C.D. Gerard

C.D. Gerard . . .   is a New-England born, California raised, Minnesota resident. She has a master’s degree in literature and taught literature and composition in various colleges throughout Southern California and Minnesota.

Her love of the written word started when she began writing poetry at the age of 10. She won the Ina Coolbrith prize for poetry in 2006. In 2012, she decided to pursue her dream of writing a novel. Her contemporary romance novel “Because You’re the First” was published that year.

Her love of Jane Austen began in college.  She has made several presentations to community groups, including the Jane Austen Society, on Austen and her novels.  After enjoying Austen Fan Fiction for years, she decided she wanted to write one. Her goal was to develop some of Austen’s less known and celebrated characters. Since her favorite is “Sense and Sensibility,” she focused on it, coming up with “Mrs. Dashwood Returns,” and its sequel “The Daughters of Delaford.” She is currently working on a series of  Austen novellas.  Her first one “Becoming Sir Thomas,” was released in 2018.

She lives with her husband of 25 years and her daughter in the Twin Cities. She is an avid reader of classic and historical fiction and history.  Along with writing, she enjoys knitting and crocheting, drawing, and making jewelry.

Captain Tilney's Bastard
It’s 1832, and Lady Eleanor Parker (nee Tilney) is planning a much anticipated family reunion with her brother Henry and his wife Cathy and their children. Now that their father General Tilney has passed away, the widowed Eleanor, who has inherited Northanger Abbey from her brother Henry, plans to make the house into the happy home it never was during their childhood.

But a series of mysterious events occur when it is discovered that their father left Northanger Abbey to the son of his oldest son, the late Frederick Tilney, who is also the son of Cathy’s old friend Isabella Thorpe.

When Eleanor and Henry find out they cannot contest their father’s will, they think they must leave their childhood home forever. But is this boy, despite a strong resemblance to their late brother, really his son? Or is Isabella Thorpe using the boy to avenge the Tilney family for what she perceives as a slight done to her during their time in Bath?

As the mystery unfolds, the young Frederick Tilney III wins the heart of Henry and Cathy’s daughter Ellie, and creates havoc throughout Northanger Abbey as Henry, Eleanor, Cathy and others search for the truth.
Becoming Sir Thomas: A Jane Austen Novella
In this sequel to Jane Austen’s third novel “Mansfield Park,” young and spirited Thomas must face the reality that now his father has passed, he is Sir Thomas Bertram, head of the Bertram family and Mansfield Park.

A staunch abolitionist after witnessing the treatment of slaves on his father’s Antigua sugar plantation, the first thing Thomas wishes to do as Baron is to get rid of the business that makes money on the backs of African slaves. He also wishes to wed his cousin Susan, younger sister to Fanny Price. But he is forced to choose between his great love and saving Mansfield Park from unexpected financial ruin when the plantation loses its value due to slave uprisings and other problems.

When Mary Crawford, now a wealthy woman, makes a play for Thomas, he begins to question where his true responsibilities lie. Is it with the woman he loves or is it with the legacy of the Mansfield estate, which the men in his position have kept alive for centuries. Should he marry a woman he does not love to save the family legacy? Or should he put his own happiness first? As he ponders these questions, Thomas tries to hold on to both Susan and Mansfield Park on his own personal journey of discovery.
Mrs. Dashwood Returns: A Continuation of Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility
It’s been 10 years since Mary Dashwood and her daughters Elinor, Marianne, and Margaret were forced to leave Norland Park after losing their husband and father. Things are going wonderfully for all the Dashwood women, until a duel between a family member and someone from the past jeopardizes Norland’s legacy, and the arrival of a mysterious stranger from America, lead Mary Dashwood unexpectedly back to Norland Park.

This impromptu pilgrimage sends Mary on a journey of personal discovery, where she finds answers to many old questions as new ones emerge, forcing her to question her values, and see not only her world, but those she loves most, in a different light.
The Daughters of Delaford
It’s 1820, and the daughters of Elinor and Marianne, now 20 years old, are excited to begin their lives. Little did Allegra Brandon and Grace Ferrars know that they would become embroiled in the most important and scandalous event of their time, that being the return of Caroline of Brunswick, otherwise known as the Princess of Wales, to England after years of exile.

As they witness Lady Caroline’s fight for her crown, they also chase their own dreams, sometimes finding things are not as they seem; Grace finds out the wealthy lord and landowner she married is not the man she thought he was; as Allegra’s very modern dream of a writing career meets with resistance as she becomes entwined with a mysterious stranger who not only steals her heart, but her reputation.

Both women are forced to make choices that will not only effect themselves,but those they love as well.

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