Austen Authors Update for June 2018. Lots Going On and It’s ALL GREAT!

Austen Authors Update for June 2018. Lots Going On and It’s ALL GREAT!

So much has been happening with the Austen Authors that I have decided to take a rest from blogging about something Austenesque or historical. Instead, I am donning my administrator hat to deliver an extensive update of our latest news and developments. Regina and I, with the help of the entire team, strive every day to make Austen Authors the premiere website for lovers of Jane Austen, specifically those who want more of her world via fiction literature. We are constantly on the alert for unique, fresh ways to improve our outreach AND satisfy our faithful readers. Never do we forget the purpose of Austen Authors, as stated on the About Our Blog Page and as summed up in our Mission Statement.


About our contributing Austen Authors ~

Our visitors who have been with us for a long while have undoubtedly noticed that our list of contributing authors changes from time to time. Another change is soon taking place, but before I get to that, I want to explain how Regina and I operate in regards to the full-time author list for Austen Authors. First off, in order for us to maintain the blog in a smoothly functioning manner and not to become overwhelmed — and to provide each of our authors a reasonable amount of exposure on the blog — we must keep the number of active members between twenty (if only blogging on weekdays) and twenty-four (if adding on Saturday). This range works well for the standard rotation, which allows each author to be in the blog spotlight (so to speak) exactly every four weeks.

Since joining forces and re-vamping Austen Authors in January of 2015, Regina and I have been blessed to welcome so many incredible authors to our ranks. Several of the current AuAus have been with us since that time (P. O. Dixon, Rebecca Jamison, Diana Oaks, Alexa Adams, Katherine Reay, and Barbara Silkstone). Of those gifted authors who were with us but have since bid adieu, I can honestly say that with very, very few exceptions, they left voluntarily and amicably with reasons that were completely valid and understandable. For some, leaving the blog was due to personal, real-life events that made committing to Austen Authors difficult. For others, they were exploring new directions in their careers outside of the Austen realm. It happens, believe it or not!

As I said, we have been blessed with our contributors and more importantly, our readers have been blessed by the awesome blog posts AND novels they have written. All of their blogs are still available to be read and enjoyed, by the way. Just use the “search” feature on the sidebar of the HOME page. And because we continue to support writers of Austenesque fiction, wherever they are and whatever they may now be doing, I want to take a moment to give a shout out (with links) to our gone-but-not-forgotten Austen Authors.

Now, since it is inevitable that an author slot will open up upon occasion, Regina and I keep a close eye on published authors in the Austen literary genre. We do this also so as to keep up-to-date with the Austen Authors Pinterest board for “JAFF by Other Authors” which can be accessed by clicking the image to the right. Furthermore, we especially welcome contact from anyone who might be interested in joining us as a regular blogger. Do not hesitate to write us if you are an author! In fact, this is how we selected our upcoming, newest addition to our lineup!


New Austen Authors ~

Sadly, these past few months we have said goodbye to four of our longtime authors. Strange how these upsets go in spurts! But, as this eternal optimist truly believes, even amid a sad situation (losing a wonderful member of our group) there is a silver lining. In this case, the positive is in welcoming a new, enthusiastic author that our readers may not yet be aware of. Lemonade out of the bitter lemon, I suppose is one way to view it.

Therefore, on the heels of saying our recent sad farewells, we welcomed Catherine Bilson, Bronwen Chisholm, Nancy Lawrence, and Eliza Shearer. What a line-up! Each has passed their debut post date and their Author Pages can be accessed via the Home sidebar or the “Authors” page from the menu above. Unfortunately, we will be saying goodbye to another one of our beloved authors next month. I feel it only fair to allow this author to make the announcement as scheduled, so shall say no more other than that it is another completely understandable departure, wholly amicable, and actually extremely exciting for the future this author has planned. You’ll see!

Luckily for Regina and I, we had been recently approached by a wonderful new author on the scene: PAISLEY JAMES! This is a very new development and Paisley will not make her official debut on the blog until August 4, but she will be popping up on the roster and over on Facebook so be on the lookout for Paisley! In the meantime, connect with Paisley and learn more about her and her books on her website:


Other Exciting Austen Authors News ~

*click for our Twitter page & be sure to FOLLOW us!

This may come as a shock to some, but the Austen Authors never had our own Twitter account. *GASP! I know, crazy, isn’t it? Regina and I have kicked the idea around for, oh, three years now, but the truth is that we only have so much time in a day to handle all the possible social media outlets. So, we have sufficed with using the hashtag component of Twitter, and this has worked fairly well. Nevertheless, #AustenAuthors is not quite as efficient or professional as having an actual @AustenAuthors Twitter. So, we bit the bullet and dove in! Our Twitter account was created about three weeks ago now, so we are still building up our followers, etc. You can help us by clicking over, following us, and sharing our tweets as often as possible.

NOTE: If you follow us on Twitter, add it to the Rafflecopter form for the Summer Quarter Giveaway for 3 Points! 


*click for our Goodreads group!

In other social media news, along the same lines as getting serious about Twitter, we have also created a group on Goodreads. Yeah!

Okay, to be honest, I have my author page on Goodreads but am not hugely active, so the platform is not very familiar to me. That said, I do know that for many, many readers, Goodreads is THE place to be!

The Austen Authors Goodreads Group is still a work-in-progress and any tidbits from those who are active on the site are more than welcome. Whatever we end up doing with our Goodreads Group, we need readers to join in as members. That is step one! So far we have 92 members but the more the merrier!

All of our novels are listed on the Bookshelf (each author has their own shelf) for easy access to reviews and purchasing links. We have several forums up and running, just waiting for interaction from our readers. Go for it! We also have a poll in place for your favorite Austen novel (Pride and Prejudice is winning, shockingly. LOL!)

That is what is new for us, but never forget what we already have in place to enhance our readers’ experience and fulfill those goals mentioned at the start of this blog post —

Join us on Facebook!


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14 Responses to Austen Authors Update for June 2018. Lots Going On and It’s ALL GREAT!

  1. I don’t tweet and I don’t tend to use Goodreads but I do enjoy the AuAu posts. I’m sorry another author is leaving but happy for the replacement you have found. Thank you all for the entertainment you provide to us lovers of JAFF. Keep up the good work.

  2. Oooh, you’re on GoodReads… I’ll go join right now and vote. Woohoo! Such exciting news and a BIG welcome to all the new authors.

  3. Thank you so much for the lovely and warm welcome, Sharon! I am so honoured to be part of this amazing team and so excited to get to know everyone who shares my love for Jane Austen’s beautiful stories. I will, of course, introduce myself properly in my first blog in August. I’m looking forward to a great many exchanges of ideas.

  4. I’m sad that they will be another author leaving your roster soon and also for those that have already left and move on from Austen Authors. I hope they are doing well in their respective writing journey and continue to churn out more Austenesque literature for everyone to enjoy.

    Thank you for the timely update, Sharon. I appreciate you, Regina and all the other authors’ hard work in getting this community running. I’m thrilled that Paisley James is joining AuAu and can’t wait to get to know her as she is quite new to the publishing scene (at least to me).

    • Thank you SO much, Luthien! Great, faithful readers like you keep us inspired.

      Paisley shall be a fabulous addition, I have no doubt, despite us being very sad about the author who is leaving us.

  5. I have already joined your Goodreads group and have voted on the poll (for Pride and Prejudice). I have not explored the other links in the club much yet at this point but thanks for mentioning that you have all the novels listed on the club bookshelf.

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