An Introduction to Zoe Burton

An Introduction to Zoe Burton

I am so excited to have been asked to join Austen Authors! Since I’m not sure that everyone knows me, I thought I’d use my first post to tell you a bit about myself.

I am from extreme NE Ohio. Like…if I were any further north and east, I’d be in Lake Erie. 🙂  I am currently a teacher in an online school, and work from home. I teach math, reading, and writing to fifth graders who have special education needs. However, I am making a career change at the end of this school year, thus fulfilling a dream I have. I am going to write full time.

My interests are varied. I love to read, and obviously to write. I also love to crochet and embroider. I am a huge NASCAR fan. My favorite driver is Matt Kenseth, who drives the number twenty Dollar General Toyota. I have gotten a lot of grief over my love of the sport, and many folks find it odd that I love Jane Austen and Jane Austen Fan fiction, yet I also love racing. There are, however, at least four more of us that I can name. I’m not as unusual as it may seem. 🙂 (The picture of the girl with the yellow ear protection is me at Kentucky Speedway during the inaugural Sprint Cup race there in 2011. I was stuck on the highway–I-71, I think–for four hours. Since that day, I have made sure to not only fill up my gas tank at the exit before the track, I use the restroom there, as well!!)

Speaking of Jane, I found her later than many others. In late summer or early fall of 2010, I caught the tail end—the last ten minutes or so—of the UK 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice, and I was hooked. I bought the movie on Amazon, and watched it every day for months and months. I found a copy of the book and bought it, and read it over and over, also for months. I found myself wanting to know if there was a sequel, because I loved Darcy and Elizabeth and their story so much that I did not want it to end. That was when I found JAFF. Sharon Lathan was one of the first JAFF authors I had read. I soon bought a Nook, then a Kindle, and found websites full of free stories. Sooner or later, though, the inevitable happened. I ran out of stories that interested me. At the urging of a teacher friend, who probably got tired of hearing me whine about having nothing to read, I began to write my own JAFF story.

The thought of publishing never crossed my mind in those early days. I was certain that the story must be junk. I had tried to write a book when I was a teenager that I was sure was terrible, and I threw it away without finishing it. My sister loved it, and was mad at me for pitching it. The biggest reason I finished I Promise To… is that my fellow Austen Author, Rose Fairbanks, learned in a chatroom that I was writing it, wanted to see it, and insisted it was good. After she assured me the story was not ridiculous, I finished it. While I was writing, I learned about self-publishing, and decided to give it a go. I have not looked back.

Zoe B and Bro at Dover Spdway
Zoe and her brother at Dover Speedway, 9/29/16

I said it earlier, but I am incredibly excited to be here. This is an answer to prayer, and I am not ashamed to say that. I look forward to being part of this great group of authors!

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  1. Hallo have just read the two Darcy marriage books at the end of book two it seems the story is to continue could you tell me the title so I can finish this lovely story.

    • Book 3 is going to be called Caroline’s Censure and it’s still being written. I don’t have a firm date for it to be published, but I hope it will be finished and ready to be published in just a few weeks. 🙂 I’m happy you like the series! 😀

  2. I am familiar with your name but glad to see you included in my favorite group of authors. Good luck with all you do.

  3. You have certainly entered a warm and loving world of both JAFF writers and their many fans, Zoe! Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  4. Congrats on your new blog. Your interests are very diverse. The serene life of Jane Austen to the fast paced, scary crashes for sports-car races. It sounds like you found a home at the JAFF.

    • Hi Barb! I tend to embrace the things i like with both hands, and jump in with them on the deep end. 😀 Thanks for your support!! 😀

  5. I’m sure all readers like myself will welcome you Zoe. I also crochet but unfortunately am not able to write. I have Decisions and Consequences which I enjoyed and I Promise To is on my wish list. Happy writing,?

    • Thanks for the welcome! Isn’t crochet so relaxing? I love it, and plan to make time for it now that I will be writing full time and not trying to work two jobs. 😀 I’m so glad you liked Decisions and Consequences!! <3

  6. So happy to be able to welcome you to Austen Authors, Zoe! You have really jumped into the JAFF pond, publishing lots of great books in a short time. I am sure when you no longer have to teach, you will delight the JAFF world with a lot more stories. Best of wishes on a bright future!

    • Thanks, Brenda! I’m eager to begin this journey, and thrilled to be able to bring the stories in my head out faster to share with everyone. Only a few short weeks, and it’ll be a reality!! 😀

  7. Wow! A new Austenesque author! I look forward to adding your works to my Must Read list. (And do please have a giveaway contest when a new book is published!) All best wishes for success and happiness in your new profession … maybe even dedicate one of your books to Dale Junior! ?

    • Dale Jr? Maybe. Matt Kenseth? You betcha! 😉 I actually have plans for a book set in the NASCAR world, but I won’t be able to use that name for copyright reasons (they are incredibly picky about how their name is used). However, it will have the same flavor and dramatics, and perhaps enough clues that you can figure out who is whom. Thank you so much for your warm welcome!! <3

  8. I’m so thrilled to have you here! I know we’ve gained another amazing author committed to JAFF excellence! And don’t you dare try to minimize yourself like that! It was ALL you! I’m just honored that I got an early read of I Promise To… (and many others) and to have had your friendship and support for a few years now! Hugs!

    • LOL Thanks, Rose! Your friendship means a huge amount to me, too. Wait until July, when we take Kentucky Speedway by storm! I’ll turn you into a NASCAR fan, as well, you wait and see if I don’t!! 😉

  9. Yeah! It is now official!! Zoe is one of us!!

    I am very, very happy to have you in our group, Zoe. Thank you for agreeing to join us in this journey of Austen-love and fan fiction craziness! I have no doubt you will be an awesome addition to our little family. 🙂

    • Thanks!! I’m so looking forward to this!! I appreciate the help you have given me as I have transitioned into my position here, and the faith you have in me to ask me to join you in the first place. 😀

  10. Zoe! Welcome! And wow, what a career change! No more writing only on Saturdays for you girl! Nice to see your smiling face and I look forward to many, many more stories. Jen Red ?

    • Hi Jen! It’s a huge change, isn’t it? But an oh, so welcome one!! Now I can write every day!! 😀 Thanks for the warm welcome!! 🙂

  11. Welcome to AuAu Zoe. It’s lovely to ‘see’ you here with all of these other amazing writers, as well as on FB.

    Congratulations on making such a brave decision too. The JAFF world can only be the richer for it.

    NASCAR seems to be a peculiarly USsport. Am I right? When it comes to motorsport, as a Brit, I’m very much a Formula 1 girl which my DH can’t reconcile with my JAFF and sci-fi addiction!

    Looking forward to seeing much more from you in the future.

    • Hi Anji! Thanks so much for your welcome! It’s a little scary sometimes to leave that safety net, especially as a single woman, but I know it was the right decision, and that is proven to me over and over again every day!

      NASCAR is mainly a US sport, though we have raced in Mexico, Canada, and I think in Europe somewhere. I have seen Formula 1, and no offense, but you can keep it. 😉 I prefer my engines to roar, rather than whine. 😀 However, if you are willing to take Danica Patrick off our hands, a large percentage of NASCAR fans would far rather see her in F1 than Sprint Cup. LOL She was hit by another driver yesterday and flipped my guy into a barrel roll, eliminating any chance he had of a good finish, so she is at this point so far on the top of my dislike list that her name is falling over the back. >:(

      Anywho….thank you for your support!! 😀

  12. Zoe, WELCOME to our little party. When I saw your name appear on the list of Austen Authors a few weeks ago, I purchased I Promise to and have it in my TBR file. I can’t wait to read it. I hope you have an excellent experience with the Austen Authors site. They are an excellent group and have a most excellent fan base. Yeah, I can toot our horn too.

    • Hi Jeanne! That’s awesome that you bought I Promise To…. That is truly my baby, and I’m still in awe that I wrote it. 😀 I’m looking forward to getting to know the Austen Authors fans better, too! Thanks for the wonderful welcome! 🙂

  13. Zoe! I love your writing. It is with a happy heart that I welcome you to Austen Authors. Write on! 🙂

  14. As I mentioned in Facebook, I’m forever grateful to your sister and Rose Fairbanks for encouraging you to keep writing and to publish your work! I love your stories and I am really glad you will write them full time.

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