)
When Georgiana Darcy runs away from home to search for George Wickham, her brother sets off in hot pursuit. Finding her in the company of Elizabeth Bennet confounds Darcy completely; surely Elizabeth could not be in league with Wickham?

Trapped at Longbourn when Georgiana falls ill, Elizabeth and Darcy must resolve their differences and get to the truth. But forcing them to set aside their pride and prejudices might just take a miracle…
Mr Bingley's Bride
I’ve always liked Jane Bennet. She bore her misery with fortitude and grace, she spoke no ill of anyone, even those who most certainly did her wrong. She’s always been seen as the quiet, boring one, and in my opinion sadly neglected by English teachers and victimised at the pen of fanfic writers. But she was no fool, and I’d like to think that Charles Bingley discovered he’d married a woman with hidden depths.

This story explores how Mrs Jane Bingley’s marriage might have begun. It contains material of an adult nature and is not suitable for readers under 18 years of age.
The Best Of Relations: A Pride And Prejudice Variation
What if… Aunt Gardiner, who after all hailed from Lambton, was well acquainted with the Darcy family, and knew of Wickham’s misdemeanours? How would the story have been different?

This tale begins with an exchange of letters between Elizabeth Bennet and her favourite aunt, discussing the happenings in Hertfordshire as the Bennet family become acquainted with their new neighbours, the Bingleys and their house guest Mr Darcy.
Infamous Relations: A Pride And Prejudice What If? Tale
What if… Mr Collins had been even more despicable than in Jane Austen’s original tale?

Would such an infamous relation destroy Elizabeth and Darcy’s chance of happiness forever, or would his actions set in motion an entirely different sequence of events?

~ Other Novels by Catherine Bilson, some as Caitlyn Lynch ~