Austen On Dit

Austen On Dit


Welcome to Austen Authors’ monthly summary of all things JAFF, Jane, and Regency! Elizabeth Adams, Rebecca Jamison, Katherine Reay, and I have chosen to call this selection of news Austen On Dit.

The phrase On Dit comes from the French for “they say” or “it is said.” It means a piece of gossip.  Austen seldom used the word gossip. She preferred to use the words news and report, and yet they were often details about strangers, famous and infamous people and full of personal details. Often, they were rather unsubstantiated. Such as the alarming report of an engagement between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet that brought Lady Catherine hightailing it to Longbourn. Here, we use better sources than letters between Sir William Lucas and Mr. Collins but recall they are still the opinions of others. We’ve not censored them.

We’ve worked hard all month long to find notable pieces of tidbits for you unlike you can find anywhere else. I’ll pass the sugar while you lean in close to get the latest scoop.


Jane Austen Fan Fiction Releases

Austen Authors

Regina Jeffers, The Pemberley Ball: A Pride and Prejudice Vagary Novella

Elizabeth Bennet’s acceptance of his hand in marriage presents FITZWILLIAM DARCY a hope of the world being different. Elizabeth offers warmth and naturalness and a bit of defiance, but there is vulnerability also. With characteristic daring, she boldly withstood Caroline Bingley’s barbs, while displaying undying devotion to her sister Jane. More unpredictably, she verbally fenced with the paragon of crudeness, his aunt, Lady Catherine, and walked away relatively unscathed. One often finds his betrothed self-mockingly entertaining her sisters and friends, and despite Darcy’s best efforts, the woman makes him laugh. She brings lightness to his spirit after so many years of grief.

Unfortunately for ELIZABETH BENNET, what begins gloriously turns to concern for their future. She recognizes her burgeoning fears as unreasonable; yet, she cannot displace them. She refuses to speculate on what Mr. Darcy will say when he learns she is not the brilliant choice he proclaims her to be. Moreover, she does not think she can submit to the gentleman’s staid lifestyle. Not even for love can Elizabeth accept capitulation.

Will Elizabeth set her qualms aside to claim ‘home’ in the form of the man she truly affects or will her courage fail her? Enjoy a bit of mayhem that we commonly call “Happily Ever After,” along with three alternate turning points to this tale of love and loss and love again from Austen-inspired author, Regina Jeffers.

Amazon l Barnes & Noble l Kobo


Elizabeth Adams, Unwilling: A Pride and Prejudice Vagary

Mr. Bennet discovers his days are numbered, so he immediately begins to set his affairs — and his five unmarried daughters — in order. Knowing they will fare best should at least one of them find a suitable husband, he cannot refuse any respectable suitors.

The high-spirited Elizabeth suspects something isn’t right in the halls of Longbourn, but nothing prepares her for a certain haughty gentleman from Derbyshire. While Mr. Darcy is exceedingly wealthy and handsome, in Elizabeth’s eyes, he is also proud, high-handed, and insulting. And unfortunately, desperately in love with her.

Suddenly, Elizabeth is forced to rethink her previous opinions. And accept a choice she never had the chance to make.

Amazon l Barnes & Noble


Brenda J Webb, Darcy and Elizabeth – A Promise Kept

Darcy and Elizabeth – A Promise Kept is a Pride and Prejudice variation. Not a simple retelling, it is an intriguing new story that does not follow canon. It is rated for mature audiences.

Five years after his disastrous proposal at Kent, Fitzwilliam Darcy receives a letter from Charles Bingley regarding a promise made when their friendship ended. Should Darcy keep the promise, it will throw him into the company of the one woman he has struggled for years to forget—Elizabeth Bennet.

Having just entered a secret agreement with Lady Markham, will Darcy put his future in jeopardy by stepping in to help Bingley? Has time and distance helped him overcome his regard for Elizabeth, or will he fall as madly in love with her as before?

Is true love to be found in a promise kept?



Melanie Schertz, Darcy’s Continental Escape

Fitzwilliam Darcy is on holiday with his cousin, Richard Fitzwilliam, and his aunt, Lady Matlock. While visiting Vienna, they learn that the French Army is coming their way.

Elizabeth Bennet and her elder brother are on holiday, visiting their uncle in Vienna, when word comes that the city is under attack.

Both parties reach the docks of the Danube, and are boarding a ship, when chaos explodes, leaving the group dependent upon each other, as they race to escape the continent and return home to England.



Regina Jeffers, The Road to Understanding

DARIUS FITZWILLIAM’s life is planned down to who he will marry and where he will live, but life has a way of saying, “You don’t get to choose.” When his marriage to his long-time betrothed Caroline Bradford falls through, Darius is forced to take a step back and to look upon a woman who enflames his blood with desire, but also engenders disbelief. Eliza Harris is everything that Darius never realized he wanted.

ELIZA HARRIS is accustomed to doing as she pleases. Yet, despite being infuriated by his authoritative manner, when she meets the staunchly disciplined Captain Fitzwilliam, she wishes for more. She instinctively knows he is “home,” but Eliza possesses no skills in achieving her aspirations.

Plagued with misunderstandings, manipulations, and peril upon the Great Valley Road between eastern Virginia and western Tennessee in the years following the Revolutionary War, Darius and Eliza claim a strong allegiance before love finds its way into their hearts.

This is a faith-based tale based on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

Amazon l Barnes & Noble l Kobo


Rose Fairbanks, Sufficient Encouragement

We are all fools in love…

Some say a lady’s imagination is very rapid. Such is the case when Elizabeth Bennet overhears that Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy admires her eyes. She thinks nothing for herself, but immediately considers her dearest sister’s growing attachment to Mr. Darcy’s friend. If Elizabeth spurns such a wealthy—and proud—gentleman, he might do everything in his power to separate his friend from her sister.

Raised in a world of expectations and pedigree, Darcy knows Elizabeth Bennet can offer him nothing of material value. As his attraction for her grows, he becomes increasingly convinced his feelings are nonsensical. Still, he might forsake it all if only he had true encouragement.

Misunderstandings lead to betrayals, and the couple soon learns falling in love takes courage but staying in love requires forgiveness. Traversing from the groves of Hertfordshire to the drawing rooms of London to the complexity and danger of Luddite revolts in Yorkshire, Sufficient Encouragement follows Darcy and Elizabeth’s journey of love and forgiveness.

*Although a series, this book reads as a standalone story of the courtship and first days of marriage of Darcy and Elizabeth.

*This story contains a scene of non-explicit sexual violence.

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Rose Fairbanks, Compromising Mr. Darcy

Fall in love with Mr. Darcy all over again!

Mr. Darcy is the stuff of romantic dreams of women the world over. Elizabeth Bennet’s zealous refusal of Darcy’s hand in marriage is seared in the minds of many, but what if they were forced to wed to save their reputations? Enjoy three what-if Pride and Prejudice variations by best-selling author Rose Fairbanks.



Jeanna Ellsworth, Hope For Mr. Darcy (Hope Series Trilogy Book 1)

Still shaken from his horrible proposal, Elizabeth Bennet falls ill at the Rosings Parsonage upon reading Fitzwilliam Darcy’s letter. In her increasingly delirious state, unfathomable influences inspire her to write an impulsive response. The letter gives Mr. Darcy hope in a way that nothing else could.

As her illness progresses, Darcy is there at her side, crossing boundaries he has never crossed, declaring things he has never declared. A unique experience bridges them over their earlier misunderstandings, and they start to work out their differences. That is, until Elizabeth begins to recover.

Suddenly, Elizabeth is left alone to wonder what exactly occurred between the two of them in her dreamlike state. And for the first time since meeting the man from Pemberley, she finds herself hoping for Mr. Darcy to return and rekindle what once was.

Hope for Mr. Darcy is the first volume of the Hope Series Trilogy, a Regency variation series based on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. This trilogy promises hope will always light our way through the darkness of unrequited love, but eventually bringing tremendously gratifying outcomes for our three favorite characters: Mr. Darcy, Colonel Fitzwilliam, and Georgiana Darcy.



Elizabeth Ann West, To Capture Mr. Darcy: A Pride and Prejudice Novel Variation

Nature’s a fickle thing. When four days of rain occur earlier in Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice to trap Jane and Elizabeth Bennet at Netherfield Park, new romances, misunderstandings, and alignments are made. Volatile tempers never did well cooped up together. Not even when there’s a chessboard to help pass the time.

Fall in love with the romance of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet all over again in this new variation by author Elizabeth Ann West. A stand-alone novel of over 300 pages in paperback, this story is sure to make you sigh and swoon many times over!

Amazon l Kobo l Apple l Nook l Google l Unedited Fanfiction version


Pam Dixon, Romancing Mr. Darcy P&P variations collections

Falling in love with Mr. Darcy again and again and again …

Three best-selling Pride and Prejudice ‘what-if’ stories in a Limited Edition Collection!


Non Austen Authors


Zoe Carter, Prevailed On To Marry, Amazon

Sophia Meredith, On Oakham Mount, Amazon

Jennifer Joy, Love Never Fails: A Pride & Prejudice Variation Amazon

Letty Larchwood, Darcy’s Determination – A Pride and Prejudice Variation Amazon

MA Sandiford, Darcy’s Journey Amazon

Kate McCray, An Unfortunate Adventure Amazon

Lavinia Angell, Queen of the Desert Amazon l Barnes & Noble

Jann Rowland, Shadows Over Longbourn Amazon

Lori Lipps, Darcy’s Marriage Plan Amazon l Barnes & Noble l Kobo

Jemma Thorne: Rosings and the Wraith (Lizzy Bennet Ghost Hunter Book 3) Amazon l Barnes & Noble l Kobo

Kirsten bij’t Vuur, Revelations Amazon

Jenny Caplebeck, The Influence of Pemberley Amazon

Michelle M. Truth and Triumph Amazon

Karen Arminadra, Pride and Prejudice Continues Box Set Amazon

Jane Grix, Mistaking Mr. Darcy Amazon l Barnes & Noble l Kobo

Don Jacobson, The Keeper: Mary Bennet’s Extraordinary Journey (The Bennet Wardrobe Book 1) Amazon

Sarah Johnson: Coloring with Jane: A Mind Lively and at Ease Amazon

Curtis Sittenfeld, Eligible Amazon Barnes & Noble Kobo

Cat Gardiner, Undercover- An Austen Noir Amazon l Barnes & Noble

Sophie Turner, A Change of Legacies Amazon l Barnes & Noble

Toni Martin, Infernal Desire: by No Means Improper Amazon

Dori Solerno, Mrs. Bennet’s Sentiments: Pride and Prejudice and Perseverance Amazon l Barnes & Noble

Amanda Hampton, Worthy of Marriage: A Pride and Prejudice Variation Amazon

Esme Sheldon, Capturing Miss Bennet’s Heart: A Pride & Prejudice Variation Amazon

Tim Underwood, Mr. Darcy’s Vow Amazon

Beth Wood, A Conversation Behind the Tapestries Amazon

Victoria Kincaid, The Secrets of Darcy and Elizabeth Amazon paperback

Michelle M. The Wit & Wisdom of Wilde: A Pride & Prejudice Reimagining Amazon

Lilly Granson, Darcy’s Sorrow and Redemption: An Historical Romance (Heirloom Romances Book 2) Amazon

Sophie Lynbrook, Lizzy’s Novel: A Pride and Prejudice Variation Amazon

Dawn King Yes, Mr. Darcy Amazon

Brittany Larsen, Pride and Politics Amazon

Jude Deveraux, The Girl from Summer Hill: A Summer Hill NovelAmazon l Barnes & Noble l Kobo

Lady Catherine’s Christmas: A Pride and Prejudice Variation (Jane Austen Book 4) Amazon

Kate McCray The Shepherdess: A P&P variation (JA book 5)  Amazon

Oliver Berry, Another Life: A Pride and Prejudice Variation/Modernization Amazon

Kate McCray, Three Husbands: A Pride and Prejudice variation (Jane Austen Book 6) Amazon

Linda Thompson, The Laughter of Love: A Pride and Prejudice Variation (Her Unforgettable Laugh Book 3)  Amazon

On Pre-order

April Floyd, Darcy & Lizzy: A Pride and Prejudice Modern Romance Amazon Available now: Barnes & Noble l Kobo

Martine Roberts, Darcy to the Rescue: A Pride & Prejudice Variation Novella Amazon

Gianna Thomas, Darcy Chooses Amazon



Austen Related News

Austen Festivals

The Jane Austen Festival Australia April 15-17

The Greater Louisville JASNA region’s annual Jane Austen Festival July 15-17

Austen on Stage & in Film

Oklahoma Baptist University production of Emma April 22-24

Why Stillman adapted Lady Susan. Premieres May 13

Love and Friendship Release

What Would Jane Watch?

Pride and Prejudice Coming to Richmond Par Theatre

Emma production coming to DAPA Theatre in Hamilton, Australia

Persuasion production at Rosemary Branch Theatre, London

Austen in the news

New York Times Review of Eligible

Star-Telegram article on The Girl from Summer Hill

Display at Chawton House Library for Emma’s bicentenary

Blogs on Jane Austen

A spinster of the middle class

Emma and the fate of unmarried women

Mansfield Park and Slavery (part 3 in a series)

Who is Too Proud in Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”?

Who is Persuaded in Jane Austen’s “Persuasion”?

Jane Austen’s Love of the British Navy

I See Austen’s Influence Everywhere!

Regency Era Information


Regency Gown Closures

1828 Guide to London: Pitfalls and Scams

Answering Nature’s Call in Paris in the 1800s

London’s Albany: An Exclusive Address for the Regency Era Bachelor

Regency Pastimes: Riding

Regency Personality Series: Sir Horatio Mann (many new updates this month)

Five Pieces of Regency Etiquette (Part Four)

A Regency History guide to Belinda by Maria Edgeworth

Scottish Artists 1750-1900 – 2016 exhibition at the Queen’s Gallery

Regency Horse Terms A-G

Images of Bourbon Restoration Fashions 1814-1819

Elizabeth Milbanke Lamb

When the Earl of Surrey met Frankenstein

Life Below Stairs – Part 7 – The Expense of Keeping Servants


Wow! What a month! We had so many new JAFF releases! There are several adaptations of Austen’s works coming out in May around the world and some intriguing articles about the Regency era. Have you read any of these books? Planning to see any of the adaptations? Did you learn anything new or interesting in the blog posts?

We hope you’ll come back for another visit next month on June 12!

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    • Thanks for the information, Suzan! Lovers of Austen literature are fortunate to have so many resources!

      We will continue to include information on new releases, as well as fascinating historical blogs and news within the realm of Austen pop culture. Quite a chore to search for all of it, but the “Austen On Dit” team (Rose Fairbanks, Katherine Reay, and Rebecca Jamison) are diligently scouring the web on a daily basis. Go Team!

      As for new JAFF releases, indeed there are so many happening it is nearly impossible to keep up. What a fabulous genre we write in! Our purpose at Austen Authors — in regards to the monthly titles spotlighted on “Austen On Dit” — is to give a boost to those Austenesque authors who are not yet supported by the community efforts of a group blog. 🙂

      • I have a secret addiction to promoting all Austenesque books and interest stories. I’m not alone, as there are quite a large handful of authors, historians, readers, editors, and bloggers who interact and support each other on a daily basis on Twitter and other social networking. I can almost see the twinkle in their eye as they comment along with a re-tweet or share or like! Because new or single novel authors find it harder to be noticed, I try to find them to promote them, because the big names are already on posts and tweets many times a day. I still love to share news from a cherished multiple-novel author!

        Whenever I tweet or share something other than a book, I read it first. One must consider the information source, author’s motives, and validating references for articles and blog posts.

        The authors in invitation-only “group blogs” like Austen Authors represent UNDER 20% OF ALL Austen related authors. A huge number of the authors NOT represented in these “community efforts” are new or single novel authors. We’re so lucky to have independent review bloggers supporting authors’ efforts. It boosts the “fun” aspect of it all! And that’s why we’re here, right?

  1. WOW!! What a list. I was surprised at the number of releases that I already have, how many books are on my wish list, authors and selections I’ve looked at and considered buying, and those that I intend to purchase in the future. This was a one stop shopping for all information Austen. I love it…Great Job!

    • I’m sure I speak for my teammates when I say we’re so pleased you enjoy it! “A one stop shopping for all information Austen.” That’s exactly the purpose!

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    • Oh, let me add one other bit of news, under the “Austen Festivals” category: The Greater Louisville JASNA region’s annual Jane Austen Festival is from July 15 to 17, 2016. This is the 8th annual festival for the region, last year being a hiatus year because we hosted the JASNA AGM in Louisville. For more information, here is the direct website link: Jane Austen Festival 2016, Louisville

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