A Tribute to All You Indie Authors

A Tribute to All You Indie Authors

This is not the post I planned. A week ago today, ecoli or something just as bad ate me alive. At least I didn’t cross the line but have several weeks of recovery. 

So, I wanted let all you gals and guys that make up the Indie Author Community know how much I love and respect you for all your hard work, even learning the marketing as well, and all your wonderful books. Keep up the good work as you have gone where few will go.

Love you gals and guys. Live long and prosper.!




13 Responses to A Tribute to All You Indie Authors

  1. Read this when originally posted, but didn’t want to impose. I sincerely hope by now you are feeling much better, if not completely recovered? What a thing to go through!!

    • Thank you, Summer. I’m doing much better than I was. Will still be 2-3 weeks, but that’s okay. I’m still here. That’s what’s important, and I am very appreciate of. 🙂

    • That’s sweet of you, Don. Everything is under control. Everything happened before I could get my planned post set up. Ah, well. Best laid. plans. 🙂 I appreciate the offer.

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