Announcing the Winners of Sharon Lathan’s “Are you a TRUE Austen Fanatic” Quiz!

Announcing the Winners of Sharon Lathan’s “Are you a TRUE Austen Fanatic” Quiz!

On Tuesday, October 8 I presented a brain twister Austen quiz that 20 brave ladies took a chance on. I have to say, I dug deep for a few of the questions, and still didn’t stump too many people! Y’all are truly certifiable, A+ Austen Fanatics! I wish I could afford to give everyone a prize! My heartfelt thanks to all who participated with quiz submissions and bonus questions. It’s too late to play for a prize, but if you want to test your knowledge before peeking at the answers below, here is the link to the original blog:  Are you a TRUE Austen fanatic?

Answers to the TRUE Austen Fanatic Quiz


Persuasion Questions

1.  Where is Kellynch Hall located?
a.  Somersetshire

2.  At the beginning of the novel, how long has Sir Walter been a widower?
a.  thirteen years

3.  Who recommends the Crofts as potential occupants of Kellynch Hall to the Elliots?
c.  Mr. Shepherd, a lawyer

4.  Which character is Mrs. Clay connected to?
b.  She is Mr. Shepherd’s widowed daughter.

5.  What does Captain Wentworth say after first seeing Anne at Uppercross?
c.  She was so altered he hardly knew her.

Now, how were his sentiments to be read? Was this like wishing to avoid her? And the next moment she [Anne] was hating herself for the folly which asked the question.

On one other question, which perhaps her utmost wisdom might not have prevented, she was soon spared all suspense; for after the Miss Musgroves had returned and finished their visit at the Cottage, she had this spontaneous information from Mary —

“Captain Wentworth is not very gallant by you, Anne, though he was so attentive to me. Henrietta asked him what he thought of you, when they went away, and he said, “You were so altered he should not have known you again.”  Chapter 7

Northanger Abbey Questions

1.  Where do Catherine, Henry Tilney, and Eleanor Tilney go during their walk in the country?
b.  Beechen Cliff

2.  Where does Catherine meet Henry for the first time?
b.  The Lower Rooms, during a dance

3.  What is in Catherine’s room that frightens her the first night she stays in Northanger Abbey?
c.  cabinet  “It was not absolutely ebony and gold; but it was japan, black and yellow japan of the handsomest kind; and as she held her candle, the yellow had very much the effect of gold. The key was in the door, and she had a strange fancy to look into it; not, however, with the smallest expectation of finding anything, but it was so very odd, after what Henry had said. In short, she could not sleep till she had examined it.” Chapter 21

4.  Why does Catherine have to reschedule her walk with the Tilneys in Bath?
c.  Because John lies to her and tricks her into going for a carriage ride

5.  What novel does Catherine enjoy reading during her stay in Bath?
b.  The Mysteries of Udolpho, by Anne Radcliffe

Emma Questions

1.  What is the name of Emma’s sister?
d.  Isabella

2.  What is Mr. Knightley’s connection to the Woodhouse family?
a.  His brother, John Knightley, married Emma’s sister

3.  What is Emma’s annual income?
c.  £1,500  Based on her inheritance of £30,000 at a 5% annual yield as was typical at that time.

4.  What is the name of Mr. Knightley’s estate?
c.  Donwell Abbey

5.  Who is Frank Churchill?
d.  The son of Mr. Weston by his first wife

Sense and Sensibility Questions

1.  The Dashwood’s landlord and neighbor at Barton Park is:
c.  Sir John Middleton

2.  What is Colonel Brandon’s first name?
c.  Unknown  Jane Austen never gave him a name! Fan fiction writers can go crazy!

3.  What object does Edward have that puzzles Marianne and Elinor?
a.  a ring with a lock of hair

4.  How is Mrs. Jennings related to the Middletons?
b.  She is Lady Middleton’s mother.

5.  What convinces Mrs. Jennings and Elinor of Marianne’s engagement?
c.  Willoughby takes her to visit his aunt’s estate at Allenham

“Did not you know,” said Willoughby, “that we had been out in my curricle?”

“Yes, yes, Mr. Impudence, I know that very well, and I was determined to find out where you had been to. I hope you like your house, Miss Marianne. It is a very large one I know, and when I come to see you, I hope you will have new-furnished it, for it wanted it very much, when I was there six years ago.”

Marianne turned away in great confusion. Mrs. Jennings laughed heartily; and Elinor found that in her resolution to know where they had been, she had actually made her own woman enquire of Mr. Willoughby’s groom, and that she had by that method been informed that they had gone to Allenham, and spent a considerable time there in walking about the garden and going all over the house. Chapter 13

Pride and Prejudice Questions

1.  Who is the governess who betrays Georgiana Darcy?
a.  Mrs. Younge

2.  Why doesn’t Bingley visit Jane while she is in London?
c.  He doesn’t know that she’s there.

3.  Why does Wickham flee from Brighton?
c.  He has accumulated over 1,000 pounds gaming debts.

4.  How long did Jane stay at Netherfield when she was ill?
a.  Six days  Jane left for her luncheon date on a Tuesday, forced to stay overnight due to the rain. Became ill the next day and was joined by Elizabeth. Together they left on Sunday, after church services, much to Mrs. Bennet’s displeasure!

5.  Where were Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner going to take Elizabeth before they decided to go to Derbyshire?
c.  The Lake District

Mansfield Park Questions

1.  Fanny Price is what age when she arrives at Mansfield Park?
c.  nine

2.  What title does the Bertram patriarch hold?
c.  Baronet    “…Miss Maria Ward, of Huntingdon, with only seven thousand pounds, had the good luck to captivate Sir Thomas Bertram, of Mansfield Park, in the county of Northampton, and to be thereby raised to the rank of a baronet’s lady…”

3.  Where does Sir Thomas go to oversee his investments?
a.  Antigua

4.  What is the name of Mr. Rushworth’s estate?
a.  Sotherton

5.  What musical instrument does Mary Crawford play?
c.  Harp




Winners were selected according to total points for correct answers, including the 5 bonus points for asking a question. was used for the final group who had the same score. Contact me directly at with your full name, prize won, and mailing address so I can send your prizes to you!


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