Announcing Love, Letters & Lies! + Giveaway! +

Announcing Love, Letters & Lies! + Giveaway! +

Hello Everyone!

Renata and I are very excited to announce that we have a new variation almost ready for you: Love, Letters and Lies!

What do we mean by almost? Well, any day now, and definitely by the time this Giveaway ends on December 26th.

As a teaser (we don’t really like to tease, but this time we must), below is the back cover script, an excerpt, and our Giveaway! Oh, and, of course, the cover. What would a book be without a cover? (Now there’s an interesting question!)

We hope you enjoy!

Love, Letters & Lies

Elizabeth Bennet is not the type of woman to be forced into marrying anyone, especially not the insufferable Mr. Darcy. When, through no fault of her own, she ends up in a compromising situation with him, she does everything she can to keep their scandal secret and avoid matrimony. Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to go along with that plan.

Darcy doesn’t want to wed an aggravating country miss with no connections, but honor dictates he offer. When, shockingly, she refuses, he’s relieved. Upon reflection, that relief turns to indignation, for no other woman would think of turning him down. Indignation soon grows into preoccupation… or could he be in the grip of some other, even stronger emotion?

Love, Letters and Lies is a Pride and Prejudice Variation of approximately 92,000 words.

... Leading up to this point, Elizabeth is residing in Netherfield Park to look after Jane, who is ill from riding over in the rain. Jane has finally fallen asleep and Elizabeth has gone to the library to find a different book to read, having already read poetry to her sister for hours. Elizabeth is now ensconced in a large armchair behind a wide decorative pillar and is not visible from the other side of the room…

Elizabeth had nearly dozed off by the time she reached Lettsom’s recommendation for where to find flies but came more fully awake at reading a rather gruesome description of how best to catch and pin butterflies. Precisely where to stab a pin into the beautiful creatures constituted more of a foil to poetry than she required. She was about to close the book and seek another when footsteps sounded in the hall. In moments, someone entered the room.

The conscientious servant come to see if the room still required light? No, the firm footsteps in the hall most likely meant one of her companions sought a late night read. As the tread was too heavy to be feminine and Mr. Bingley didn’t strike Elizabeth as the reading sort, she could only assume the intruder on her solitude was Mr. Hurst at best and, at worst, Mr. Darcy.

Whoever it was, for the moment, fortunately, they browsed the shelves near the door. Should she announce herself or remain hidden and hope to go unnoticed? If the gentleman made his way between the pillars to the far side of the room, she would certainly be seen. Better to alert him to her presence now. She eased forward in the chair and opened her mouth to speak.

New footsteps sounded, the light patter of slippers heard only once they tapped on the wood planks just inside the library door. Mrs. Hurst come to join her husband in selecting a book to read in bed? Elizabeth closed her mouth over her greeting and eased back again. Perhaps, if they came around the pillar, she should feign sleep?

“Good evening, Miss Bingley,” Mr. Darcy’s voice said.

Elizabeth cringed. Worse than the Hursts. Two of her least favorite people.

“Good evening, Mr. Darcy,” Miss Bingley replied in a honey-coated voice.

Elizabeth stifled a gasp. Heaven above, she did not want to bear witness to a tryst. But surely, despite his many faults, Mr. Darcy wouldn’t—

“I do not mean to intrude,” Mr. Darcy said. “I will make my selection and depart, so you may make yours.”

“I’m not here for a book,” Miss Bingley said. “I must speak with you.”

“Then you should do so in the morning, not alone with me, late at night.” Cordiality bled from Mr. Darcy’s voice.

“You won’t wish anyone, even a maid, to hear what I must say.”

Grimacing, Elizabeth realized she’d long since missed her chance to inform them of her presence. She curled more tightly into the chair. She could only pray they didn’t come to the back of the room.

“I find it difficult to believe you and I have anything to discuss privately, Miss Bingley,” Mr. Darcy said. “If you will excuse me?”

A shuffle of footsteps and swishing skirts ensued.

“Please step out of my way,” Mr. Darcy said, voice touched with anger now.

“Not until you hear me out,” Miss Bingley declared.

“Say what you feel you must.”

One of them, likely Miss Bingley, drew in a long breath and let it out again. “I don’t know how to say this, but you have shown an unbecoming interest in Miss Elizabeth.”

Elizabeth grimaced, muffling a groan which threatened to turn into a laugh. Interest in her, indeed. Only Miss Bingley would conjure such an idea, born of how badly she coveted Mr. Darcy. Or, rather, Mr. Darcy’s connections and wealth.

“I? In Miss Elizabeth? Preposterous.”

Elizabeth pursed her lips. Despite how his sentiment mirrored her own, Mr. Darcy’s tone held scorn enough to sting.

“You watch her,” Miss Bingley accused.

“Not particularly.”

“Oh, really?” Miss Bingley countered. “When I stood up and walked about the room, you ignored me. When I invited her to join me, you put down your book and paid attention.” She sounded aggrieved. “Your gaze is always on her.”

“I do not think so.”

Even Miss Bingley, Elizabeth thought, must hear the frost in Mr. Darcy’s voice.

“Oh, yes, it is.” Miss Bingley sucked in another breath. “You even commented to me once that she has fine eyes.”

Elizabeth widened those eyes in shock.

“She does. May I not make an innocent observation?”

“You may, but you didn’t,” Miss Bingley snapped. “Your observation would be innocent if you didn’t pay particular attention to her.”

“I do not.”

“Don’t you? Miss Bennet is very pretty, but you haven’t said so. When we spoke about how pretty she is, all you said was that she smiles too much. More importantly, you don’t watch Miss Bennet constantly.”

Heat rose in Elizabeth’s cheeks. She considered standing and coming around the pillar. Her appearance would be nearly comical now. To her, at least.

“What do my comments about one sister have to do with the other sister?” Mr. Darcy asked, words clipped. “Miss Bingley, this is a highly inappropriate conversation. Let me make one thing clear. You are my friend’s sister and I will treat you with respect, but I have no interest in this kind of exchange. My opinions of other women are mine. Your observations are distasteful. If you do not depart this library immediately, I shall.”

Light footsteps sounded. The door slammed. The lock clicked.

Before Elizabeth could fully register that Miss Bingley had locked them in, her slippered steps sounded again, still in the library. They pattered across the other side of the room at an alarming rate.

“What are you doing?” Mr. Darcy exclaimed as another click sounded. Frigid air swirled in. “What did you throw out? Was that the key?”

Elizabeth stood, alarmed by the consternation in Mr. Darcy’s voice. The howling November wind whipped through the library. All around the room, curtains stirred and swayed. Flames, candle and fireplace alike, danced, emphasizing light and shadow. Firm, masculine footfalls crossed to the door. The knob rattled.

“Why did you lock us in?” Mr. Darcy demanded.

“I am tired of waiting for the proposal that will never come,” Miss Bingley cried. “I am completely suitable to be your wife, yet you ignore me.”

“I beg your—”

“Well, now we are locked in a room together,” Miss Bingley continued, speaking over Mr. Darcy. “No one but you ever comes to this wing. If you shout, no one will hear you over the sound of the wind. Even if they do, we are locked in here together. Come morning, you will have to marry me.” Miss Bingley’s voice rang with triumph. “You cannot spend the night alone with me without consequences.”

Elizabeth had heard enough. She squared her shoulders. “But he is not alone,” she said, stepping around the pillar to take in two startled faces.

Now, for the Giveaway!

We’re giving away two kindle copies to two winners! To enter, just leave a comment below. You may leave any comment you like, of course, but we do have a couple questions:

Should Elizabeth have remained hidden?

How do you think Miss Bingley will react to finding Elizabeth there?

Good Luck in the Giveaway, everyone, and have a happy, safe, wonderful rest of 2018! ~ Summer & Renata

*Giveaway runs through December 26th. Winners will be announced the following weekend.


151 Responses to Announcing Love, Letters & Lies! + Giveaway! +

  1. I am positive Elizabeth did the right thing by making her presence known, she thwarted Miss Bingley’s plan to trap Mr. Darcy into marriage, which will only make
    him grateful to her. I believe Miss Bingley’s reaction to Elizabeth’s presence, will be that of shock & anger at being thwarted by her enemy. Elizabeth I believe
    will be privately enjoying the comedy of he situation. I love the excerpt you gave us to read, it only makes you hunger for the rest of the story. I also adore the cover for this book, it is so lovely, and it draws your attention, I could not stop looking at it, it was a very wise choice. I also adore and collect miss Austen material, I also collect variations by other authors, so I would love to add this book to my collection, thank-you. P.S keep writing as I adore your books and have many of them in paper form and e-books. Later D.

    • Wow, thank you, Dianne, for so many kind words! It’s always hard to predict Amazon’s exact approval process, but Love, Letters and Lies should be out tomorrow. We hope you’ll enjoy it (and I really think you will 🙂 )

  2. Awesome! Imagine being tied to that scheming jezibel! Almost makes you feel sorry for him. So, now he’s been compromised twice then. Can’t wait to see him beg Elizabeth to get him out of this mess…

    • But, begging Elizabeth would humble Mr. Darcy. We don’t want to see that…. Or do we? insert evil chuckle 🙂

  3. Bwah hahh hah ha! That was awesome! I can practically see this in my mind. But, I really, REALLY want to see what happens next! Perhaps Caroline’s head will turn red, inflate and then explode!
    Thanks for the giveaway, and I seriously want to win, so I can read what the reaction will be.

    • Lol Can you imagine if her head exploded? That would be a totally different book! I can imagine the reviews. “This book began delightfully, but then veered much too far off canon for me.” 🙂

  4. Oh Elizabeth had to reveal herself rather than allow Darcy to think he had to marry Caroline. Caroline will scream and possibly try to fight Elizabeth.

  5. I think Elizabeth distrusts Miss Bingley more than she dislikes Darcy, so I’m glad she spoke up. Congratulations on the new book! Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  6. OMG! What a delightful excerpt. Oh, I love it when Caroline is foiled. Will Darcy appreciate Elizabeth’s rescue. This was amazing. Now, Caroline can’t escape her own trap. She is now locked in the library herself until morning. Blessings on the launch of this new work. By all means launch at Christmas. All my family and friends know I read and give me Amazon gift cards for Christmas. My SIL is a reader also and we laugh every year when we open a card with a gift card in it. It is the family joke. I’ve already exchanged gifts with one friend and loaded up my Amazon account with her gift. She didn’t know what book to get me and said for me to choose the one I wanted. See!!! The timing is perfect. I can’t wait.

    • Thank you, for the compliment about the excerpt and the feedback. We were worried people would be too busy for reading… mostly I was worried. Renata knows better, because she said we should publish when the book is ready, regardless of the exact time of year, and she picked this excerpt, which I must now admit is a better choice than the one I wanted 🙂

  7. I agree that Elizabeth had to make her presence known. Miss Bingley is not going to be gracious that’s for certain. Can’t wait to read it!!

  8. Great start to this story! Yes, Elizabeth, as a woman of integrity, would be compelled to step out at that moment. I can’t wait to read more

    • At the start, I totally agree. I can’t deny that I would have curled up in that chair and just hoped Mr. Darcy would leave… well, okay, I know that he’s actually a wonderful man, so maybe not, but if I were Elizabeth, then and there, I would have.

  9. Ahhh, typical Caroline! Poor Mr. Darcy, and poor Elizabeth! They’ll both have to deal with Caroline’s wrath of not getting her way. Looking forward to reading the rest of the book!!

    • After all, she didn’t like Mr. Darcy at that point, and being alone with him would have been a scandal, so why would she come forward when she thought he would simply leave? So, I agree!

  10. It certainly would have been interesting had Elizabeth kept quiet. Poor Mr Darcy lol. I suspect Miss Bingley will accuse Elizabeth of trying to compromise Darcy, which could be very interesting…

  11. I think Elizabeth definitely had to make herself known when she did. I am so looking forward to reading what happens next. I bet the eruption from Miss Bingley wakes the entire house!

  12. Oh that Miss Bingley trying to compromise Darcy! I would think it would have been very difficult/awkward for Elizabeth to reveal herself with both of them there. She obviously was going to let Mr. Darcy know, but when Miss Bingley showed up that would have looked even worse. She was going to remain hidden if either of them moved further into the room and pretending to be asleep…it might have worked. But revealing herself to help Darcy get out of a compromise was honorable. Miss Bingley, however, would see it as a compromise between Darcy and Elizabeth and not only will she be angry but vindictive. I do love the cover!

    • Thank you 🙂 I’m very happy wit how the cover turned out 🙂

      Vindictive you say? I think you may be onto something 🙂

  13. Elizabeth couldn’t stay hidden, even with her uncertain feelings for Mr. Darcy, a true lady wouldn’t let a gentlemen be compromised, especially by Caroline Bingley..
    Look forward to seeing just how Caroline reacts….
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  14. I’m hooked already and I want more ASAP, too many days to wait. I can’t blame Elizabeth she has revealed her presence at this moment. Miss Bingley’s reaction will be priceless.
    Congratulations on the release, I was wondering when the new one was coming. It was time. ?

    • Thank you, Kate 🙂 Yes, it is time. This one is our longest variation ever, so it took us longer to get it ready. I seem to have reached a maximum writing speed, lol. I simply can’t type of edit any quicker. Plus, our proof readers are, of course, busy this time of year. We really wanted to get it to you all for Christmas, though. (Not that it’s a Christmas story 🙂 )

  15. Yes! Elizabeth to the rescue!! Wow, I am blown away! And Miss Bingley!!!! I can’t wait to see what will happen next.

  16. Love it! I wonder what Miss Bingley will do now? Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the book! Pretty cover, too!

    • Thank you, and you’re welcome 🙂 When I found the image used as the main part, it seemed so perfect, I had to use it. It’s especially good for the full cover. Usually, I don’t like the full cover better than the kindle cover because the back cover of a book is more information than beauty, but for this book, I like the full cover best. You can see, on the back, her face reflected in the window she’s looking out, and you can better see that the whole thing has faint written script underlayed, like a hand written letter. On the kindle cover, you can only see a little script at the bottom because I didn’t bleed the writing through her face, as that looked yucky. (yucky is the official term) You’ll get to see the whole cover sometime next week. Print books always take a bit longer to be approved 🙂

  17. love it! I might have had Elizabeth stay hidden just a bit more to see what Darcy would say but I do look forward to reading Caroline’s reaction to discovering Elizabeth has foiled her intentions!

  18. I think Elizabeth had to say something, even Darcy doesn’t deserve Caroline, and she would have been discovered soon as I am sure Darcy would have looked around for an escape

    • Again, I’m glad we didn’t go with our working title 🙂 I can’t wait for you to read it and see what happens 🙂

  19. Yes, I think remaining hidden was a good idea as there was no way to predict that Miss Bingley would come in to try to compromise Mr. Darcy and lucky for Mr. Darcy that she was there and was willing to come out to ruin Caroline’s machinations.

  20. She is right to show herself. She is a honourable woman.
    Miss Bingley will scream – or swoon if she thinksthis more useful 🙂
    I am soooo looking forward to the 26 th!!!!!

  21. Oh my, what a situation. Elizabeth is too honorable to remain hidden. I really hope Caroline goes ballistic and gets her set down. Can’t wait to read.

  22. Elizabeth was correct to appear. I can easily image that Caroline might now accuse Elizabeth of scheming to compromise Darcy into marriage. In Darcy is forced to marry one of the women, he would choose Elizabeth over Caroline. This is going to be awkward for all. Looking forward to this book!

  23. Loved the excerpt and can’t wait to read the rest of the book. Yes, Elizabeth should have stayed hidden. And, Miss Bingley will be furious that her entrapment is foiled once again. Thanks for the giveaway.

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