A Pair of Tempting Excerpts: Two for the Price of One!

A Pair of Tempting Excerpts: Two for the Price of One!

It has been on my mind that I should give readers a sneak peek into what I’m up to these days, but I was having trouble deciding what to post. On the one hand, I my next release is due in December, and while the premise is something you may have undoubtedly seen before, I hope the execution is quite different. On the other hand, I’ve been hinting at a trilogy, and ran a contest a couple of months ago to name it, and as it’s quite different from anything I’ve read before, I thought it would be nice to have a peek at it too.

In the end, I decided to do a two for one deal! Here are two excerpts from projects I’m working on at present. The first one is from my next release, scheduled for December 21, and titled Out of Obscurity:


Late in the evening, as the party was on the verge of breaking up, Darcy happened to be standing near to “Lizzy,” and he was captivated by the way her eyes danced, as she smiled and bantered with a young man with whom Darcy was only a little acquainted. When she laughed out loud, the sweet, clear sound rang like a bell in Darcy’s mind, clearing the detritus away and chiming together with many memories, combining with them as if they had always belonged.

And he knew. He knew of whom she reminded him, and knew that the possible ramifications of such a discovery were profound. It would rock society to the core if he was correct. But could it possibly be true, and after so many years?

While Darcy was caught up in his sudden conviction of his epiphany, he almost missed the young woman’s departure from the company with her uncle and aunt. Indeed, they had departed from the room to seek their outerwear while he had been distracted, and he knew he probably only had moments before they left altogether.

Quickly, Darcy surged into motion, weaving his way through those who were still present, determined to stop them from departing before he could prevent them. But luck was not on his side that evening, for he was delayed by his host, who hailed him and stepped in his path out the door.

“Darcy! I had wished to speak with you tonight.”

“A moment, if you will,” said Darcy, stepping around his friend and hurrying to the door.

He sped down the long hall outside the sitting-room where they were all gathered and into the entry hall. The butler, who was just entering from the coldness of the February night, was surprised to see him, and was only a few hand-widths away from being bowled over. Darcy called an apology as he went to the doors and stepped outside.

The carriage was still on the drive and through a window, he could see the young woman. She met his eyes for an instant, and Darcy was more certain than ever that his supposition was correct. But then the carriage lurched into motion, and though Darcy stepped forward in an attempt to gain their attention, it soon entered the street and began to pull away from the house. Darcy stood and watched it go, looking for some identifying markings which would inform him of the identity of those who rode within. But there was nothing.

I hope it’s intriguing! The second one I wanted to share is from the first book of the trilogy, Courage Always Rises: The Bennet Saga. The book is tentatively titled The Heir’s Disgrace, though as always, that might change at the last second. Here’s just a small sample:


What he would have said would forever remained a mystery, for when he did not immediately rise, Henry stepped and around his chair, grasped Godwin by the lapels, and hauled him to his feet. Henry was not a particularly tall man, but he was large and muscular due to the active lifestyle he had led, and as the man he was dealing with small of stature, though stocky, Henry was able to lift him with ease.

“My father told you to leave. Now!

The door opened behind him, as he had instructed Hill, and Henry pushed the struggling man from the room, dragging him toward the front door. All the while, Baron Godwin slapped ineffectually at his hands, attempting to free himself while screaming obscenities. But Henry did not release his grip, and Godwin was unable to free himself.

When he had exited the house with the man, he threw him roughly in the dust of the drive, taking a perverse satisfaction in seeing the man’s pristine suit scuffed and dirty from where he rolled several times. Mr. Hill, who had been following behind, tossed the baron’s overcoat into the dust by his side, part of it falling over Godwin’s face. Henry thought it was an improvement.

The baron’s footmen and driver watched, seemingly astonished that anyone would manhandle the baron in such a way. Soon, however, they had recovered from their surprise—the driver approached his master to assist him, while the footmen rushed Henry, intent upon revenge for the way in which their master had been treated. They were stopped short when several stable hands and Longbourn footmen approached, their own countenances impassive.

“You have your money, Godwin,” snarled Henry. The man, with the assistance of his driver, struggled to his feet, his countenance red with fury. Henry only glared at him with contempt and spat at his feet. “Do not return to Longbourn again. And if you approach my sister in London—or any other place—I will call you out. Then we will see if your skill in battle is as well-honed as your ability to swindle stupid young gentlemen.”

I should point out that in my universe, Mr. Bennet is Henry, so this is obviously a prequel. Doesn’t sound much like him, does it? A lot has changed in this one, and we won’t actually get to Darcy and Elizabeth until book 3. But I hope it has enough to keep you interested through books 1 and 2! I should warn you that The Heir’s Disgrace has been pushed back into 2018. I hope to stick to a January release date, but more and more it’s looking like it will be March.

15 Responses to A Pair of Tempting Excerpts: Two for the Price of One!

  1. Enjoy re-reading the excerpts. Can’t wait for them to come out. Enjoy your books and am looking forward to this release.

  2. Not sure why, but the first excerpt reminded me of Lauren Kate’s Fallen series. The piecing together of memories made me think of Lucinda remembering her life with Daniel.

  3. I can’t wait for either book. All you books are so well written that I have read all and am beginning to reread the ones I have again,

  4. Both excerpts were amazing. I loved the first one and tried to unravel all the clues and threads that you strung out before us. I look forward to reading this story. Also, take your time on the trilogy. I know it is hard to make deadlines… yours and the publishers. Take your time and we will appreciate your hard work ever so much better. Blessing and much success on these stories.

  5. “Courage Always Rises” is a great title. It was a surprise to learn at the end that Henry was Mr. Bennet. No, it doesn’t sound like him, but then, we didn’t know him when he was young, did we? 🙂

  6. You are so cruel! I’m not complaining. But… I’ll say it again: You’re so cruel!
    I want to know all! I NEED to know all! What are you still doing here?! Go home and get writing, quickly!

  7. The first excerpt sounds more intriguing than the second but the second will probably build suspense til Lizzy and Darcy come into. it. So they both sound good. Good luck with your writing.

  8. These are both very intriguing. The first one makes me wonder who Elizabeth really is and how on earth Darcy will find her again.
    The second one sounds like a very different Mr Bennet but like Sheila I will wait until all three are published before I read.
    Good luck with both these.

  9. The first excerpt is the one intriguing me. With a trilogy I would wait until all are in print. I read so much I forget stories’ premise and then have to reread so would rather wait when I know more is to come. Thanks for sharing. I have enjoyed those of your other books, which I have read.

  10. I could just feel the urgency in the first excerpt and a sense of danger. The second excerpt certainly sets the stage for a Bennet trilogy with a new twist if Darcy & Elizabeth don’t meet until the third book. Needless to say, I am looking forward to both!

  11. Enjoyed both excerpts. I can’t wait to find out who Darcy suspects “Lizzy” to be. I also look forward to meeting this “Mr Bennet” as he seems very different than the one I am used to.

  12. The first excerpt is wonderful!! Lizzy is the natural child of someone of the Ton, someone whom Darcy is familiar with and the ramifications of her existence will rock society’s foundations?
    Very intriguing!!

    The second excerpt was interesting as it lays the foundation fit the family fued that will see it branch into Darcy’s and Lizzy’s generation. Sounds very interesting!

    Wishing you the best of luck with your writing endeavours! ?

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