Austen Read Along: Lady Susan

LadySusanGraphic badgeWe’re almost to the end of Lady Susan, and I’m dying to find out what happens. (I’m probably one of the few who has never read it and still hasn’t seen the movie.)

Last week, we learned that Lady Susan planned to punish Frederica, Reginald, and Mrs. Vernon for foiling her plans. At the same time, Mr. Mainwaring has left his wife and expects to meet Lady Susan in London at Mrs. Johnson’s home. This doesn’t look too hopeful, though, because Mr. Johnson has conveniently fallen ill and will no longer be going out of town. Most aggravating of all to the reader, Reginald de Courcy has once again come to Lady Susan’s defense and is planning to meet her in London. Everything is unraveling, and I’m wondering how Lady Susan is going to connive her way through this next set of dilemmas.

Here are a few questions we might consider discussing:

Mrs. Johnson notes that “facts are such horrid things!” What facts seem most damaging to Lady Susan?

Do you notice any similarities between what happens to Lady Susan and what happens to any of Jane Austen’s other characters?

Of course, there are also a lot of other topics to discuss, and I have loved some of the input we’ve had from commenters. Come join us on the Writer’s Block as we read through these letters.



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