Announcing the Winners of Austen Authors’ Winter Quarterly Giveaway

Announcing the Winners of Austen Authors’ Winter Quarterly Giveaway


Austen Authors is happy to announce
the winners of the Winter Giveaway.  


If your name appears below…

(1) contact Regina Jeffers (Giveaway Coordinator) at to claim your prize. READ THROUGH ALL THE NAMES IN RED FOR THERE ARE MANY WINNERS!!!

(2) If your prize is an eBook, make certain the email address for the prize delivery is correct. 

(3) If you were given a CHOICE of titles as a prize, indicate which book is your choice. 

(4) If your prize is a print book or merchandise, include your MAILING ADDRESS in the email to Regina.



First up, Victoria Kincaid will present Dung and John Smith with a signed print copy of her Pride and Prejudice variation, President Darcy. Meanwhile, Chelsea Knestrick and Maia John will receive an eBook copy of the same title.  


Sophie Turner is being extremely generous. Prize #1 is a 40-piece mini puzzle of Jane Austen’s house (based on a watercolor from 1809), and a rose mini brooch sewing kit. That prize goes to Cindie Snyder.


The second of her prizes is The History of England by a partial, prejudiced & ignorant Historian and a postcard of Cassandra Austen’s 1810 watercolor of Jane). The winner of that prize is Kasia Burlakoff.



Ms. Turner is also offering a Jane Austen silhouette pin and an Austen 200 pen.
The winner of this fabulous prize is Caryl Kane.


She is following that with a signed copy of Mistress. This special prize goes to DarcyBennett. 

Sonia Perry, Julia Saenz, Leah Pruett, J. W. Garrett, and Tere Garcia Ruy Sanchez will each receive an audiobook copy of Ms. Turner‘s Mistress

Meanwhile, Amanda Frank, Michelle H, Eva Edmonds, Susan H. Heim, and Leslie Waters will each receive an eBook version of Ms. Turner’s annotated and restored edition of Pride and PrejudiceThat is 14 prizes in total!!!! Wow!

Elaine Owen also has the “Christmas Bug.” She has the following items available…


Mary Campbell and Mary Ann Nagy will receive a set of handmade jewelry from Elaine Kay Designs. The set includes a matching pendant, ring, and earrings. They look like something Elizabeth Bennet would have worn! (These sets are $35 each.)


Courtney J will receive a box from Pembertea Subscription Box. Each hand-crafted box contains an assortment of curated Jane Austen memorabilia such as bookmarks, candles, stationery, soap, and of course tea! The selection constantly changes so the exact items will be a pleasant surprise. (Picture of sample box attached.)


In addition, Erika Marie, Laura Capio, and Luisa have their choice of any of Ms. Owen’s books, whether ebook or paperback format. The winner may choose from Duty Demands, Mr. Darcy’s Persistent Pursuit, Love’s Fool: The Taming of Lydia Bennet, One False Step, and Common Ground: A North and South Continuation.

Collins Hemingway is also thinking of Austen Tea. He has a sampling assortment for Vanessa Thompson McBride. (The tea choices will be made at the time of presentation.) 

Mr. Hemingway also has four eBooks available to our followers. Luthien84 will receive an eBook of The Marriage of Miss Jane Austen, Volume I. Sheila L. Majczan will receive an eBook copy of The Marriage of Miss Jane Austen, Volume II. Meanwhile, Teresa Norbraten and Talia will receive Mr. Hemingway‘s latest release, The Marriage of Miss Jane Austen, Volume III.

Alexa Adams is up next. She has a special prize for one Glynis White-Legg. This is a winter bundle, including: One set of 4 handmade bookmarks featuring Regency fashion plates; One volume of the very limited edition handmade folio, Selected Verses by Jane Austen, featuring 8 poems by our dear author and interior embellishments; and One set of winter sports ornaments from Switzerland.


Ms. Adams will present Kristin a paperback copy of Darcy in Wonderland






Finally, Renata McMann will please seven winners. Each of her winners will have his/her choice of one of these Pride and Prejudice Variations written by Ms. McMann and her writing partner, Summer Hanford…

The Widow Elizabeth, Foiled Elopement, Believing in Mr. Darcy, or Courting Elizabeth

OR (and this is a big OR…)
The winner may choose to accept all three books (an eBook bundle) written by Ms. McMann‘s alter ego, Teresa McCullough: The Pirates of Fainting Goat Island, Enhancers’s Campaign, and The Secret of Sanctua.

Those winners are Janis B, Shelly Hammond, Robin Burton-Conrad, Becky C, Debbie Fortin, Holly Johnson, and Charlene Capodice

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  1. Oh neat!! Thank you Sophie for my gift. Your annotated P&P has been on my wish list for a long while. I’m thrilled. Congrats to all the winners.

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