A Few of My Favorite Things

A Few of My Favorite Things

Just as I prefer historical romance books over contemporary romance books, I also prefer historical romance films over contemporary ones. What’s more, I prefer to vacation in locations steeped in history. Give me the quaint charms of places like historic Charleston, South Carolina, which happens to be my favorite travel destination, over the flashing lights of Vegas-like spots anytime. In fact, I am never truly content unless I have visited Charleston at least twice a year. I have never visited Las Vegas, even for business related-purposes, and I like to think I never will. Tell me that I shall never visit Charleston again, and my first thought would be, Then why would I even leave the house? Fortunately, my daughter loves it too. Dear Husband? Not so much; however, he humors us.

We happen to have a perfect place to stay when we visit Charleston. It’s the French Quarter Inn. We’ve stayed at other downtown Charleston locations since first ‘discovering’ the FQI, but for me nothing else compares. In fact, I will travel to Charleston for the express purpose of an indulgent FQI retreat. Why would I do that? As the theme song from Cheers goes: sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name. I’ll paraphrase a bit to add: and you always feel the same.

Indeed, arrive at the French Quarter Inn and hand over the keys to the bellhop who’s been there for years and remembers our names. Walk up to the front desk and greet our favorite associate who goes out of her way to upgrade our room to one of the finest in the establishment, often with a fireplace and a balcony overlooking the market. I’ll take it!

The intent of this post is not to go on and on about my favorite travel spot, but once I get started … just saying. I mean to write about my love of the historical versus the contemporary in general. I mentioned films. Historical films work for me. If I find one I really like, I will watch it again and again. Rarely does that happen for me with contemporary films. I can think of one that has truly drawn me in. Same as the 2005 Pride and Prejudice film, I have watched this particular film repeatedly for years. Having said this much, I may as well tell you the name of the film. It’s The Thing Called Love. It wasn’t a box office favorite. I ‘discovered’ it many years after its star, River Phoenix, passed away. It’s a cult classic, and I love it. In fact, TTCL was the inspiration for one of my best selling Darcy and Elizabeth stories. You’ll never guess which one.

I suppose the 2005 Pride and Prejudice film might one day be regarded as a cult classic of sorts as well. What I mean by that is if you love it, you really, really love it. At least that’s the way it is for me. I not only love it, I owe my Jane Austen fan fiction addiction to that film. I can rightfully say that more than a few of my Darcy and Elizabeth stories were inspired by that particular version.

Just as I get a strong sense of comfort whenever I stay at the FQI, I also get that same sense of comfort when I finish a Darcy and Elizabeth historical romance story. I can’t always describe it, but it’s what I long for.


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  1. Historical places will always win over Vegas since the Phantom is no longer at the Venetian! Been to Charleston, Savannah, and St. Augustine’s. Beaufort, SC is also fascinating place to visit. So many historical sites along our Atlantic shores to see that even having a four week trip from Florida to Maine, we couldn’t see it all.

    • Your four week trip from Florida to Maine sounds exciting, Carol. I can only imagine how much fun you had. I’ve yet to stay in Beaufort, but I imagine it’s lovely. I’ve often remarked to DH that we should stay there at least overnight, en route from Charleston to Hilton Head. I’ll keep trying. I was able to persuade him to stay in St. Augustine during a recent trip to Kissimmee. We only had one night, however. I’m really looking forward to a longer stay.

  2. My addiction began in high school English class with P&P. A friend found JASNA in the 80s for me. It took awhlle to appreciate fan fiction but I am hooked. I do prefer Regency vs modern versions. I love to travel…now I have to put Charleton on my list! Thanks!

    • I remember the excitement of first discovering Jane Austen fan fiction. It happened to me during a time when I was greatly in want of a distraction. For me, it was life changing. I love it. It’s great that you’re putting Charleston on your list, Theresa. There’s lot to see and do. 🙂

  3. 2005 is my favorite P&P adaptation. I love how much is said without words And how much is conveyed in a look. I love historical places too but have found places are steeped in nature are phenomenal. As for history, we will be heading to Salem & Marblehead, Mass. My husband’s parents are from those towns with his mom’s family dating way back to the witch trials and before. Fun!

    • Your words beautifully capture the essence of P&P 2005, Deborah. I agree wholeheartedly. Sounds like you have an exciting trip planned. Enjoy! 🙂

  4. Ooh! Thanks for the tip, Pam! My husband and I planned to visit Charleston last summer, but ended up not for various reason. We have been talking about it again. I will definitely check out the French Quarter Inn. Just the name alone sells me!

    Places with nature or history are a priority to me as well. Modern cities are fun in their own way, but I’d choose old any day. In fact, even when we visited New York City, it was the museums with pre-18th century stuff and American historical sites that drew us. Sure, the plays were fabulous and Times Square was wowsa, but I remember the suits of armor from Medieval times and the awe of touching the Statue of Liberty most of all.

    One of the many reasons we decided to move to Kentucky from CA in 2013 was to experience the vast history and unique natural phenomenons spanning the eastern side of our great country. Charleston is just right!

    • It’s my pleasure, Sharon. I agree with you about the name. I remember visiting Charleston when the FQI was under construction and being very excited about the prospect of staying there. I hope you’ll love it too!

  5. Ayes, historical always! As a child, our family loved Boston, Philadelphia and
    Cape May. Later it was Charleston and
    Savannah. Finally, the UK, especially
    Bath, my favorite.

  6. I love to travel, period! My family regularly visits a town on the Jersey shore, and everything there is old. My favorite!
    Would love to win a book from you; thank you for offering this giveaway!

  7. I, too, select history over Vegas or even Atlantic City (Vegas of the East). When for our 35th anniversary my husband gave me a choice of Hawaii or England – guess which one I chose. I love history. Here in Pennsylvania I made sure I took my children to Philadelphia often. (Betsy Ross House, Independence Hall, Liberty Bell Exhibit, and for science, The Benjamin Franklin Institute and Museum of Natural Science). Plus we visited just about all the Civil War Battlefields that are National Historic Sites now. Close by we have Gettysburg and Washington’s Crossing (the Delaware). Williamsburg VA is also a site I loved and visited twice. I even love the little plaques put up in front of buildings all over PA denoting what and why these are part of history. Right here in Bethlehem we have many Moravian Buildings preserved from the 1700’s. Even Washington DC is close enough that we went there a few times and even toured the White House with passes from our senator, Arlene Spector. Driving up to Cape Cod there are all those mansions in Rhode Island. And don’t forget NYC with Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, etc. I feel very lucky to live in an area where so much history occurred and sites are available to visit.

    • Thanks so much for sharing your great love of history, Sheila. What a wonderful list of exciting places to see. I have yet to take my daughter to Philadelphia to explore its history, but I’m looking forward to doing so soon.

  8. Charleston is on my list of places to visit. I also want to say I’ve read several of your books and have enjoyed them all. Hope to read your newest release on my beach trip next month!

  9. I also enjoy visiting historical places which was great when we lived in Britain as we able to spend weekends away at a lot of different places and see their history i.e castles built in the 11th century – just wonderful

  10. I’ve never been to Charleston, but it’s been on my list for a while! My husband and I also enjoy vacationing in historical spots and taking in the architecture, hearing the stories, and imagining life in another time. I would tour an old castle or mansion any day rather than just sit on a beach or walk around an amusement park!

    • You’re going to love Historic Charleston, Allison. I’m with you in preferring a tour of an old mansion or castle over a beach or a walk in an amusement park. Although, I am rather partial to Busch Gardens: The Old Country. 🙂

  11. Thanks for the post and the chance of a giveaway. My fave film is P&P I think my copy is wearing out. I also love museums especially fashion museums – My daughter took me to Bath a few years ago and we went to the one in the Assembly Rooms there – fabulous – it was well worth it and Bath itself was a joy!

  12. Charleston sounds wonderful! The farthest south I get on a yearly basis is Washington D.C. Lots of history there too, of course. 🙂 My husband and I both enjoy visiting Gettysburg. Although the history there is not all warm and fuzzy, it is an interesting place to go. Three places on my bucket list: Great Britain (for the Austen, Downton, and Doctor Who experiences), New Zealand (Hobbiton), and Prince Edward Island (Anne of Green Gables). 🙂

    • Charleston really is wonderful, Maureen. The places on your bucket list sound pretty exciting as well. Here’s hoping you’ll visit all those places and more!

  13. I’m with you 100% Pam! I love to say that “I love old things” and my husband will add “that’s why you married me!” 🙂 History is my favorite subject and regency my favorite period. Thanks for sharing about Charleston as that is one of my ‘dream’ vacations.

  14. Lovely post. I agree that places that carry their history with elegance and grace are just wonderful. It’s wonderful that you’ve found such a place that also feels like coming home. Heaven on earth!

  15. The French Quarter Inn sounds wonderful, Pam! I’ve never been to Charleston, but I’ve always wanted to go. Charleston and Savannah, GA have such an appeal for me. I love anything historical….books, homes, movies. I guess that explains my addiction to anything P&P-related! 🙂

    Thanks for another great giveaway


    • I love Historic Savannah! I’ve only stayed there once. Our riverfront room was perfect! Of course, we concluded the trip with a stopover in Charleston. How could I resist?

  16. There is something so comforting about being surrounded by old things, things that have stood the test of time and survived. Every once in a while I like the flash and bling of the new and modern. But, like you, my comfort zone is in history.

    Please do not enter me in the giveaway as I received a lovely gift in the mail from another blog from you just yesterday. It has a place of prominence on my bookshelf. Thank you so much for your generosity, Pam.

  17. I also love historical places to visit. But I haven’t had a lot of opportunities to actually visit that many places. I do have to say that I really enjoy romance novels to any other type of novel out there (much to the disappointment of my fiance). It doesn’t matter the setting as long as its a good novel.

  18. I also love historical places to visit. But I haven’t had a lot of opportunities to actually visit that many places. I do have to say that I really enjoy romance novels to any other type of novel out there (much to the disappointment of my fiance). It doesn’t matter the setting as long as its a good novel.

  19. I prefer to visit a place steep with historical and cultural significance and where I can learn and appreciate the lessons behind it. Call me odd but I like to spend time in museums and historical buildings reading the notes and looking at the display. But I’m not adverse to spend time in modern cities. My father is a history teacher and I like to think I inherited his love of history. As for reading books, I love both historical romance and modern chick-lits.

    Thanks for the giveaway, Pam.

  20. I’m the same way. I prefer classical music to modern music, I prefer historical places to just about any other and so on. Love historical books as well. Charleston is fabulous. My oldest brothers wife is from there. I’ve determined some time ago that I was born in the wrong time. Not sure where I was supposed to be, but I don’t think it was here and now. =D

  21. There are just too many topics to talk about: historical vs modern, P&P addiction, Charleston, FQI, and giveaways! My addiction to P&P started thanks to PBS and their showing of the 1995 BBC version. Thank you for the article and the chance to win!

  22. I’m with you, though I have never been to the UK. However there are plenty of places in the USA plus I do virtual traveling with all of my JAFF sisters. Add in a little music and some JAFF and I’m a happy camper. Jen Red

    • I’m looking forward to visiting the UK with my daughter someday. She’s not a JAFF lover yet, but perhaps she will be after our trip!

  23. I couldn’t have said it better! Love historical sites, especially if I’ve made a connection with the place in a book.

  24. I do love historical places and sights. So much history to see and feel. I agree with you, I would rather visit a historic place then a modern place like Vegas. I do love reading regency version of P&P although I don’t mind reading modern day versions as well. I just can’t seem to get enough of P&P, no matter how many different version I read.

    Charleston sounds like a lovely place to visit, especially the FQI.

    • I remember going through a modern P&P phase many years ago. It was lots of fun, and I read lots of great stories. It’s the Regency versions that bring me the greatest pleasure.

  25. *LeSigh* I prefer a place of history over something modern ANY day. I’m just too fascinated with the culture and life before that I can’t help myself. And as to Vegas. Ugh. I can’t. I just can’t. Even driving through it last August and I was begging my husband to just leave. That scene is not for me. If I’m going to see half dressed people, I’d rather be on a beach! Lol! Thank you for your post. I’ve never been to Charleston… and now I’m curious. I’d love to see it.

    • It’s my pleasure, Jenni. Thanks for sharing your appreciation of historical places as well. You’ll love Historic Charleston. There’s so much to see and do.

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