A Career Beginning With Austen

A Career Beginning With Austen

I’ve been writing stories from the day I first learned to write words. My mother tells me I used to read books and then continue them because they didn’t end to my satisfaction, so it’s really no surprise I ended up writing Pride and Prejudice alternates.

Some few of you may know that Pride and Prejudice isn’t my only ‘fandom’… just the only one without copyright issues which prevent me from publishing my work in exchange for remuneration. Over the past decade, I’ve written well over a million words of fanfiction, in various fandoms, honing my writing skills and learning from the feedback, all aiming to my eventual goal of being able to call myself someone who writes for a living.

I’m not quite there yet, but with every book, I get a little bit closer, and I’ve got some seriously exciting news this month. Not only is the second in my original Regency series, The Blushing Brides, out and doing VERY well – A Marquis For Marianne has a 4.8* review rating on Amazon – but my first ever ‘traditionally published’ book comes out in May and is now available for pre-order!

When NYT bestselling author Melissa Storm announced last year that she was going to launch her own publishing house after the close of Kindle Worlds, I was excited to put in a proposal to write for the first historical series she planned to launch, and both shocked and delighted to be chosen second to write for the series. The Pioneer Brides of Rattlesnake Ridge follows six women who follow their dreams to a silver mining town in 1860s Nevada. Each book is by a different author and my Coming From California is second in the series (though they can all be read as standalone stories!)

To celebrate these two very special moments for me, I’ve created a giveaway for A Marquis For Marianne. Just click on the book cover below to head over to Rafflecopter for your chance to win; you don’t have to do ANYTHING apart from leave your email address to get in the draw, and don’t worry, I don’t use them for any other purpose. If you’re not one of the five winners I’ll draw on April 30, your email address will be promptly deleted.


But that’s not all! I’m ALSO offering anyone who’s interested, the chance to review Coming from California as an advanced release copy! All you have to do is read the book before launch on May 10 and then leave a review on any one of three sites – Amazon, Bookbub or Goodreads!

Click the book cover below to request an ARC copy and I hope you enjoy my first ever pioneer romance!

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  1. Congratulations, Catherine. I didn’t know that you write in other fandoms and published non-JAFF stories too. I clicked on the book covers but nothing happened. Am I the only one that experienced this?

  2. Congratulations, Catherine! You know, I haven’t ever read a pioneer romance. It’s high time I gave it a try 🙂

    • Pioneer has never been my wheelhouse, but I thoroughly enjoyed writing it. It’s a good thing I have editors who are better-versed in that period of history than I am, because they were constantly correcting my Regency-isms!

  3. Congrats on how well Marquis is doing and for success with your upcoming release. I didn’t realize you wrote fanfiction for other fandoms and am curious which other fandoms you write for?

    • Marvel, primarily. I have a certain reputation within that fandom for being the ‘queen of crackships’ because I wrote The Crackship Armada, pairing, well… pretty much every character you can think of with every other character you can think of, and making it work. If you like to read in the Marvel fandom, you might want to go and look for ‘ozhawk’ on the Archive of our Own.

      I’m also on Fanlore – I wrote a meta called The Three Laws of Fandom which ended up going viral on Tumblr!

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