The release of my first non-JAFF historical romance is just days away! + a Giveaway

The release of my first non-JAFF historical romance is just days away! + a Giveaway

Timeless is just a few days away!


I’m so excited about the release of my very first original historical romance, An Earl For Ellen, as part of this boxed set! I’d like to share the prologue with you here.

December, 1817

“I’m sorry, Miss Bentley.” The steward twisted his hat between his hands, an expression of genuine distress on his face. “The living’s been awarded, though, and the new vicar will be arriving soon to take up residence. You’ve two weeks to vacate the Vicarage.”

Ellen Bentley clung to the door frame, hoping it would keep her upright as her knees threatened to give way. “My father was laid to rest just this morning, Mr Ellis, and as a female I was not even permitted to stand at his graveside to offer a proper farewell. I’d hoped to seek an audience with the Earl this week.” A distant cousin, the Earl of Havers did not acknowledge their relationship, but she’d planned to ask him only for a letter of recommendation for employment, perhaps assistance to find a post somewhere as a governess or companion. It was evident, however, that the Earl had no intention of allowing her to impose upon their familial connection even that much. Mr Ellis was clearly acting on his employer’s orders.

 I am being thrown from the only home I have ever known, was all she could think.

“I’m right sorry, Miss Bentley.” The steward twisted his hat again. In her state of shock, Ellen noticed minute details; the furrow of concern between the man’s beetling brows, the mist hanging in the air from his quick breathing, the way his twisting hands were damaging the hat’s felt brim.

“I understand, Mr Ellis,” she said quietly at last, and watched as he gave her a shallow bow before turning on his heel and retreating down the garden path.

The church bell tolled, clear in the frosty December air, and the tears Ellen had been holding back since her father’s death of influenza three days earlier, not even two weeks after her mother was laid to rest in the cold ground, finally flowed.

She sank to her knees there in the doorway and bawled like a child.

What in the name of God was she going to do now?


As you can see, the book begins with our heroine in an untenable situation. How does she get from here to an Earl of her own? Well, you’ll have to read An Earl For Ellen to find out! Only 99¢ for the preorder period, Timeless is available in all the major ebook stores. You can click here or on the book cover above for a universal link to your favourite book buying store!

OR… you can WIN a copy! I’m giving away five free copies to lucky winners. All you have to do to be entered is comment on this post and include the title of my individual book in your comment, to be entered for a chance to win! I’ll choose the lucky winners, contact you to get your email, and send you a copy on release day!


On a more Austen-themed note, I spotted something interesting on Facebook and asked if I could share with you. We all know how hard it is to keep all the wonderful Austen variations straight, don’t we? Bella Breen came up with a solution – she’s indexing all the published JAFF variations she can by theme. She created a website for it and even has a contact form where you can submit more titles! Check out and see if your favourites are already on there!

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  1. I went ahead and grabbed the pre-order. Thanks for that launch deal. I loved that opening excerpt. OMG! That was gripping. Whew! I wanted to cry with her. Blessings on the launch of your work. I look forward to reading them.

  2. An Earl for Ellen is the title of your story included in Timeless. Congrats on the upcoming release, Catherine! And that’s a very good beginning too. Can’t wait to find out how Ellen got the earl.

  3. Well, that story starts out with a bang. To the heart, that is. I want to read the rest of the story. Good luck on this book and your future works, Catherine.

    Thank you for the information on Bella Breen’s project. I’ve wished for something like this for ages, because I have such a poor memory and so many JAFF stories swirl and blur together when I try to remember which book had which event. Awesome, best of luck to her too.

  4. Congratulations Catherine, I’m looking forward to the release. Don’t count me for the giveaway, I’ve just pre-ordered it.

  5. Congratulations on your new adventure and I hope for you it turns out the way you want it to go with success. It does sound interesting and it is along the same lines in the type of the era and characters. Thank you for the chance to enter and possibly win. I love reading anything related to the era where kings, queens, earls, etc are involved. Congratulations and best wishes once again!

  6. I am intrigued by the prologue for An Earl for Ellen and look forward to following Ellen’s journey. I wonder if her distant cousin the Earl of Havers has any part of the story. Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. An Earl for Ellen sounds intriguing! I like books where the h has to battle all the odds before she gets her HEA. The best of luck with it.

  8. Congratulations on the release of your first non-JAFF, “An Earl for Ellen”. After reading the excerpt, I wait with great anticipation to see how Ellen fares. Thank you for the giveaway.

  9. First her mother passed away two weeks ago and now her father from influenza just three days ago, just when she needs help the most her cousin sends his steward to tell her to be gone from the only home she has ever know in just two weeks time. What a heartless wretch!

  10. Congratulations! The excerpt is intriguing and I love the alliteration in “An Earl for Ellen” 🙂 Thank you for the chance to win a copy

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