Audiobook trailer for Pride and Persistence

Audiobook trailer for Pride and Persistence

Audiobook trailer for Pride and Persistence!

Feedback needed!

I am so pleased to announce the release of the audiobook of Pride and Persistence just in time for Christmas! It will be available through both Audible and iTunes towards the end of December. This has been a real journey in trying to find a narrator but alas, I found Nancy Peterson through, right here in my stomping grounds, Utah! I was privileged to have breakfast with her where we discussed each voice of the major and minor characters! I immediately asked Melanie Scherts to make the image to fit their regulations. She did a great job, didn’t she?


But first, to remind you of what the book is about, here is the back cover intrigue for Pride and Persistence. Many have commented in the reviews that this was “50 First Dates meets Pride and Prejudice”. It is a true laugh-out-loud romantic comedy. I veered a bit from my usual romantic dramas and am pleased so many enjoyed it since it was published in March 2014.



Undaunted by a threatening storm, Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pemberley insists he must deliver his letter to Miss Elizabeth Bennet–– then tragedy strikes. Riddled with guilt, Elizabeth comes to the aid of the comatose Mr. Darcy and stays by his side until he regains consciousness. She soon learns that although Mr. Darcy has awoken, he has not returned to himself. And with no memory of his first disastrous proposal, he has concluded that there is nothing he wants more than to propose to Miss Elizabeth.

This humorous journey of love leaves one asking, can persistence pacify prejudice? Can Elizabeth see the real gentleman behind the injury, a man who persists in professing his love to her every chance he gets? In this Regency variation of Jane Austen’s beloved Pride and Prejudice, Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet both learn the value of persistence.


Hearing my book read aloud is the most thrilling experience since publishing my very first book two years ago! So to keep from bursting, I’ll share with you the events and process. I first put the book up for auditions on months ago but didn’t settle on a final contract until a few weeks ago. I picked a portion of my book for the narrators to read to see their talent. I ended up having about 13 auditions to choose from. I had a few delays that were somewhat welcome because I didn’t really have a lot of time to devote to another project. After all, I am working on publishing my Hope Series trilogy, writing my 8th book, marketing all my books, working four 12 hour night shifts as a nurse, being a single mom, and being courted by a fabulous man, who I call Mr. Bookshelf, who has fully swept me off my feet. (You could say I’m a bit busy!) But when I found Nancy, I became motivated to proceed with urgency! The audiobook became more important than several of these tasks in my life.

As soon as we signed the contract, I happened to put feelers out to my daughter’s friend, Zack Barnson, who is a musical genius with a music composition software program. On a whim, I asked him if he could create about a minute’s worth of original music to play before and after the audiobook. My instructions were this: It needs to be fun, and flirty, and romantic and suspenseful and sound like it came from the Regency period. He worked for about three hours and gave me this finished product. I am incredibly excited to share the opening credits for you! Here is the music with an advertisement for its release.


Tell me what you think! Isn’t it amazing? I feel so blessed to find a narrator who is making quick work of the book and also to have an original composition that somehow captures the spirit of the book exactly! I cannot wait to share this with all of you but mostly I’m excited that my father, who does not read anymore will be able to hear my work! He has been asking for an audiobook ever since I first started writing!

If you enjoyed reading Pride and Persistence, or have wanted to read it, I hope you consider listening to it as an audiobook. I have high hopes that you will all enjoy hearing Mr. Darcy propose over and over and over again until Elizabeth finally says yes, each proposal less prideful and arrogant and getting more sweeter and tender, the perfect recipe for swooning! I dare you not to sigh out loud with the last proposal. So look for the audiobook a few days before Christmas!

Jeanna Ellsworth
Hey Lady Publications

18 Responses to Audiobook trailer for Pride and Persistence

  1. Jeanna, this process has been so much fun and I’m grateful for the chance to voice this awesome piece of art!! Thank you for choosing me. It has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience!!

    • I should thank you! Your work is amazing and I have had such wonderful time listening as we went along! You are really talented! I hope you get lots of chances to read more from my fellow authors! I know I have sent your name along to at least two others!

  2. It sounds fabulous! I am like a PP and cannot get through audiobooks to save myself. I have to actually read the book (and this is a good one!) but I think the choices you made are wonderful.

    • Audiobooks are not for everyone,that is for sure! I really love reading but it was nice to utilize my time in my 40 minute commute to work. I found it was really rather enjoyable! It was also nice to knock a book off my TBR list! Try it sometime!

    • Yay! Thank you so much! It is so fun and exciting to see the talent that others have. I have learned to really appreciate the talent in others that I know I do not possess.

  3. Sounds wonderful! – I really enjoy audiobooks and find they’re the perfect companion while driving – and what could be better than driving with Mr Darcy? Jeanna, I love this story, one of my favourites. The audiobook is bound to make it into my collection.

    Thanks, and keep writing!


    • I totally agree! I have to tell you I have been listening to the audiobook chapters to approve them and it makes my book really come alive! It is so thrilling! There were a few times that, even knowing full well what was coming in the scene, I actually swooned! The narration really put power and intensity to my book! You will really love Nancy!

  4. Hi Jeanna. Firstly, I don’t know how you manage to fit everything you do into 24 hours. You’re amazing!

    I loved Pride and Persistence when I read it last year. The cover is so gorgeous, I actually bought the paperback and not the ebook. Some people out there in JAFF land will know that I’m a complete audiobook junkie. It’s wonderful to hear that one of your books is going to be appearing in this format, especially for your Dad. He’ll finally get to know what a fantastic writer you are.

    I do quite a lot of driving, getting to and from my locum pharmacist engagements. Often, it’ll be an hour each way, so I always have a JAFF audio going in the car at those times. Audiobooks are great for getting a reading fix when your eyes are otherwise occupied. Someone recently told me it’s like “reading with your ears”, which describes it perfectly I think. I’m definitely going to be saving one of my Audible credits for this one.

    Good luck with the launch in this new format!

    • P.S. Sorry, the first time I tried to comment, everything disappeared when I hit Post Comment so I had to rewrite my comment. On the second attempt, I forgot to mention that the music sounds perfect and that Nancy’s voice sounds very promising.

    • I just lost my comment too! Weird! Well what i said is that I don’t know how i fit it all in either! I multitask constantly. Truth is I NEVER watch TV. It really has been over a year or more since I sat down and watched a sitcom. I Utilize my commute to call family and friends. If I have down time at work I edit the chapters I have written. I set the timer so I can remember to change the laundry. But I don’t juggle it all well. Some times I pull clean laundry out of the basket because I haven’t folded it for a week. Truth is although my house is picked up and cleaned about once a week, I hardly ever make my bed. I sometimes go a whole week without looking on Facebook and then surf it for an hour or two. But my secret is I know what revives me. I have learned what is my natural xanax. It is reading and writing. If i make time to do one or both of these then I find I have great coping mechanisms. I also have a hard work ethic. I know that stressing about something is a waste of time, time that I could be “fixing the problem” and knocking things off my to do list. I have this secret fascination with topping the last day off as more productive than the week before. There have been days that I get the kids off to school and I do errand after errand until it is time to go to my night shift that night. I also am human because I have terrible exercise habits. It is a good week if I exercise 2x a week. Most weeks it is only once. I also am a frequent flyer at a take out Thai place and they know me by name. I throw my money at them when I am hurting for time. These are my crutches. I tell you these things because yes, I am busy, but I truly do not do it ALL. No one does and I dispose people who try to make themselves look perfect.

      Thank you for the kind words about Pride and Persistence. I am thoroughly entertained even though I practically have it memorized. I chuckle and think to myself, “did I really write that? It was so funny!” Or I find myself sighing with a true swoon when Darcy proposes. If I am entertained listening to the audiobook when I now exactly what is about to happen, I am pretty confident that the listener will too!

  5. I love the musical intro and think Nancy’s voice fits. I am so looking forward to listening to this book (I’ve read it a few times) on my way to and from work. It’s a fun story. 🙂

    • I’m so glad! It is my sister KaraLynne’s favorite of my books. She likes the humor. I remember after I finished the book I vowed I would never write another proposal scene again! The story is a fun one and was easy to write.

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