A Tale of Two Sisters – Excerpt

A Tale of Two Sisters – Excerpt

This is one of the rare occasions in which I have two posts in a month. Yay me! For this edition, I thought I’d share a quick excerpt, and make a couple of announcements. First, on with the excerpt. A Tale of Two Sisters is an idea I’ve had for some time now, which has finally been put to paper. I’m sure you’ll get an idea of what ODG is up to! The cover image to the side, you’ll note is a rough version. The final version is being edited again and should be ready within the next few days. I won’t ruin the surprise of what the focus of the book is all about–I’ll just share the short scene below.

Later that evening, as Elizabeth was preparing for bed, her sister knocked on her door and entered the room at Elizabeth’s call. Noting Jane’s mood throughout the day, she was not surprised to see her sister looking at her with more than a hint of consternation.

“What do you think I should do with respect to Miss Bingley?”

Elizabeth beckoned Jane to sit beside her, which her sister did without hesitation. “I think there is little you can do other than accept any overtures she might offer. There is no reason to shun her, even if I do expect her to behave badly.”

“You will not tease or vex her, will you Lizzy?”

A laugh escaped at Jane’s plea, at which her countenance grew darker. “No, I have no intention of it. I suspect Miss Bingley will give me a wide berth, and I have no desire to hear her continue to disparage my family and friends.

“Feel free to continue to act in a friendly manner with her, Jane. But do not let your guard down. I know you wish to believe the best of her, but she is no friend to you. She means to do everything in her power to interfere with her brother’s attentions to you.”

“But Lizzy, that is not sensible. And she is just as angry at you as she is at me.”

“Yes, Jane, she is angry and disappointed, and those who feel as she does are rarely rational. But do not worry for me—I fear nothing she can do. It is best you concern yourself for whatever interference she means between you and Mr. Bingley. His inclination is still in its infancy, which makes it much more vulnerable.”

Jane nodded, though distracted, and after a few moments she returned to her own room. Knowing Jane as she did, Elizabeth knew that while Miss Bingley would not now be in a position to deceive Jane concerning the strength of her affection, Jane was not the kind of woman to fight fire with fire. She needed a champion, someone to push back at the machinations of Miss Bingley and foil her when she made her attempt. Having her sister’s best interests at heart and having been Jane’s advocate for years, Elizabeth knew there was no one better positioned than she to take up the role. Miss Bingley would not succeed, Elizabeth vowed. Jane would have her happiness with Mr. Bingley if that was what she desired.

So, we have a little of Lizzy being Lizzy and Jane being Jane, and a hint of Caroline being Caroline. Though this bears some resemblance to the canonical characters, the circumstances are quite different. The release date is June 21. I hope to see you all then!

Now for the announcement part of this post. As some of you may remember, I wrote and released In the Wilds of Derbyshire in July of last year, and it went on to be my most successful novel to date. I am now pleased to announce that In the Wilds of Derbyshire is being released in audiobook format, and will be available for sale on July 3. Tantor Media, who approached me with the proposal, has been great in this whole process, and they made the perfect choice to narrate it. Mary Sarah Agliotta is a wonderful narrator, known for her emotionally powerful performances, including both Persuasion and Northanger Abbey. You can find her website at the following link if you are interested in learning more about her.

I am absolutely impatient for the release and excited to hear the first of my books narrated by a true professional!


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  1. Looking forward to reading this new novel, and absolutely can’t wait for the new audiobook.

  2. I love the excerpt and look forward to reading your book. I loved In the Wilds of Derbyshire. How fun to have it on audio. Best Wishes!

  3. I have In the Wilds and absolutely loved it. It was 5-stars for me. I look forward to the launch of this new work. I’ve always loved how Lizzy takes care of Jane even though Jane was the oldest. Don’t mess with Jane or you will have to face Lizzy. Yep… that’s sisters for you. Thanks for this post it was delightful and congratulations on the audio launch. What fun.

  4. “A Tale of Two Sisters” sounds very intriguing, I look forward to its release. Also, thank you very much for the notice of the upcoming audiobook release. I am a big fan of audiobooks, and I will be sure to save an Audible credit for “In the Wilds of Derbyshire.”

  5. Thanks for sharing. I have read most of your books, Jann, and will definitely look into reading this. Sounds good. Elizabeth is great at set-downs and this excerpt reads as if she will have much to do in displaying that trait.

  6. Thank you for the excerpt and congratulations on your upcoming audio book! That’s wonderful! 🙂

  7. I look forward to reading more of your two sisters book. This excerpt does sound quite like the actual story so I wonder how they go on from here. I do hope Caroline is dealt with! 🙂
    Congratulations on your audiobook. I don’t have it myself bur know that many people do love them.

  8. That’s the title I used several years ago for a publication of three novellas within a novel – same era.

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