Announcing the Winners of Sharon Lathan’s “Charades: A Parlour Game with a History” Giveaway

Announcing the Winners of Sharon Lathan’s “Charades: A Parlour Game with a History” Giveaway

Austen Authors is happy to announce the winners of Sharon Lathan‘s “Charades: A Parlour Game with a History” giveaway as part of her Darcy and Elizabeth: Hope of the Future BLOG TOUR celebration. Several brave souls tested their riddling skills on the eight Regency Era charades I posted. I was very impressed! Before I announce the winners and the solutions to the charades, below is the link to the post for anyone who missed it. The blog includes a history of the parlour game as well as the charades themselves. It is too late to enter the giveaway, obviously, but feel free to try solving the charades before peeking at the answers.

Charades: A Parlour Game with a History

Priscilla Teh and John Smith have each won an ebook copy of Darcy and Elizabeth: Hope of the Future
Linda A has won a trio of romantic painting greeting cards (blank inside)
and Dianna has won a set of Jane Austen address labels and linked-heart envelope sealing stickers.


Ladies and Gentleman, please contact Sharon Lathan at to claim your prize. Linda and Dianna, please include your mailing address for delivery of your prizes. 

Note: Austen Authors’ giveaway rules state that all prizes must be claimed within 72 hours of the winner’s announcement being posted. If not, an alternate winner will be named. 

#1 —

My first is in harvest rarely known,
Nor would it welcome be.
My next in country or in town,
Each miss delights to see.
And when drear winter’s dress is shown,
In joyous play my whole is thrown.         Answer:  SNOW + BALL = SNOWBALL

#2 —

My first dispels the darksome gloom;
You love my next wherever you roam.
My whole with cheering ray from far,
Gives comfort to the wandering tar.    Answer:  LIGHT + HOUSE = LIGHTHOUSE

#3 —

My first a blessing sent to earth,
Of plants and flowers to aid the birth.
My second surely was designed
To hurl destruction on mankind.
My whole a pledge from pardoned Heaven,
Of wrath appeased and crimes forgiven.  Answer:  RAIN + BOW = RAINBOW

#4 —

My first, all sabled over with gloom,
Shuns the effulgent light of day;
My second, formed on fashion’s loom,
Gives female dress a neat display;
And in the embraces of my whole I’m blest,
While through my first I seek oblivion’s rest.    Answer:  NIGHT + CAP = NIGHTCAP

#5 —

A mischievous urchin may soon do my first,
If he meets with a teapot or ewer.
My second bring on us both hunger and thirst.
My whole thirst and hunger will cure.    Answer:  BREAK + FAST = BREAKFAST

#6 —

My first’s a word comedians dread to hear;
My next gives charms to the revolving year.
My whole’s the joy of many a happy pair,
Yet ofttimes brings them misery and care.   Answer:  OFF + SPRING = OFFSPRING

#7 —

My first is an animal’s coat;
Many trees in my next you may place.
My whole, to your grief, will denote
That time has made work with your face.  Answer:  FUR + ROW = FURROW

#8 —

Hail! Glorious first, whose beams resplendent rise!
Thou, with my next, art welcome to the skies.
My hallowed whole calm consolation brings,
And relaxation from all earthly things.   Answer:  SUN + DAY = SUNDAY

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