A Particular Obsession

A Particular Obsession


Obsession. Here is how it’s defined on dictionary.com:

  1. the domination of one’s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc.
  2. the idea, image, desire, feeling, etc., itself
  3. the state of being obsessed
  4. the act of obsessing

The third definition is particularly useful: the state of being obsessed. Don’t you love definitions like that? That being said, it’s a fitting way to describe my recent behavior on Amazon. I confess to spending more time than I ought to on Amazon. I like to attribute it to being a writer and my desire to know what’s going on with one or another of my books. However, the truth is I was an ardent patron long before I sold my first book.

Every day for the past several weeks, I’ve found myself pulling up the movies and TV category and keying in the same words—eager to pay whatever price is recommended should my search prove successful. What is it that has had me so obsessed? It’s Carey Mulligan’s film, Far From the Madding Crowd.far_from_the_madding_crowd_movie_2015

If ever there was an example of determination to be pleased, this is it. I long to see this film. I suppose I might have satisfied my longing when it came to a local theater in late May, but I decided that I would much rather see it in the comfort of my own home. Moreover, I knew I would not be content with a single viewing so I’d grab a copy on Amazon as soon as it became available. Who knew that all these weeks later I’d still be waiting?

Of course, other versions of Far From the Madding Crowd are available. I am sure either of them would do the job of telling me the story nicely, but I yearn to do more than know the story. I find the trailer of the newest version mesmerizing. I’ve watched it again and again. I’m already more than half in love with Mulligan’s portrayal of Bathsheba Everdene.

This partly explains why my recently downloaded Kindle edition of Far From the Madding Crowd remains unread and why my audiobook version has never been played.

I’m longing to accompany Mulligan’s Bathsheba Everdene on her journey as she comes into her own, to suffer her joy as well as her pain as she chooses between her many suitors. In the same way that Matthew MacFadyen is my favorite Mr. Darcy and Kiera Knightley is my favorite Miss Elizabeth Bennet, no doubt as a consequence of my having seen their portrayals of the characters first, Carey Mulligan’s portrayal of Bathsheba Everdene is already my idea of everything this story’s heroine ought to be.

So there you have it—my confession to being so obsessed with Far From the Madding Crowd that I’ve been nearly stalking Amazon. At last, I am happy to say those days are behind me. The film is available on Amazon. Hooray! It’s here—make that almost here. It will be released on August 4, 2015, which is my order’s delivery date thanks to Amazon Prime. Of course, this means I’m still watching and waiting, in a manner of speaking, only now my eyes are on my mailbox.

How about you? When was the last time you found yourself so eager to part company with your money that you virtually camped out at the retailer?


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  1. How great! I’ve heard of this movie, but hadn’t paid much attention to its release. Thanks for the update!

    My greatest movie obsession has been the Lord of the Rings movies. Saw each of them in the theater multiple times, was there on release day for all three (in line but not dressed up!), attended “Trilogy Tuesday”, and pre-ordered all 6 DVD releases (theatrical and extended editions). On top of that I literally have every book, magazine, and fan publication. In fact, I was a member of the LOTR fan club for several years! I have lots of collectibles, posters, puzzles, jewelry (including the One Ring in solid gold), a real size replica of Sting, and my special “precious” is the 12 foot by 5 foot vinyl theater banner from Return of the King. THAT is an obsession! LOL!!

  2. I share your enthusiasm Pam! I cannot wait to see this either. As for obsessions, I confess that 2005 P&P is my worst obsession. 🙂

    • I miss Downton Abbey. I haven’t had the heart to watch it since Matthew died. Not that I was such an ardent Dan Stevens admirer. I was more in love with the idea of Matthew and Mary. As for Poldark, I’m loving it.

  3. I saw the original in the sixties with Terence Stamp and Julie Christie and it was really good however I have seen excerpts from the new one and that looks great too. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the original.

    • Wow! I watched part of Magic Mike for the first time last night. I was flipping through channels and missed the beginning. I’m looking forward to seeing the entire movie from start to finish. The new Magic Mike is on my list too! 🙂

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