Are you a TRUE Austen fanatic? Test yourself, and win a prize!

Are you a TRUE Austen fanatic? Test yourself, and win a prize!

For something different I thought a challenging game would be fun! What better than for an Austen lover to test his/her knowledge of the novels by Jane Austen? Naturally, if a test is involved, there should be some sort of prize, right?


  • There are 5 questions for each of Austen’s published novels, ranging from easy to a bit tougher.
  • Using the entry form below, answer each question and submit. The form will come to me.
  • FIVE bonus points will be added for those who also write something to the comment section, like a piece of novel trivia or question of your own (which others are encouraged to answer).
  • Deadline is this Friday (October 7) at 12PM (noon). Winners will be announced the following Saturday (October 8). Correct answers will also be revealed on Saturday.
  • Prizes will be awarded randomly for the highest scorers.


TRUE Austen Fanatic Quiz

Persuasion Questions

1.  Where is Kellynch Hall located?
a.  Somersetshire
b.  Derbyshire
c.  Uppercross
d.  Lyme

2.  At the beginning of the novel, how long has Sir Walter been a widower?
a.  thirteen years
b.  five years
c.  twenty years
d.  two years

3.  Who recommends the Crofts as potential occupants of Kellynch Hall to the Elliots?
a.  The Musgroves
b.  Captain Wentworth
c.  Mr. Shepherd
d.  Lady Russell

4.  Which character is Mrs. Clay connected to?
a.  She is Lady Russell’s niece.
b.  She is Mr. Shepherd’s widowed daughter.
c.  She is Admiral Croft’s youngest sister.
d.  She is Charles Musgrove’s sister.

5.  What does Captain Wentworth say after first seeing Anne at Uppercross?
a.  He never saw a woman her equal.
b.  To his eye she could never alter.
c.  She was so altered he hardly knew her.
d.  He never wishes to see her again.

Northanger Abbey Questions

1.  Where do Catherine, Henry Tilney, and Eleanor Tilney go during their walk in the country?
a.  Claverton Down
b.  Beechen Cliff
c.  Northanger Abbey
d.  Fullerton

2.  Where does Catherine meet Henry for the first time?
a.  Northanger Abbey, during a ball
b.  The Lower Rooms, during a dance
c.  The Woodston parsonage, during church
d.  The Pump Room, while tasting the water

3.  What is in Catherine’s room that frightens her the first night she stays in Northanger Abbey?
a.  mirror
b.  ghost
c.  cabinet
d.  tapestry

4.  Why does Catherine have to reschedule her walk with the Tilneys in Bath?
a.  Because she is fickle about her friendships
b.  Because she falls sick that day and is unable to go out
c.  Because John lies to her and tricks her into going for a carriage ride
d.  Because she fell asleep during their original scheduled time

5.  What novel does Catherine enjoy reading during her stay in Bath?
a.  Camilla
b.  The Mysteries of Udolpho
c.  Clarissa
d.  The Romance of the Forest

Emma Questions

1.  What is the name of Emma’s sister?
a.  Jane
b.  Harriet
c.  Anne
d.  Isabella

2.  What is Mr. Knightley’s connection to the Woodhouse family?
a.  His brother, John Knightley, married Emma’s sister
b.  He is Mr. Woodhouse’s illegitimate son
c.  His sister married Emma’s brother
d.  He is Emma’s cousin on her mother’s side

3.  What is Emma’s annual income?
a.  £500
b.  £1,000
c.  £1,500
d.  £2500

4.  What is the name of Mr. Knightley’s estate?
a.  Fairfax
b.  Hartfield
c.  Donwell Abbey
d.  Brunswick

5.  Who is Frank Churchill?
a.  The son of Mr. Weston and Miss Taylor
b.  The nephew of Mr. Weston by his first wife
c.  The cousin of Mr. Woodhouse
d.  The son of Mr. Weston by his first wife

Sense and Sensibility Questions

1.  The Dashwood’s landlord and neighbor at Barton Park is:
a.  Mrs. Jennings
b.  Mrs. Allen
c.  Sir John Middleton
d.  Colonel Brandon

2.  What is Colonel Brandon’s first name?
a.  Christopher
b.  Edward
c.  Unknown
d.  George

3.  What object does Edward have that puzzles Marianne and Elinor?
a.  a ring with a lock of hair
b.  an embroidered handkerchief
c.  a lady’s locket
d.  a picture of an unknown woman

4.  How is Mrs. Jennings related to the Middletons?
a.  She is Lady Middleton’s sister.
b.  She is Lady Middleton’s mother.
c.  She is not related to them at all.
d.  She is Sir John’s cousin.

5.  What convinces Mrs. Jennings and Elinor of Marianne’s engagement?
a.  Willoughby cuts off a lock of her hair
b.  the pair have many talks in private
c.  Willoughby takes her to visit his aunt’s estate at Allenham
d.  they are seen together every day

Pride and Prejudice Questions

1.  Who is the governess who betrays Georgiana Darcy?
a.  Mrs. Younge
b.  Miss Price
c.  Mrs. Williams
d.  Mrs. Annesley

2.  Why doesn’t Bingley visit Jane while she is in London?
a.  He thinks Jane does not like him.
b.  Darcy advises him against it.
c.  He doesn’t know that she’s there.
d.  Caroline Bingley forbids him from going.

3.  Why does Wickham flee from Brighton?
a.  He wants to leave the militia and become a clergyman.
b.  He has been fired from his post on account of misconduct.
c.  He has accumulated over 1,000 pounds gaming debts.
d.  He has fallen madly in love with Lydia.

4.  How long did Jane stay at Netherfield when she was ill?
a.  Six days
b.  Two weeks
c.  Three days
d.  One week

5.  Where were Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner going to take Elizabeth before they decided to go to Derbyshire?
a.  Cornwall
b.  Scotland
c.  The Lake District
d.  Bath

Mansfield Park Questions

1.  Fanny Price is what age when she arrives at Mansfield Park?
a.  six
b.  three
c.  nine
d.  eleven

2.  What title does the Bertram patriarch hold?
a.  Baron
b.  Viscount
c.  Baronet
d.  Earl

3.  Where does Sir Thomas go to oversee his investments?
a.  Antigua
b.  Haiti
c.  Cuba
d.  San Juan

4.  What is the name of Mr. Rushworth’s estate?
a.  Sotherton
b.  Portsmouth Place
c.  Rushworth Hall
d.  Mansfield Manor

5.  What musical instrument does Mary Crawford play?
a.  Harpsichord
b.  Pianoforte
c.  Harp
d.  Violin


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32 Responses to Are you a TRUE Austen fanatic? Test yourself, and win a prize!

  1. Can someone check to see if my trivia contest answers arrived? I did not get a confirmation when I pressed the button. Thank you. You can email me.

  2. Here’s my question from all the books: Who is the person who “every body speaks well of, and nobody cares about; whom all are delighted to see, and nobody remembers to talk to.” a. Mr. Woodhouse; b. Colonel Brandon; c. Mrs. Bates; d. Lady Middleton

    • A brain teaser for sure! Yes, I had to do a bit of searching. Thank goodness for The Republic of Pemberley! The answer is b. Colonel Brandon, according to the oh-so-reliable source Mr. Willoughby. Yeah, right!

      Thanks for the question, Lori.

  3. Oh no, I might be in some trouble here. Time to let out my dirty little secret, I haven’t read S&S, Mansfield Park or Northanger Abbey. I own a copy of all of them I just haven’t read them yet. I’ve parts of the S&S movie and the whole Mansfield Park one with Johnny Miller twice, so I guess I’ll wing it.

  4. What fun this is! Who can resist a quiz! Added trivia question: In Emma, who was thinking of setting up their carriage? 1. Mr. Weston; 2. Mr. Cole; 3. Mrs. Elton; 4. Mr. Perry; 5. Mr. Martin.

      • Good thinking–a young bride might well do so–but it was Mr. Perry! (Frank’s knowledge of the possibility that Mr. Perry would set up his carriage was a clue that he and Jane Fairfax were clandestinely corresponding with each other.)

    • Well done, Melissa! I have your submission, and have added the bonus points. 🙂

      This answer I actually knew since it is on my list of questions (just not chosen this time around). Let’s see if anyone else knows before I spill the beans. LOL!!

    • I know it was an absurd price and I my first gut answer is £50,000. I remember it being more than Mr. Darcy’s annual income of £10,000

  5. This was good fun! I just guessed them from memory. So it will be interesting to see how many I got 🙂
    My question is relating to Pride and Prejudice Q. Who was Elizabeth’s height compared to while nursing Jane in Netherfield?

  6. Fun, fun, fun! 🙂 Eagerly awaiting the answer reveal on Saturday. You know if anyone needs to brush up on their Emma, we are reading and discussing that novel right now in the Read Along on Wednesdays. (I couldn’t resist the plug) 😉

  7. That was a good quiz. I could tell which were my favourite books from the quiz as I had no hesitation on the answers for P&P, S&S or Northanger Abbey. Thank you for the challenge.

  8. Great test, Sharon. One tiny correction, though. In the first P&P question, choice (a) should be “Mrs. Younge” rather than “Miss Younge”! I thought this was a trick until I didn’t find “none of the above” as an option!

    • Oh boy! Thanks for the catch, Ellen! It’s funny how little things like that slip by. I corrected it. Not intended to be a trick, I promise. 🙂

      I got your submission too. 🙂

    • Ha ha! I did add a couple brain twisters here and there! Didn’t want to make it TOO easy for this group of Austen fanatics. 😉 I got your submission, Stephanie. 🙂

    • Thanks Regina! I had lots of fun putting it together. Hardest part was picking only 5 questions for each novel!

      As for your question, I admit I’ve only read pieces of “History of England” so can’t answer the question. I’m gonna guess and say that Jane DID express some sympathy for Catholicism. ??? 🙂

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