Black Friday Boycott : Shopping Jane Austen Stuff

Black Friday Boycott : Shopping Jane Austen Stuff

Today is Black Friday, which no matter what anyone tries to tell you, it’s not a BAD thing it’s called Black Friday. It’s just the day that, traditionally, shops were no longer in the RED and finally making a profit. Take an insider jargon phrase, add some marketing magic to it, and in just a few short years you have people trampling one another for video game consoles. 🙁 I do not participate in Black Friday, I love Cyber Monday , um . . . everyday! 🙂 My favorite shopping trips are those I can take in my pajamas with a click of my mouse.

So I thought about writing a post about shopping in Regency times, but there are many out there already and done very well. So if you want to learn about that, check out Regina Jeffers’ blog post about shopping in market towns or Regency Shopping in London.

Last year for Christmas, my sisters bought me Pride and Prejudice gifts that I dearly, dearly love. One is a poster that says “What a superbly featured room and what excellent boiled potatoes.” which is the funny quote from Mr. Collins, but more than that so appropriate for the sister it came from: she has a tattoo of a potato on her calf. Now, some of you might not get that reference, but when she came home from New Orleans’ Mardi Gras for the first time and said she got her first tattoo and showed it was a potato on her calf, I was the only family member high-fiving her for it. And when my parents said “A potato? Why a potato?” and she shrugged and said “When it’s your turn, you’ll understand,” which made me howl with laughter. There was a book we had to read in school called Wayside School is Falling Down full of short stories as chapters about the kids who go to school on the 30th floor. Yes, the school was built in 31 floors with one classroom each instead of one floor with 31 classrooms. But there is no 19th floor. 🙂

Anyway, in the book, a boy named Calvin is upset because for his birthday his father is taking him to get a tattoo. Yes, these are elementary school kids, it’s silly and ridiculous and awesome! So the whole story the kids are giving him all kinds of advice and at the end he finally comes to class with it done, lifts up his pant leg and shows off his potato. And when the kids are all disappointed and ask him why, he cryptically says “When it’s your tunr, you’ll understand.”

This is the kind of family I come from. 🙂 We take our reading very seriously.
craft made by sister
My other sister made me a light box with the famous Darcy line, “You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.” She added a battery pack to the back so the lights light up! I love it!

But maybe you don’t have crafty, creative sisters to feed your Jane Austen addiction. 🙂 Here are some Jane Austen inspired items that either I have bought myself, or would love to have! 🙂 All of these click and go to Amazon. Remember, shop in your PAJAMAS! 🙂


I love Inspired by Jane Teas. I have the Rose and Cinnamon Marsala flavors. They are delicious and little luxuries I allow myself when I am writing. 🙂


I am also a HUGE fan of wall decals. My “office area” in my bedroom has a bunch that make me smile, and this one will be a wishlist item!


I also could use some new pillows to lay up against as I drink my tea and read new books. These will work just fine!


And if I have tea, a nice wall decal, comfy pillows, then I’m going to need some new Jane Austen pajamas. I think these will make me smile all the time with the proposal speech on the T-Shirt! 🙂 


The good news is that with all of the sites that can customize products, all of us can have any Jane Austenesque product we want! And Austen Author Sharon Lathan even has a Zazzle shop for her books you definitely want to check out! To SHOPPING IN OUR PJs! HUZZAH!


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  1. We don’t have Black Friday shopping in Australia – our big day is Boxing Day (or the day after Christmas if you are unfamiliar with it) but due to the wonders of internet shopping and mailing lists we hear all about it. Shipping is usually more the goods are worth so I don’t often partake – but those jammies are looking very attractive

  2. Great ideas!!! And thanks for the info on what Black Friday means. Funny, but it came up in conversation with my husband, daughter and son-in-law this morning, and my daughter says, “Google it.” And I said, “No, let me check what Elizabeth Ann said on Austen Authors today!” True story. LOL!

  3. I agree — I don’t like shopping on a normal day and there is nothing I want or need that would warrant going through all of the pushing and shoving, let alone camping out last night in an ice storm just to save a few dollars. People try to say it is about “the experience”… I guess I am with Mr Bennet and Mr Darcy and would rather stay home where it is warm and read a good (P&P) book.

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