An Announcement

An Announcement

Hey, folks, I have an announcement to make. Though I have had a tough time coming to this determination, I have ultimately decided to retire from writing Pride and Prejudice variations. As I said, it was difficult, but I’ve found the passion no longer burns, the ideas are coming few and further in between, making every part of the process more time-consuming and frustrating.


I would like to thank everyone on this site and those who read my books for the incredible support you have all given me over the years. Without the loyal fans, I could never have made a go of it, would never have realized my dream of writing books for a living. I feel I have been incredibly blessed to not only possess the ability to do what I love for a living, but your warm and kindness has made me a better person. I hope I will keep in touch with you over the coming months and years, and that these friendships which I have made will last a lifetime.


As many of you know, I have written some fantasy fiction over the years, and I hope to more firmly establish myself in that genre. I also have aspirations to shift more to general historical fiction, particularly the time period in which Jane Austen lived, but with a focus more on the events on the continent, the Napoleonic wars, and what followed. I would also like to write an ancient history novel, perhaps centering on historical figures of Rome or Ancient Greece. And, I’ve always wanted to write a non-fiction book about a passion of mine—basket weaving. I hope to see some of you signing up for my future works!


In addition, I’ve wondered for many years if I could make a go of it as a professional musician. I have been known to play around a little on the piano, I have some lessons on the guitar, and I play a pretty mean washboard. Perhaps a hillbilly band? I mean, I’d need to take lessons, but it’s never to late. Right?


I’ve also thought about being the first Jane Austen author in orbit. I’d take my whole collection with me and send them floating out through space. You never know—some alien passing by in a million years might come across it and think it’s the best thing he’s ever read.


Or maybe I’ll just run away and join a convent, dedicating my life to helping disaffected writers and struggling artists. Bananas duct taped to a wall, anyone? Bananas on a wall . . . Hmm, that sounds like a story idea! Elizabeth as a banana? Do you think it will sell?


Anyway, ciao for now! See you on the flip side!









APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, folks, I just couldn’t resist. I’ve never had the chance to do an April Fools’ post and thought I’d announce something, moving to crazier things as I went along. So I’d like to know—if you didn’t realize it was April Fools’ Day from the start, when did you clue in that I was not being serious? The first author astronaut? Bananas and duct tape? If you haven’t heard, that was an actual piece of art at a Miami (?) art show a couple of months back!

Anyway, if you’ve paid attention to my posts in the past, you’ll know that I haven’t run out of ideas. I’ve got a doc shared with a friend that has probably 30 – 40 ideas, and my personal ideas list runs about 20 deep. I doubt I’ll ever have the chance to write them all! My comments about wanting to move into other historical and fantasy fiction are accurate, but I’ve never weaved a basket in my life! And I know better than to try my hand at music. I love music, but to become a musician you actually need talent and training! I’ve got some of the first but very little of the second. As for going into space, I’m a pretty poor flyer—I doubt I’d be able to get aboard a craft with a huge bomb situated under my butt!

Back to your normally scheduled programming. Mrs. Bennet’s Favorite Daughter is set to hit Amazon on April 16th. Look for the cover release to be posted to the FB page sometime this week.

I hope this is a bit of fun amid all the bad news. Hopefully we can laugh during these difficult times!

17 Responses to An Announcement

  1. Whew! And I was getting all sad and everything. Composing a heartfelt thank you for all you’ve given us reply in my head. I was really into your ideas for new genre writing and thinking ‘wish him luck!’ Then came the musician thing and I thought if he thinks he’s being funny this isn’t funny. Groan…. like I said, Whew!! I’m glad it was April fools. I would’ve been sad, but understood the need to move on to other interests. Fly free, Jann. Even if it’s your Freak Flag you’re flying. Safer than going into orbit. 😀

  2. Thanks for the laughs. I’m excited to see your cover for Mrs. Bennet’s Favorite Daughter. 🙂

  3. You had me there for a while! Quite happy it’s not so and that you have plenty of story ideas in the pipeline! Cheers!

  4. You mean this was all a joke? I was just imagining aliens falling in love with Darcy and visiting Earth so they could see Pemberley!
    Oh well, I always was gullible!
    Thanks for the laugh, much needed in these times!

  5. I was really upset when I started reading but thankfully it was a joke. You had me fooled. Keep up the humor as we all needed it with what is going on in the world. Keep writing nand making us happy. Play the piano for enjoyment, at church and for your family. Thanks for all you do and God Bless you and your family!

  6. Jann, you have scared the crap out of me. Man, that was not cool. Funny as heck [especially as I read deeper into your rant] but scary all the same. I started questioning your sanity…em… logic, but I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt and was willing to cheer you on at whatever endeavor you attempted. Whew! I completely forgot what day it was [locked in and secluded as we are] and threw up my hands and laughed out loud when I reached your April Fools paragraph. Whew! I’m too old for this kind of shock. Man, that was hilarious. However, as a friend, I was willing to wave goodbye as you rocketed off into space with your washboard music and a payload full of your books. LOL!! That was cool. You got me. Blessings on whatever you do in the future. Now I can breathe normally.

  7. Me:
    Fantasy fiction by Rowland? That sounds interesting. I should look those up.
    Historical fiction set on the continent during the Napoleonic wars? I bet those would be pretty interesting.
    Rome and Ancient Greece? Huh. That’s a whole new area to do research on. I wonder if he’s been doing that on the side?
    Basket weaving? Now wait a minute. That’s the course we used to always laugh about in college.
    Hillbilly band. This is starting to sound like pipe dreams.
    Jane Austen in orbit. Okay, okay, this is getting just plain silly.
    Bananas on the wall. *chuckle*
    Happy April Fools Day to you too.

  8. OMGoodness… the basket weaving got me at first that you couldn’t possibly be serious??? LOL All along at the first I’m so glad I own most all of your Kindle ebooks. Thank you so very much for sharing your talented storytelling gift.

  9. Well I am relieved I did think basket weaving was a bit odd but whatever floats your boat.
    April fools has never been a thing in my house as my youngest was born today quiet a while ago now.
    Thank goodness it was a joke because I do love a good story to read hopefully I have the opportunity to continue.

  10. Hahahahahahahahahaha! Jann, you’re a stinker. Yes, you had me going. I’m sitting here with sad thoughts about an author whose books I enjoy and then you pop up with ‘APRIL FOOL’. That’s funny! I hadn’t thought of it either. And I am relieved that you will still write P&P’s. You got us this time, Jann, but just wait. We’re watching you. hehehehehe! 🙂

  11. I had completely forgotten about April Fools Day and was sad to think that you were going to stop writing here. I look forward to reading more by you in the future and hope you and everyone else here are doing well and staying safe!

  12. Thanks, you got me there!! It is still 3/31 here so i never would have thought you weren’t serious. Glad it was just for April fools. Whewww!

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