Announcing the Prizes for the Austen Authors’ Autumn Quarterly Giveaway

Announcing the Prizes for the Austen Authors’ Autumn Quarterly Giveaway

Welcome to Austen Authors’ Autumn Giveaway!

Check out the wonderful prizes!!!

Again, our authors are being quite generous.
Although we welcome your comments below, to enter the giveaway,
you MUST use the Rafflecopter form!
The GIVEAWAY link can be found at the top of the blog’s HOME page
or by clicking HERE.
The Autumn Quarter Giveaway runs from
September 2, 2018 to November 11, 2018!

The winners will be announced on November 18, 2018.

13 is a lucky number, after all. For that is the number of prizes Regina Jeffers has for our followers. 

First, there is a hardback copy of
Texts from Jane Eyre by Mallory Ortberg
available for one lucky winner. 


Secondly, Ms. Jeffers is offering a
Hallmark Stationery Memo Pad Set with Pen
to another of our followers.


The third gift is a copy of
These Three Remain by Pamela Aidan.




Bundle #1 includes a copy of
Darcy’s Story by Janet Aylmer
the Dover Edition of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.



Bundle #2 includes a copy of
Emma and Knightley: Perfect Happiness in Highbury by Rachel Billington
a copy of Emma by Jane Austen.


Bundle #3 is for the word lover.
It includes a copy of Thereby Hangs a Tale by Charles Earle Funk
a Pocket Posh Jane Austen: 100 Puzzles and Quizzes.



Next, TWO lucky winners will receive a special assortment from Pembertea.

The assortment includes: Bingley Tea – Lizzy Bennet’s Wit – A tea for an “obstinate, headstrong girl.” A blend of black tea, cranberry and a touch of sweetness and cornflower ribbons to accent her “fine eyes.”

Contents: Sri Lanka black tea, China black tea, blueberries, cranberries, cornflower, safflower and natural flavoring. Approximately 1oz.

Plum Deluxe – Reading Nook Blend Black Tea – An organic, free-trade blend of joy. Pairs with creativity, reading, writing, conversing and relaxing. Contents: black tea, rosebuds, lavender, Chamomile and natural flavors. Approximately 1oz.

Albion Tea – Loveliness Itself – Pure, simplistic blend that accents the subtle flavoring of green tea. Contents: Organic Jasmine Green Tea and Organic Rose Petals

Tea Drops Single Serving Organic Pressed Tea – will be either Rose Earl Grey Tea Drop or Sweet Peppermint.

INCLUDED: whimsical silicone strawberry tea steeper


Two Regency eBook Christmas collections will be available for TWO separate winners.

The first collection includes Regina Jeffers’s Letters from Home.
The second collection holds Ms. Jeffers‘s Lady Joy and the Earl .
Both collections features some of the best authors of Regency romance on the market. 



Finally, THREE separate winners will receive a print copy of
One Minute Past Christmas
bundled with a print copy of Mr. Darcy’s Present.




Sharon Lathan has several very special prizes for the Austen Authors’ visitors.

First up is a bonnet and reticule set (seen below) handmade by Sharon exclusively for ONE lucky winner from the Austen Authors Autumn giveaway! The bonnet is made from a pretty floral print lavender-pink cotton fabric covering the buckram-enforced brim and gathered into a simple, loose crown. The inside of the crown is fully lined with soft white cotton and the crown/brim juncture is adorned with petite pink flowers and sparkling pink grosgrain ribbon. The same combination of fabrics, and wide white lace, were used for the silver-bead tipped drawstring reticule. Click any of the images below for a larger visual.



This wonderful bonnet and reticule are the latest of Sharon’s awesome creations. All of her handmade, uniquely designed Regency accessories are listed for sale in her new store, A Lady Bonnet Boutique.

Check out her merchandise and favorite the items you love because ONE lucky winner will receive a $20 Gift Card toward any A Lady Bonnet Boutique listing available after the drawing is held in November.




Just in time for Christmas when the giveaway ends, Sharon has ONE signed print copy of A Darcy Christmas, her holiday anthology consisting of three novellas: “A Darcy Christmas” by Sharon Lathan, “Christmas Present” by Amanda Grange and “Mr. Darcy’s Christmas Carol” by Carolyn Eberhart.

Additionally, Sharon will give FIVE winners the ebook version of her novella from the anthology: A Darcy Christmas.


Finally, also with Christmas in mind, ONE winner will receive a Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy and Mrs. Elizabeth Darcy snowflake ornament, the images based on Sharon’s Darcy Saga novels, from her Zazzle Store.



Don Jacobson has THREE fabulous gifts for loyal Janeites.




First, he is offering the board game
“Marrying Mr. Darcy” for one of our followers.




Next he has an autographed 4-book set of “The Bennet Wardrobe” Series for one lucky winner. This bundle includes a copy of The Keeper, The Exile (Part 1), Lizzy Bennet Meets the Countess, and The Exile (Part 2).






Finally, Mr. Jacobson is providing another winner
with a print copy of Lessers and Betters.



The lovely Diana Oaks has been very generous.


First, TWO different winners will receive a bundled set
of autographed copies of One Thread Pulled
AND Constant as the Sun. (U.S. winners only) 

Meanwhile, TWO more winners will receive
an eBook bundle of the same titles.
These will be provided through the Smashwords distribution channel. (International)



Ms. Oaks has two DVDs to share.
They are a nod to the blog series she has been doing on the various film adaptations of Austen’s works.
The first is the 1997 Kate Beckinsale version of “Emma.”


Another winner will receive a DVD copy of
Bride and Prejudice,” a wonderful Bollywood musical version of Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.



Next up is a copy of “Jane-a-Day” 5 Year Journal.



A pair of Jane Austen socks will grace the feet of one lucky winner this winter.


Finally, Ms. Oaks will present a ceramic mug
bearing the Constant as the Sun logo to another winner.



Barbara Silkstone has found some unusual gifts, along with copies of her holiday-based book for her winners.



First, she has a pair of Jane Austen flip-flops for one winner.

A second winner will receive a Jane Austen gardenia jasmine scented candle.

Next, someone will receive “Fall in Love with Laughter” homemade soap.

Finally, THREE lucky winners will receive a copy of
Ms. Silkstone’s Mister Darcy’s Christmas.
(U.S. winners print copies; international winners eBook).



Leenie Brown has some two fabulous bundles available to our followers.


The first includes a “Whisper It in My Ear” travel mug,
plus three signed paperbacks from Ms. Brown:
Unravelling Mr. Darcy,
Becoming Entangled,
and Enticing Miss Darcy.



The second bundle has a “READ a Leenie B Book” Tote Bag
and signed paperback copies of
Two Days Before Christmas and One Winter’s Eve.



Next up, is one of our newest authors on our blog, Catherine Bilson.

Ms. Bilson  has a print copy of
A Christmas Miracle at Longbourn for her first winner.


An eBook collect of all four of Ms. Bilson’s JAFF books, including A Christmas Miracle at Longbourn, Infamous Relations, The Best of Relations, and Mr. Bingley’s Bride + a boxed eBook set of Timeless, which include Catherine Bilson’s “An Earl for Ellen” will go out to ONE winner.








Moreover, TWO lucky winners will have his/her choice of an eBook of ANY of Ms. Bilson’s Pride and Prejudice related titles (listed above). 

Another winner will receive a historical reference pack, a great gift for aspiring JAFF authors. This bundle includes the following eBooks: Medieval Underpants and Other Blunders by Susanne Alleyne, The Georgian Seaside by Louise Allen, and Courtship and Marriage in Jane Austen’s World by Maria Grace.








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