Announcing the Prizes for the Winter Quarterly Giveaway

Announcing the Prizes for the Winter Quarterly Giveaway


Welcome to Austen Authors’ Winter Giveaway!

Check out the wonderful prizes!!!

Again, our authors are being quite generous.
Although we welcome your comments below, to enter the giveaway,
you MUST use the Rafflecopter form!
The GIVEAWAY link can be found at the top of the blog’s HOME page
or by clicking HERE.
The Winter Quarter Giveaway runs from
December 2, 2018, to February 16, 2019!!!

The winners will be announced on February, 24, 2019.

As always, Sophie Turner is very generous. Ms. Turner has the following items up for grabs.

One lucky person will receive a
“Society of Obstinate, Headstrong Girls” mug.

While another will receive a National Trust scarf.




A third will be delighted with a “ Rainy Day Reads” candle.

Another winner will receive a
Kindle eBook copy of Ms. Turner’s Mistress.




THREE winners will receive his/her choice of
A Constant Love or A Season Lost,
in choice of formats: Kindle, paperback, or signed paperback.

FIVE winners will receive an eBook copy of
Ms. Turner’s annotated and restored 
Pride and Prejudice.



Alexa Adams has some timely gifts for our lucky followers (opened internationally).

Ms. Adams’s first winner will adore
a wooden ice skate ornaments,
purchased near Ms. Adams’s home in Switzerland.

Alexa’s second winner will receive
a box of four lavender truffles from a premier Swiss chocolatier.



Winner’s choice (print or eBook) of
Being Mrs. Bennet and The Madness of Mr. Darcy






Collins Hemingway has THREE fabulous book prizes for our followers.

Each of his winners will receive
a print copy of Volume I of
The Marriage of Miss Jane Austen,
plus 15 Austen note cards(U.S. winners only)







Elaine Owen is bringing our followers fabulous possibilities.

Two lucky souls will receive, “I Love Jane Austen” spiral bound notebooks,
handmade and suitable for taking notes on your favorite Jane Austen novel- or anything else!



Two other fortunate recipients will receive Men of Austen socks.
The socks will warm your feet while thoughts of
your favorite Austen men warm your heart!





And the final, most fortunate winner will receive
a Jane Austen book bag!

The very first item to go in their new book bag will be an autographed copy of the Elaine Owen book of his/her choice.













Victoria Kincaid has some lovely items for our lucky winners.

Kincaid’s first winner will receive an
eBook copy of When Jane Got Angry

Her second winner will receive an
eBook copy of The Unforgettable Mr. Darcy.

Ms. Kincaid has three audiobook prizes. One winner will receive an audiobook of Pride and Proposals. A second winner will receive an audiobook of The Secrets of Darcy and Elizabeth, and the final audiobook prize, that of Mr. Darcy to the Rescue, will go out to a third winner.












Our next author is Renata McMann.

Ms. McMann has six eBooks to deliver. Her six winners may choose from these titles: Hypothetically Married, The Widow Elizabeth, The Long Road to Longbourn, Believing in Darcy, and Foiled Elopement. 












Regina Jeffers is back again this quarter with these prizes.

The first winner will receive a print bundle of
Angel Comes to the Devil’s Keep and The Earl Claims His Comfort,
the first two books in the “Twins” Trilogy.

Ms. Jeffers’s second winner will receive a print copy of
Honor and Hope: A Contemporary Pride and Prejudice.




Three winners will have their choice of an eBook of Pride and Prejudice and a Shakespearean Scholar, A Dance with Mr. Darcy, Captain Frederick Wentworth’s Persuasion, or Mr. Darcy’s Brides.


28 Responses to Announcing the Prizes for the Winter Quarterly Giveaway

  1. As always, Austen Authors are very generous! Thank you for the opportunity to try for these fab prizes. (Some of which I already own and have thoroughly enjoyed.)

  2. Thank you for your generosity! The prizes are amazing and to have a chance at some of them is wonderful! Happy Holidays!

  3. Such wonderful prizes. A very big thank you to the authors for the generosity and continued writing of great novels for us to appreciate their talents! Wishing everyone good luck in the drawing and A Blessed Christmas to all!

  4. I love all of these prizes! I am concerned though if I enter and win an ebook. I am hearing impaired and that does not work for me due to disability.

  5. WOW! I would like to thank all the authors for this generous giveaway. Thank you. You guys are fabulous. Best of luck to all who enter.

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