Melanie Schertz

 Melanie Schertz …  I was born & raised in a little town in central Illinois. I was fortunate to have my grandparents, along with my parents and brothers, as a part of my life. I grew up with antiques as well, playing with a butter churn, on the old crank phone, and more. I moved to Salt Lake City, Utah in 1984, at the age of 21. My parents and my brothers moved, so I came along. After giving birth to my daughter in 1990, I went back to college and got my Bachelors of Science in Criminalistics/minor in Photography.

In 1993, I started my career with the Salt Lake City Police Department as a Crime Lab/Crime Scene Technician. I stayed with the department for 15 years. Then, in 2009, my daughter and I took the trip of a lifetime, 3 weeks in New Zealand and Australia. A trip I will never forget. The photos on the covers of many of my books are from our trip. The photos on Conservatory of Hope and Governing His Heart are from Mona Vale, a part of Christchurch New Zealand. Those areas were destroyed during the earthquakes which struck in 2010, which is sad. Such beautiful buildings, and an amazing area, that was drastically changed forever, but everyone who has seen my books get to see what they were like.

In 2010, I realized I forgot to get the extended warranty on my body, as things began to fall apart.   But with the health issues, came a new chapter of my life. Caitlin, my daughter, and I have always been close. Through her, I have 2 daughters and a son by heart, and one of my daughters by heart is married, with 3 kids. Then, in spring of 2012, I decided to be daring and posted my first story on AHA. I never figured anyone would want to read the stories, but people did. I had written things over the years, but only Catie had ever read any of my work. My mom and brothers never knew I wrote. Growing up dyslexic at a time when no one knew what it was, I was never known to be a great reader.   My first books that I published were done primarily so that my kids could have copies of them. Never in my wildest dreams did I think they would sell!

Rebuilding Pemberley
Fitzwilliam Darcy, Fugitive
The Bennet Fury
Master Elizabeth Bennet
Ashes of Longbourn
Mystical, Magical Lizzy
Meet Me at Oakham Mount
If Only in His Dreams
Bridge to Pemberley School
With Pen in Hand
Mrs. Collins, Against Her Wishes
Stitch of Life
Lost to the Ocean
Governing His Heart
A Pair of Dancing Brown Eyes
Darcy's Beloved Cousin
My Beloved Betrothed
The Trial of Elizabeth Bennet
Pemberley Quaking
The Bennet and Darcy Arrangement
Storm Clouds of Love
Saving Elizabeth Bennet
The Wrong Arrangement
On the Road to Ramsgate
A Royal Bennet
Netherfield Park Quarantined
Conservatory of Hope
Darcy's Continental Escape