Barbara Silkstone

Barbara Silkstone . . .   is the author of over thirty novels and novellas, including anthologies. Her comedy mysteries feature goodhearted heroines caught up in screwball situations.

Silkstone’s Romantic Suspense series includes contemporary variations on classic fairytales. Wendy Darlin Tomb Raider series: Wendy and the Lost Boys, London Broil, Cairo Caper, Miami Mummies, Vulgarian VampRomantic Suspense Fairy Tales series: The Secret Diary of Alice in Wonderland, Age 42 and Three-Quarters and Zo White and the Seven Morphs. For a squirt of paranormal comedy try: Cold Case Morphs.

True fiction fan? Try: The Adventures of a Love Investigator.

Barbara’s MISTER DARCY COMEDIC MYSTERY SERIES is based on the enduring characters created by Jane Austen, with a contemporary spin on the classic tale of love denied… and love discovered. Each novella is part of the Mister Darcy series and it helps to read from the beginning, but each adventure can be read as a stand-alone.

Darcy's Second Chance: A Pride and Prejudice Vagary Novella
Darcy is haunted by his clumsy proposal to Elizabeth. Enter his mind and his heart during the time between his first and second offer for her hand. What were his thoughts as he left the vicarage stunned and humiliated by her rejection? How does this prideful man cope with being told he has acted in an ungentlemanlike manner? What smoldering emotions finally move him to take a second chance?

A Regency tale of love lost and rediscovered.
My Fair Lizzy: A Pride and Prejudice Regency Variation
Lizzy Bennet, a sassy London shop girl is instantly attracted to Fitzwilliam Darcy, the arrogant, handsome visitor to the Bennets’ struggling Covent Garden flower shop. Darcy insists on purchasing Lizzy’s lucky orchid as a gift for his aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Will Lizzy sell her family’s much needed good fortune to the haughty know it all?

Complications arise when Darcy accepts Bingley’s wager to make a sophisticated lady out of the humble flower girl. Can Lizzy endure Darcy’s mentoring in order to save the Bennet family’s flower shop? Will Caroline Bingley tolerate Darcy’s peppery new student? Will Wickham finally bring about Darcy’s ruination?

This is a light-hearted tale of a headstrong, London lass (Lizzy) whose drive to achieve more than life has handed her compels her to accept the position of pawn in a wager between two friends, (Darcy and Bingley). Gumption meets true love. A fun read for all those who have ever enjoyed George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion.
Darcy, Lizzy and Lady Susan: A Pride and Prejudice Regency Variation
What if Jane Austen’s most notorious character, Lady Susan Vernon, paid a special visit to Lady Catherine de Bourgh at her grand estate of Rosings Park?

Her arrival inadvertently occurs right after Elizabeth Bennet has rejected Mr. Darcy’s botched proposal, and the saddened gentleman catches the eye of London’s most infamous flirt. The fun begins as Lady Susan plots to sever Darcy from Elizabeth, and claim him for herself. We all know she can’t possibly win his heart, but it is a bit of a giggle to watch her try.
Darcy, Lizzy and Emma: A Pride and Prejudice Regency Variation
What if Emma Woodhouse, Jane Austen’s most tenacious character, arrives in Meryton to visit her Bingley cousins and determines to perform a little match making? Emma has a fortnight to meet her promise ~ three matches for her three friends, Elizabeth, Jane, and Charlotte. What could possibly go wrong? What could possibly go right?

Take a full cup of humor; add a sprinkling of angst and stir. Bake for a fortnight, and presto: three happy endings, or maybe even four?
Will's First Christmas: A Pride and Prejudice Regency Variation
Darcy and Elizabeth’s son Will celebrates his first Christmas with his twin cousins, Charles and Fitz Bingley. Join in the felicity at Pemberley as Darcy revives an old family custom, while little Will begins to learn the joy of giving. Along for the fun are Mr. and Mrs. Bennet, Georgiana, Lydia, and three attentive nursemaids. And of course, it wouldn’t be a comedy without Caroline Bingley.

A Pride and Prejudice Regency Christmas Variation
Darcy and Elizabeth Serendipity: A Pride and Prejudice Regency Variation
Darcy remembers the perfect love between his parents and believes it can be his. He trusts in destiny— with a little help from serendipity—to find the love of his life.

Serendipity: A fortunate happenstance or a pleasant surprise.

Elizabeth, informed by the example of her parents’ marriage, refuses to believe in destiny. The concept of serendipity is an affront to her logic. She will not marry except for true love and thinks she can control her own fate if she is very cautious. Will she and Mr. Darcy find their Happily Ever After?

A feel good read!
Mister Darcy's Dogs
Doctor Lizzie Bennet, struggling against her conservative English countryside upbringing, determines to prove her worth as a dog psychologist. Nothing will deter her from her career until she meets the uppity and oh-so mysterious Londoner, Mister Darcy. His on-again, off-again flirtatious manner, and his pompous putdowns challenge Lizzie’s short temper. When Mister Darcy hires her to train his lovable basset hounds for an important foxhunt, Lizzie accepts the task despite knowing next to nothing about the sport and harboring an intense fear of horses.

Two of the villains Austen fans love to boo and hiss arrive to torment Lizzie: Caroline Bingley, in hot pursuit of Mister Darcy does all she can to discredit and humiliate Lizzie. Mister Darcy’s old nemesis, George Wickham, stalks the Bennet family. Will Lizzie keep her focus or succumb to her fate? And what, pray tell, is her fate?
Mister Darcy's Christmas
Christmas just became a lot more complicated for dog psychologist Lizzie Bennet and her sisters. While shopping in London they find little urchin Annie and her dog Sammy. As a fierce snowstorm takes over the city, the aloof but alluring Mister Darcy invites the girls, including Annie and Sammy, to spend the night at his penthouse.

With the best of intentions Darcy asks Annie and her seven siblings to join the Bennet sisters for a quiet Christmas Eve celebration in his London fortress. The skulduggery begins when Caroline Bingley – the villainess Austen fans love to boo – shows up acting the part of the Grinch and Scrooge combined.
Mister Darcy's Secret
The mysterious Mister Darcy enlists the aid of dog psychologist Lizzie Bennet in his secret quest. Lizzie soon finds herself deep in his battle where familiar villains join forces to stop Darcy at all costs.

Darcy’s true feelings for Lizzie bubble to the surface but can she reciprocate?

And what about that peanut butter kiss?
Pansy Cottage
Lizzie plots a secret garden wedding for her sister, Jane and Charles Bingley. Can she outsmart Mother Bennet or will the gorgon prevail? With her nerves in high gear, Mrs. Bennet plans the marriage of her eldest daughter. Behind the scenes, Lizzie races against the clock to design a small garden wedding ahead of her mother’s over-the-top ball.

Can Darcy cart the unsuspecting Mrs. Bennet to the garden ceremony? Will Mr. Bennet cooperate with Lizzie’s plans, or does Pansy Cottage still cast a long shadow in his memories?
Mister Darcy's Templars
Darcy shares his secret vow and his bed with Lizzie Bennet in this fifth book in the Mister Darcy series of comedic mysteries.

Will Lizzie help Darcy prevent the theft of the legendary Red Rosary? Can Lizzie get even with Caroline Bingley?

And who is the mystery woman in Lizzie’s father’s life?
Mister Darcy's Honeymoon
Under the guise of honeymooning, Mr. and Mrs. Darcy set off to save a quartet of domestic maids being held hostage in London and to return the legendary Red Rosary to the Templars’ treasure vaults. Can they avoid Caroline Bingley, evade the sinister men from Rome, and will they ever get to enjoy their honeymoon?
Happy Christmas from the Darcys
With the best of intentions Elizabeth Darcy plans a surprise Christmas Eve for Fitzwilliam Darcy at their London penthouse. How much chaos will little urchin Annie and her seven siblings, plus the entire Bennet clan, bring to One Snyde Park? Add two basset hounds, one borzoi, a shaggy otter hound, and a disheveled nun who bears a striking resemblance to Caroline Bingley; then stir in some holiday magic and you have a Happy Christmas wish from the Darcy home to yours.
Mister Darcy's Maltese Falcon
Darcy and Lizzie, now happily married, are off on another Templar quest. With their first baby due in two months, Darcy insists that Lizzie remain in London while he adventures to Malta. Pregnancy will not hamper Lizzie; she is determined to stand by her husband. Lizzie inserts herself in the caper, accompanied by Boris, the Russian wolfhound, and other surprise stowaways. Oh no! Caroline and Wickham return to add to the chaos.

In this, the eighth book in the Mister Darcy comedic mysteries series, the Maltese Falcon holds the key to finding the Bogart Diamond, a priceless gem that was stolen from the ancient order of the Knights Templar. Darcy is tasked with recovering it. Fall in Love with Laughter!
Darcy Down the Rabbit Hole
The mysterious Mister Darcy, a modern day Knight Templar, follows his beloved Lizzie down the wrong rabbit hole, only to discover one of history’s spookiest antiquities. Can a simple picnic lead the Darcy family to the brink of disaster?

“Stop!” Darcy called dashing ahead of Lizzie to catch their toddlers, but it was too late. Before he could reach the boys, little Annie had followed them under the ground. Three children and one rather handsome husband, all suddenly vanished. Lizzie did the only thing she could think of and threw herself into a full-body slide down the dark, mossy rabbit hole.

This is the ninth book in the popular Mister Darcy series of comedic mysteries. Don’t let the title tumble you down the wrong rabbit hole — this book has nothing to do with Alice! Based on the enduring characters created by Jane Austen, this is a contemporary spin on a classic tale of love denied, love discovered, and love growing as time goes by. Can be read as a stand alone, but it helps to read the series from Book One.
The Gallant Vicar
What would happen if Mr. Collins finally snapped and Elizabeth might be the cause of his breakdown? What if he were replaced at the Hunsford parish by a charming, unwed vicar who arrives on the heels of Elizabeth’s rejection of Darcy?

Darcy is desperate to deconstruct the growing attachment Elizabeth feels for the new vicar. Determined to unearth the truth about the clergyman before Elizabeth is coerced into marriage, Darcy swings into action even as he fears he will appear to be jealous.

Will Darcy save the day? Will Elizabeth accept his help? And exactly who is the Gallant Vicar?
The Return of the Gallant Vicar
Elizabeth Bennet considers the handsome new vicar at Hunsford parsonage to be everything Fitzwilliam Darcy is not. The Reverend Francis Martel is warm, accessible, and has no difficulty showing his feelings for her. Within weeks of rejecting Darcy’s offer, Elizabeth finds herself swept up in a tumult of emotions for the vicar. He shares her wit, her caring for others, and the simple life—so she accepts the vicar’s proposal. Will Darcy recover from his injured ego in time to intervene in their marriage? And how will he separate the couple—only days before their wedding?

Who is the Gallant Vicar, why did he disappear, and why has he returned on the day Elizabeth is to marry Darcy? Can his passion for Elizabeth be driving him or does he hold some darker secret? Will Darcy bring the blackguard down?
Darcy's Royal Dilemma
Fitzwilliam Darcy’s first spell has gone wrong, and he arrives at Netherfield with a small jewel box possessing the power to topple the British monarchy. Desperate to find a witch to undo his botched magic, he is attracted to Elizabeth Bennet—but hijinks ensue as Miss Fiona Feelgood, a darling little love witch, enters their lives.

Time is running out. Will Darcy realize the witch he needs is the witch he desires?

Love blossoms over three complete but continuing adventures in which Darcy and Elizabeth discover what we have known all along—they belong together.
Lizzy's Love Apprentice
Will Lizzy Bennet accept Fitzwilliam Darcy’s hand in marriage? Can a union between two strong willed witches find a happily ever after in the world of Regency? Can Lizzy teach the love witch a thing or two about being lovable? And will one of the most powerful witches in England—who also happens to be Darcy’s mother—accept Lizzy as worthy of her son? And what is the deal with Wickham?

Book 2 in a 3 book series: Darcy and Elizabeth are overcome with magic in my new series – The Witches of Longbourn, a magical and light-hearted Regency trilogy. Love blossoms over three complete but continuing adventures in which Darcy and Elizabeth discover what we have known all along. They belong together. Lizzy’s Love Apprentice is Book Two in the Witches of Longbourn series, a variation on a variation.
Darcy's Magical Message
Buckingham Palace will never be the same as Darcy risks all to rescue Lizzy from the clutches of the Prince Regent and Lady Anne Darcy’s fatal spell.

Fiona Feelgood has reasons to regret casting the prince under a love spell. Can they rescue Herman the Hermit before Lizzy turns to dust? Beware of Caroline Bingley as she lurks the palace halls in search of witches for the London Anti-Magic Tribunal! How will Lizzy break her habit of changing adversaries into potted plants? And where is Wickham?

Darcy’s Magical Message is Book Three in the Witches of Longbourn series, a variation on a variation.
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Mister Darcy’s Dogs
Mister Darcy’s Christmas
Mister Darcy’s Secret

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Pansy Cottage
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