A new book is on the way!

A new book is on the way!

I was happy to realize this past weekend that I am three or four writing days away from finishing another book. I think I’ll have a party when this one is complete (though it will be an admittedly small party, just me and my dog, given This Current Crisis). <3


My March word counts as of 3/22/2020.


The reason I’m so happy to be so close to finishing this story is that it has taken me three months to complete. Seasonal Affective Disorder hit hard in January and I only wrote eight days and a little over seven thousand words. February was better. I wrote eleven days and more than fifteen thousand words. March, however, has been awesome. As of the writing of this post (March 22nd) I have written twelve days and well over twenty-three thousand words!

I’ve hit the point in this story where I wish I could just continue to write and get it all out. It’s flowing, the characters are speaking to me, and the story is pouring out onto the page. <3 However, things like sleep and food must intrude. 🙁

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This story has been exclusive to my Patreon patrons, which means they have been the only ones to see it, to this point. Once it’s complete, edited, and formatted, I will give them their copies. Then, I can upload it to Amazon and share it at darcyandlizzy. <3

Below is an excerpt of the story, to whet your appetite. Before I get to that, I want to share some other news with you.

First, in light of the restrictions involved in This Current Crisis, I have decided to lower the prices of some of my books. I’m in the process of doing so now, and hope to have everything adjusted by the time this post goes live. My novels, which are usually priced at $6.99, will drop to $4.99 for the duration of the crisis. Boxed sets will go from $7.99 to $5.99. Novella prices will stay the same.

Second, I usually publish my books “wide” from the get-go, meaning I put them on Kobo, Nook, and Apple, as well as Amazon. For this release, because readers may not have funds to buy a lot of books for a while, I have decided to release into Kindle Unlimited first. So, for the first three months, it can be borrowed as part of that program, then it will go wide.

It’s my hope that these two things are helpful to those of you who are stuck at home with no pay or reduced pay who need something to read. Anyway, now, for the excerpt … I hope you enjoy it! Please do leave me a comment below and give me your opinion. 🙂


Elizabeth Bennet tromped along the hedgerow that marked the boundary between her father’s estate, Longbourn, and the neighboring one, a small place called Netherfield Park. Her lightly flushed skin glistened and her legs were pleasantly achy after the long walk. Though she was weary, she knew her energy would return soon and she would be able to walk home at a more leisurely pace than she had so far.  

As Elizabeth neared the roadway, where the hedgerow ended, she lifted her face to the sun, smiling at the feel of the warm rays on her face. She swung her bonnet and faced forward again, breaking into a run so as to reach her destination a few moments earlier. A snort and the sound of hooves on the ground startled her and she stopped, spinning toward the noise. Her eyes widened to see a bull charging toward her. She gasped, looking frantically around for a way of escape.


Fitzwilliam Darcy urged his gelding, Apollo, into a trot as he left the village of Meryton. He was only a couple miles away from his friend’s leased estate and after a long morning in the saddle, he was eager for a bath and a meal.

As he rode, Darcy took note of the neat hedges and freshly-harvested fields he passed. He was impressed with the care his friend’s new neighbors took with their land. Finally, he noted the landmarks Bingley had indicated were close to Netherfield Park. His relief at seeing the hedge with the large oak tree at the end of it was soon replaced with horror. He witnessed a woman begin to run toward the road, a large, black bull giving chase.

Darcy kicked Apollo into a gallop. The animal quickly covered the short distance, and his rider pulled on the reins to stop him just as the woman reached the end of the hedgerow. Darcy threw himself off his horse and pulled his pistol out of his trenchcoat pocket. He stopped, aiming the weapon at the bull’s shoulder, and pulled the trigger before making a mad dash to the woman’s side.

The ball embedded itself in the raging bovine’s shoulder, causing him to stumble. He righted himself, in pain and looking for the cause of his discomfort.

Seeing that the bull had become distracted, Darcy threw himself at the woman, bringing her down nearly under the hedge and covering her completely with his body.

This action seemed to further confuse the bull, whose head swayed back and forth as though seeking for something. He trotted forward, not noticing that his hooved kicked something.

Darcy grunted as he felt the heavy blows to his legs and side. He kept his arms extended, with elbows next to the lady’s head to protect her and with his hands over his own. The woman never made a sound, but he did not want to risk regaining the bull’s attention, so he did not attempt to see if she was well. He heard the sound of the bull’s steps recede at the same time he became aware of riders on horseback.




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22 Responses to A new book is on the way!

  1. Congratulations on this newest book. I am enthralled with the neet and greet of our dear couple. Now what will happen next?…

  2. We’ll join you on your party (it will be a ‘long-distance party”). Thank you for the excerpt. ?That is so thoughtful/sweet of FD saving a damsel in distress.

  3. Looks intriguing! I look forward to reading more.
    I use a SAD light, which works well for me. Have you ever tried one?

    • Oh, yes! That and a lot of prayer are what got me through January. I also need Vitamin D, and once I got a few days’ worth of that in me is when I was able to fully function again. 🙂

  4. Oh-My-Goodness!! You are just leaving us there? How bad is he hurt? Who are the riders that are approaching? Will Elizabeth be compromised? Will the owner of the bull be mad Darcy shot his prize bull?

    You can’t leave us like this!! Now we will have to wait for it to publish to see what happened. I want a copy! OMG! This sounded amazing. Congratulations on this new story. Who knew it would take isolation from a pandemic to create such a writing surge. I can’t wait to read this. Thanks for reducing your book prices. We are stuck at home and any reduction in prices helps. That was very generous of you. Blessings on the launch and success of this book.

    • The story started really flowing just before everything began to shut down, but I also remember well the way the bakery’s Christmas shut down hurt my productivity and I didn’t want that to happen again, so I pushed myself hard. I’m happy to be able to reduce my prices during this time. I wish I could do more. 🙂

  5. Congratulations on getting so much writing done! I hope you are doing well with everything that is happening and are able to stay home and safe. That is very generous of you to lower your prices during this period while people are staying isolated and at home. Reading is a wonderful way to pass the time and escape from the real world and all that is happening.

    The story sounds really good and I look forward to reading more and being able to add it to my Goodreads TBR List.

    Stay safe and happy reading everyone!

    • Thanks! <3 I’m doing pretty well. Experiencing some frustrations with it all, but I stay home as much as I can. I used to love snow days here in Ohio’s snow belt, because it gave me entire days (sometimes a week) to do nothing but read! <3 Stay safe! <3

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