Gianna Thomas

Gianna Thomas … is a Texas girl who has been in love with Historical Romance, and especially Regency Romance, for many years. But it wasn’t until 2013 that she started writing in those genres.

Gianna discovered Pride and Prejudice, and its many variations, what ifs and fan fiction. She was totally fascinated by the variety of plots that eager authors had utilized. After reading several of these wonderful books, she realized why others loved them and Jane Austen’s books so well.

Gianna was aware of the story line of Pride and Prejudice after reading it many years ago and seeing the 1940’s movie as well as the 2005 movie with Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen. She loved the 2005 movie, the musical score, and Matthew Macfadyen. Yes, the movie wasn’t 100% accurate, but isn’t the goal to entertain and touch the heart? And this movie touched her heart and helped her to appreciate more the talent of Jane Austen. Rereading Pride and Prejudice has given her greater insight into Ms. Austen’s genius in depicting different personalities and situations and the society of her day. As a mature adult, Gianna sees much more in her books now than ever before.

After reading nearly 400 variations and fan fictions, Gianna now had P&P plots running through her head. She finally decided that they needed to be put to paper (today, on the computer), to see how they would develop. She had an absolute ball in writing about Darcy and Elizabeth and was pleased with how things developed. Her goal will always be to entertain and touch hearts. Hopefully, with her first novel, Pride and Prejudice: Darcy Chooses, she achieved that goal and touched your heart also.

More recently, Gianna started looking beyond Pride and Prejudice, with her first foray into Regency Romance generally, with The Four Lords’ Saga Series. She is finding that she loves all the lords, their ladies, and their families, and writing about them is one of the most fun-filled adventures she’s ever been on. There are four books in the initial series, then there will be other novellas/short stories concerning the lords and their families. There’s nothing better than to read and write about handsome lords who become reformed bad boys. And the four lords fit the bill perfectly.

And for P&P fans, never fear. There will be more Darcy and Elizabeth as well, mostly in the form of novellas and short stories.

Gianna Thomas is a ghostwriter of poetry and e-books who became a widow after twenty-two years with her very own Mr. Darcy, who was her second husband. She lives a quiet life in a small Texas town with her cats and loves to read Regency romance and the many variations done by other lovers of Pride and Prejudice.

Attending a Ball (Darcy and Elizabeth Volume 1)
Darcy and Bingley (Darcy and Elizabeth Volume 2)
The Women of Longbourn (Darcy and Elizabeth Volume 3)
Darcy Chooses-Part 1 (Darcy and Elizabeth Volume 4)
Darcy Chooses-Part 2 (Darcy and Elizabeth Volume 5)
Darcy Chooses – The Complete Novel
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~ The Four Lords' Saga Series ~

Four young lords live for wine, women, and song and little responsibility. But then an incident occurs and they make a wager that they should wed by age thirty . . . and that these be love matches.

The London rake known as Lord Windmere, Matthew Edmund Fremont, is on the prowl for a wife. He has always liked the younger sister of his best childhood friend, Robbie Thornton, but will he even consider Lady Jane? After all, she’s too young and too innocent for someone like him.

Duke of Weirlane, Crispin Alan Copley, is determined to attend a house party with a debauched reputation. Enraged to find his best friend from childhood attending, he vows to protect her from the reprobates that will also be in attendance—including himself—and will not hesitate to deflower an innocent. Unfortunately, the best-laid plans go awry.

And the Regency Romance continues . . .

Gareth Edward Russell, 
Lord Foxdown, is a victim of coup de foudre, love at first sight. The object of his love is the eldest unwed sister of his friend, the Duke of Weirlane. Gareth is determined to marry the young woman, and the duke is just as determined that Foxdown will not. And will the duke’s formidable temper cause him to call his friend out? After all, Crispin has fought two duels in the past for lesser reasons.

Jules Lagrant, 
Lord Brookton, may be the least handsome of the four lords, but he is the most popular with the ladies in London for his prowess in the bedroom. He is also the most temperamental and debauched of the four lords. Irritated that the friendship of the four young men has been broken up by the marriages of Lord Windmere and Lord Weirlane, he is finding that life is not as satisfying as it had been when carousing with his friends.

In Matt and Janie Backstory, read the heartwarming backstory of Janie and Matt’s romance and discover how Matt became her knight in shining armor as well as her ‘Greek god.’