A Christmas Tradition

A Christmas Tradition

As we are still in the Christmas Season – for those who celebrate Christmas – I wanted to share a tradition.

My aunt and mother needlepoint ornaments for my family each year. Every year my aunt needlepoints us an angel and for the past decade my mother has needlepointed one of the Twelve Days of Christmas for each of my daughters. All these ornaments make our tree so spectacular and special each year as it is truly a gift of love from family.

So much of what we talk about here are traditions — traditions and truths we find in literature, primarily Austen’s literature. And often the way those traditions have translated across time and remain relevant for us today. In many ways, that is why I feel Jane Austen remains so popular. She spoke to human truths, and the traditions we formed to undergird them, and human nature doesn’t change. We recognize so much of ourselves and of our lives within her stories.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and that you have a few more days of rest with family and friends before the world starts back up at a frenetic pace for 2019.

All the best to you all!


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  1. I did a series of cross-stitch ornaments for our tree that featured a different Christmas Santa. They were so cute. I haven’t cross-stitched or done needlepoint in years. The photos of your ornaments are amazing and certainly beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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