Ask Darcy and Thornton

Ask Darcy and Thornton

Thornton and Darcy
For years, friends have been telling me I would love North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell. I finally read it last month, and ohhh were they ever right! John Thornton is the perfect romantic heroso devoted to the woman he loves. Like others, I couldn’t help comparing him to Mr. Darcy. Today, I thought it would be fun to have our swoon-worthy heroes, Darcy and Thornton, answer readers’ questions about love.

Dear Swoon-worthy Heroes, I never thought I’d fall for a geek, but I’m completely in love with the guy that repairs my laptop. How can I get him to love me back? Please Help!—Bugged

Thornton: I always recommend a dangerous experience to bring love to the surface. When I first met Margaret, she looked at me with such cold indifference, as if I were a rough, uncultured man of the lower classes. Nevertheless, I found myself wanting more and more to please her, to make her understand me.

The realization of my love for her came suddenly when she placed herself in foremost danger to save me from an angry mob. I would suggest that you take your geek sky-diving or stroll with him through inner city gang territory at night. You may be pleasantly surprised at the results.

Darcy: Unlike Mr. Thornton, I needed no act of violence to realize my love for Elizabeth. Shortly after our acquaintance, her playful spirit won me over. I noticed the beautiful expression of her dark eyes, the lightness of her figure. When we spoke, she captured me further with her witty tongue. I had grown tired of women fawning over me and trying in every way to attract my attention. Elizabeth provided a different challenge for me, the thrill of the chase. If one were to employ Elizabeth’s technique, one would act in every way as if one despised this geek. Few men can resist such a challenge.

Dear Swoon-worthy Heroes, My girlfriend broke up with me last night. Should I give up, or should I keep trying to win her approval?—Hopelessly Devoted

Darcy: Unaccustomed as I was to anyone pointing out the flaws in my character, Elizabeth’s rejection struck me to the core. I felt obliged to make the necessary improvements. I also wrote a long letter, explaining myself. (A man should never underestimate the power of the written word.) Later, when circumstances favored me, I attempted to renew her acquaintance. So, in a word, yes, persist in the attempt. By no means, though, should you stalk her like a lost puppy, whining and simpering. Prove that you can better yourself, and she will come to you.

Thornton: Looking back on my own situation, I believe it was the fruit that did it. I brought fruit to her mother when she was ill. I also saved Margaret’s reputation, became a more compassionate employer, and made friends with an enemy because of her influence. But I believe it was the fruit. Bring her mother a few nice fruit baskets—the most beautiful fresh fruit you can find—and your lost love will eventually return.

Dear Swoon-worthy Heroes, I wanted to marry my girlfriend—until we met each other’s families. Now I’m not so sure. What do you do about difficult family members?—Home Boy

Darcy: It pains me to speak of the Bennet family’s lack of propriety, and it pains me all the more that I let them stand in the way of our happiness. What I would suggest is that you find a nice, cozy home in the Lake District, located far from the abode of your future wife’s family.

Thornton: Love is by nature selfish, forcing us to choose our own happiness over that of our family members. Marry her at once. Then, if you have need of more advice, you can ask my mother.




38 Responses to Ask Darcy and Thornton

  1. Now I am intrigued. I haven’t read North and South, nor seen the movie. I am going to have to put it on my list.

  2. Amusing questions and answers. Thank you for sharing. I have Pinterest boards for both of these but actually had to change the one board to North and South/Richard Armitage whereas for Darcy there is more than one nominee.

  3. North and South is my go-to movie right after P&P! Richard Armitage hit a home run with his portrayal of Thornton and THAT kiss is still the best one in movies of this genre. So glad you found out what you had been missing. 🙂

  4. True confession … I’ve never seen North and South, though I did buy the DVD on sale over a year ago. Regardless, it looks like either fellow could make a girl swoon.

    • Here’s my confession, Jen. I didn’t love the movie as much as I loved the book.The actors were awesome, but I couldn’t really get a feel for what went on inside the characters’ heads. It’s definitely worth watching, though.

    • Thanks, Diana. It was great fun to write. The only regret I have is that I checked out “North and South” from the library, so I had to pull out all the sticky notes before I returned it. I should have just bought a copy.

    • Thanks, Barbara. That’s what my critique group would say if I let them read this. I tend to write on the spare side. I guess they drilled it into my head when I was a tech writer.

  5. That was amusing; thank you! I especially love the fruit part. So, should she go sky diving with the geek, and then despise him? Or should she despise him, and then change her mind and take him somewhere scary?

    • Haha. Love is so complicated, isn’t it, Ginna? I’m not sure Margaret ever truly despised Thornton. He just thought she did. Elizabeth, on the other hand, really did despise Darcy, and even when she stopped despising him, he thought she still despised him, but he kept loving her anyway. So romantic!

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