A Giveaway – With a Twist

A Giveaway – With a Twist

One of the things I often find most difficult about being an author is finding the inspiration for a title for my newest work. Usually I’m in one of two categories: either I know the title almost from the start, or I wrack my brains trying to come up with something. In the latter situation, I usually find that just about anything I think of just sounds stupid.

For today’s post, I thought I’d do a giveaway, but one with a bit of a twist. I have a project I’m working on, one I’m really excited about. It’s a Pride and Prejudice trilogy, one which will cover more than twenty years in the life of the Bennet family and feature one villain throughout the course of the series. But as you might have guessed, I’m having more than a little difficulty coming up with a title for the series. I’ve been thinking about it a long time without success.

I’m going to include a short synopsis of the series below, and I’d like all you readers to comment your suggestions for a series title. Put in as many or as few suggestions as you like—you can consider it extra chances to win the prize if you make more than one suggestion. I will not commit to using one of the entries as constituted, but there will be a winner regardless. If I do not use one of the suggestions, the winner will be the person who inspired me to a title. I will decide on the winner by September 4, so have your suggestions in by August 31. The winner will be contacted and announced shortly thereafter.

The winner will receive a signed copy of the first novel in the trilogy, currently scheduled for winter solstice, December 21, 2017. I will also include a note of thanks to the winner in the acknowledgements of the novel. So please, everyone put on your thinking cap and make your suggestions. This is your chance to be part of the creative process. I can’t wait to hear back from you!

In book 1, Mr. Henry Bennet is called home by his father from his position in the regulars. He arrives home to find his father in a heated argument with his elder brother, Philip, and he learns his brother has gambled away a sum large enough to threaten the solvency of the estate. Philip is disowned, Henry made the heir, and the Bennets are forced to sell much of the estate to pay Philip’s debts. The story then moves to cover the next two years: Henry’s struggles as the new heir of the estate; his younger sister’s season in London and eventual marriage to a viscount; the death of his father; and the continuing specter a vengeful Philip throws over Henry’s life. Henry eventually meets and marries Mrs. Margaret Gardiner and they begin to have the first of their children. At the end of the novel, Philip strikes, setting fire to Longbourn’s stables and abducting Henry’s two daughters. Henry catches up with him and manages to retrieve them and force Philip to flee. But Philip is still out there somewhere, and his mind is turned to revenge.

In book 2, Elizabeth is now a young girl who is excited to go on a vacation with her relations, the Gardiners, when they go to the Lakes, and in the process, visit Mrs. Gardiner’s childhood home near Lambton. While in Derbyshire, Elizabeth meets a young Fitzwilliam Darcy, and though there is a large age difference between them, they become fast friends. During the course of her stay, there is an attempted abduction of Elizabeth, which fails due to the valor of her new friend, young Master Darcy. Elizabeth speculates that the abduction is an instance of her uncle’s continued attempts to affect his vengeance on his brother’s family, though they have no idea where he is or what plots he is hatching. Meanwhile in Hertfordshire, Mr. Bennet has been accused of the murder of the unsavory noble who owned Philip’s debts in the first book. Mr. Bennet, with the help of his brother-in-law, works to clear his name and prove that he could not have been involved with the murder. But their investigations into the whereabouts of Philip are fruitless, and he remains at large and a threat to Henry’s family.

In book 3, Mr. Darcy comes to stay at Netherfield with his good friend Charles Bingley. While there he renews his acquaintance with Elizabeth and quickly becomes enamored of her, while his friend is equally interested in Jane. Unfortunately, Caroline Bingley is much as she ever is, and she manages to convince her brother to leave Meryton behind and return to London. Darcy goes along reluctantly after taking his leave of Elizabeth, informing her that he fully intends to continue his attentions to her. To London Elizabeth and her family also go, and there they stay at her aunt’s house—her aunt is now a countess, her husband having inherited the earldom from his father. They meet Darcy and Bingley in London, surprising them, as Darcy had not been aware of their connections. This is also a surprise to Caroline, who now welcomes Jane, as her connections are now acceptable. What is not as palatable to Caroline is Darcy’s attentions to Elizabeth. When they return to Meryton, the courtships continue. But then Philip strikes, aided by an accomplice, attacking the Bennets and wreaking his vengeance on them. In the end, the brothers confront each other for one final showdown, which may result in the ruin of the Bennet family.

I realize this is more information than an author usually gives his readers. I also know three books being reduced to three paragraphs leaves it rather vague, but I hope there is enough for you to make some good suggestions. It’s a series of books about love, vengeance, the struggles of a family against an implacable foe, and the heroism for which ordinary people must sometimes reach when dictated by circumstance.

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  1. The series sounds very interesting. The first title that came to mind was something with Specter in the name, but someone already suggested that. My other suggestions:

    The Bennett Menace
    Shadows Over Longbourn
    The Perils of our Life
    Perils of Life Unseen

  2. I think that there has to be a reference to P&P so that a reader would know to stop and look. So, possible trilogy title:

    Evil Comes to Longbourn
    Disaster at Longbourn
    Overcoming Evil at Longhourn
    The Trials of the Bennets

  3. Jann, your series frightens me a bit. But it sure draws one’side attention! Now, I have an idea for titles under the theme of planting seasons. I am afraid I don’t have the correct terminology, but you can see what I am aiming for.

    Sowing the Seeds
    Season of Growth, or maybe Fields of Promise, Weeds in the Wheat
    The Harvest

    Series title – Legacy of Longbourn

  4. Jann, the premise for the trilogy is awesome. My suggestion for the series title is either “The BirthRight” or “The Rightful Heir”. The subtitle might be “A Pride & Prejudice Trilogy”.

    Book One: Inheritance Lost
    Book Two: Gaining Ground
    Book Three: Happiness Found

  5. This is going to be a very interesting and different trilogy and will keep the readers captivated!
    1. Good vs. Evil
    2. Good Brother, Bad Brother
    Wishing you much success in the trilogy and I know I will enjoy it!

  6. I’m terrible at titles; however, I couldn’t help but think of Pride, Prejudice and Revenge. Good luck with your titles… I can’t wait to read them.

  7. Looks so thrilling. I saw one of my suffestions already; Longbourn Legacy, so I will suggest “In Blood and Shadows.”

  8. A House Divided
    Brother Against Brother
    Bennet vs. Bennet
    My Brother, My Enemy
    Fraternal Foe
    Revenge and Resentment
    Heirs and Honor

    I am curious: what does Philip hope to accomplish with his attacks against his brother? It’s not like Henry can give back the legacy. So what is it that he wants?

    • Ginna, I love your creativity. My favorite is My Brother, My Enemy, but al are really good. The project sounds really intriguing. I’ll think of some idea of the title.

  9. my first inspiration is “Courage All Ways Rises-The Bennet Saga” whatever you call it I can’t wait to read it

  10. Debts of Honor, the Bennetts of Longbourn
    The Wager – debt and inheritance
    The Plot – abduction and accusations
    The Accomplice – jealousy and vengeance

  11. Okay, I normally have the same trouble with titles, but I’ll give it a go.

    The Heir’s Disgrace (or The Bennet Birthright)
    The Longbourn Legacy (or The Legacy of Longbourn)
    The Bennet Brothers (or The Battle of the Bennet Brothers, or The Battle for Longbourn)

  12. How about:
    – Shades of Longbourn
    – Longbourn’s Hope
    – The Bennet Destiny
    – Hope Comes to Longbourn
    – Longbourn’s Future / – Longbourn’s Fortune
    – Longbourn’s Providence
    – The Bennet Design / – The Bennet Condition
    – The Prospect of Longbourn
    You could swap out the word Longbourn for Bennet and vice versa for most of these to double your pleasure. fyi – I just looked up synonyms for “Destiny”. Maybe it will help get some ideas flowing.
    Good luck! It sounds like a very interesting trilogy. (ps – I would bet money on who the “accomplice” is in book 3.) 😉

  13. Sounds like a great trilogy. Here are some suggestions for a series title.
    1. The Heir of Longbourn
    2. His Brother’s Keeper
    3. In the Shadow of My Brother
    4. The Secrets of Longbourn
    5. The Inheritance of Longbourn
    6 The Bennet Bequest
    7. The Bennet Birthright
    8. The Bennet Benefaction

  14. Sounds a fascinating premise, Jann! Here are my suggestions, one for the series as a whole and then, although you haven’t asked for it, one for each of the individual titles.

    Series : Thinner Than Water – because the blood ties have obviously broken down.
    Book 1: An Empty Inheritance. – because so much of Longbourn has been lost
    Book 2: Abduction and Accusation – because I simply couldn’t resist an Austen-style title!
    Book 3: A Looming Shadow – because until Philp is gone, it’ll always be there.

    If I think of any more, I’ll pop back in.

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