A Very Darcy Christmas:  A Short Story that Wanted to be a Novel

A Very Darcy Christmas: A Short Story that Wanted to be a Novel


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Around the middle of the year I was finishing up writing Chaos Comes to Longbourn and drafting a new Pride and Prejudice novel. Although I liked the premise of the new novel, I was having trouble focusing on working on all the plot points. If you’ve ever been involved in a creative endeavor (particularly one that’s self-motivated), you know how difficult it is to slog through something when your enthusiasm is waning. In the meantime I’d had this idea germinating in the back of my mind about Elizabeth and Darcy’s first Christmas at Pemberley and what would happen if they were inundated by unexpected guests—relatives from both sides of the family.

So I thought maybe I’d write a short Christmas story to give myself a break before launching into the next novel. However, before I knew it, Georgiana and Colonel Fitzwilliam were demanding that they get the romance that had also been knocking around in my brain for a while. Since it needed to be set at Pemberley, their narrative seemed to coincide nicely with Darcy and Elizabeth’s Christmas story. Okay, I thought, so A Very Darcy Christmas will be a novella.

The characters had other plans in mind. 🙂 Lady Catherine arrives at Pemberley with not one, but two suitors for Georgiana’s hand—providing both opportunities for humor and a rival for the Colonel. The Colonel himself has a secret he is hiding from everyone. As can be expected Wickham is scheming to get some money from Darcy. And the unwanted guests are putting pressure on Darcy and Elizabeth’s new marriage. I did research on Regency Christmas traditions which also became woven into the plot when various characters told me how they could participate in such customs.

Before I knew it, my little Christmas story had become a full-fledged novel that took over almost the rest of 2016!

I didn’t mind. It was a bit of a rush to finish the story in time for all the editing and other steps necessary before Christmas. But it was also great fun writing the story, and hopefully my readers will enjoy reading it just as much. But, looking back, I’m continually amazed at what can happen with self-publishing. At the beginning of 2016 this book was nothing more than a nebulous idea at the back of my brain, and now it is in print and pixels for everyone to enjoy. Merry Christmas!


To Celebrate the release of A Very Darcy Christmas, I am giving away a copy (ebook or paperback — the winner’s choice) domestic or international.  To enter, simply respond to this post by midnight EST on December 9 and indicate that you would like to be part of the giveaway.

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  1. I find it fascinating how characters in a book can take over and insist on having their say in the plot. Having read this lovely, funny seasonal book, I can see exactly how it happened! Well done for “going with the flow” Victoria. There’s so much to love in the story and I would recommend it to all of those who haven’t read it yet.

  2. Don’t add me to the give-a-way… I already have it, read it, and LOVED it. I thought it was a hoot. This was so creative and I couldn’t help but laugh. I just had to comment.

  3. I have not read this story and the cover is so lovely. Will add this to my TBR pile. But do enter me in the give away, please.

  4. Congratulation on the new release, Victoria. 🙂 I love the premise of this book, and the cover is gorgeous. Your other books I have read are excellent, and I’m looking forward to reading this one.

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