Alexa Adams

Alexa Adams  has been a devoted reader of Jane Austen since her childhood. She is the author of Tales of Less Pride and Prejudice (First Impressions, Second Glances, and Holidays at Pemberley), The Madness of Mr. DarcyEmma & Elton: Something Truly Horrid, Jane & Bingley: Something Slightly Unsettling, Becoming Mrs. Norris, and the short story collection And Who Can be in Doubt of What Followed?: The Novels of Jane Austen Continued.

Alexa is an American ex-pat residing in Switzerland with her husband and daughter.

Mr. Darcy's Christmas Present: The Madness of Mr. Darcy Continues
I am Lady Catherine (Twisted Austen Book 4)
Darcy In Wonderland
First Impressions
Holidays at Pemberley
Second Glances
The Madness of Mr. Darcy
And Who Can Be In Doubt Of What Followed?
Becoming Mrs. Norris
Jane & Bingley
Emma & Elton